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How Does Bestype Support New York City’s Reopening Plans?

July 26, 2021

Bestype Printing NYC is one of the many small businesses that make New York work. We’re watching signs of renewed life and energy everywhere in SOHO and around the rest of downtown. The news headlines tell stories about New York’s Great Comeback. Bestype’s clients are rebuilding and rebounding with the help of city budget money — funds directly given by the City of New York to arts and culture organizations and business development organizations. Bestype helps each one of our customers working in these areas with their local NYC printing needs.


NYC Budget Recovery and Rebound: Business, Arts and Culture

In the last remaining days of New York City’s 2020-2021 fiscal year, with the budget clock ticking down to a deadline, New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council passed a record-setting budget for 2021-2022. This $98.7 million budget includes $14 billion in federal aid and restores funding to all city services, including aid to cultural programs. For our customers in the performing and visual arts, this is immeasurably hopeful news. Many of our customers in these fields experienced unprecedented financial hardship under COVID restrictions.


Budgets, Businesses, and Bestype

Leaders in city government are hailing this latest budget as a reversal of fortune for the Big Apple after last year’s drastic cuts — New York City plans to spend $30 million to boost tourism. With the pandemic receding and New York City re-emerging, we know New Yorkers are slowly returning to offices, activities, and attractions. Institutions beloved to New Yorkers and central to tourism are starting to draw visitors. New York City’s subway cars are packed with people. Bestype is ready to print for our tourism, arts, and culture customers.

While many cultural institutions began reopening their doors as early as August and September of 2020, we’re only now experiencing the beginning of a full restoration of the city’s economy. Tourism and business travel to New York City is increasing. As a result, our printing presses are racing to meet demand as new events appear on the city’s cultural calendar. Bestype’s work supporting specific creative projects makes us grateful for our customers’ hard work; we’re aware of the challenges involved in reopening NYC to everyone.


NYC Printing for an Arts and Culture Renaissance

We’re experiencing the cultural side of our business returning in a big way. After almost eighteen months of inactivity, New York’s art scene is ready to open its gallery and studio doors. As more New Yorkers involved in the visual arts start to feel more comfortable venturing out from isolation, we see galleries reopening to small shows and exhibitions. We’re producing catalogs, pamphlets, and art books for galleries, in addition to vinyl displays and our famous wide-format printing signs.


New York Fashion Week Printing

New York is already ramping up for Fashion Week, with a major push to print for our iconic industry event during August and September. Bestype is already printing everything from individual designer look books to large format printing banners and signs.


NYC Trade Show and Expo Printing

One other area that’s giving us joy is witnessing the return of trade shows. The Jacob K. Javits Center administered its last vaccine dose on Friday, July 9, and the venue is readying itself for its next major business event beginning this August. Other trade show spaces around the city are getting ready to open their doors and admit guests to business expos and conferences. Bestype Printing NYC is ready to print for the trade show floor and any exhibit booth, including signs, banners, and unique upright displays. We are already working with one agency planning a large-scale event with a major financial group. We’re poised to print both wall and overhead hanging event signs and banners. We specialize in producing promotional vinyl displays for any sized show — wide format printing technology makes it easy for us to print it all.


Corporate New York Printing: Documents and Signs

In addition to supporting event planners, we’re also ready to help companies reopen their workspaces and welcome their teams. Operations and staffing planners need to design and print updated (or new) versions of signs, manuals — everything that employees and managers need to coordinate workspaces and schedules. Bestype provides all the document printing you need to support your company when employees walk in the door to reoccupy their desks. When businesses need to outsource even the most routine printing tasks, we’re here to help.


Why Trust Bestype Printing

We’re proud to be a printing house that’s served New York’s creative and business communities for over 40 years. We’re hopeful that we will be printing with our New York City business customers and creative agencies for many years to come. Our customers understand that we offer a personal connection to their project plans. We differ from national chains and online print services — we commit to being resilient to change and reliable in meeting deadlines. We partner with our customers throughout their entire project, ensuring we meet the expectations for every deliverable, even when project details change midstream. We want to meet any printing challenge, and we are committed to helping our customers express their creativity in every project in every economic season.

Contact us today to find out more about how Bestype Printing can provide your business with printing services that can help you meet the challenges of NYC’s post-pandemic reopening.


Image Credits: The New York Times @Creative Commons

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