Transporting and Setting Up Large Format Displays

April 4, 2024

Large format displays will help you make a bold statement at trade shows, retail spaces, and events. These displays require specialized printing services, as they are too big for most flatbed printers to handle. Transporting and setting up these displays requires proper planning and execution to help avoid challenges and damage to your displays.

What Is a Large Format Display?

A large format display uses wide format printers to create expansive graphics typically used in advertising and branding. At Bestype Printing, we use our largest printers to create clear and sharp results on a variety of materials, including paper, canvas, vinyl, and PVC piping. These displays use high-resolution photographs, bold typography, and artistic designs to communicate your message and get people’s attention. They are most often created for trade show booths, large-scale wall decals, or promotional posters.

How Do I Transport Large Format Displays?

Choosing transportable options, such as collapsible posters or banner stands, makes it easier to move your display to different locations. To simplify transportation, try following these tips:

Explore Different Display Options

Large format displays can be printed onto various materials of different sizes. Wide-format printing projects are usually anywhere from 18 to 100 inches wide. Before making an order, review your display specifications, including the dimensions and weight limitations of your display. Create a set-up plan that accounts for venue restrictions, time constraints, and other factors. This can help you determine the best material and size to order. If you will be transporting your display to multiple locations, choose a transportable option, such as a pop-up banner or collapsible display. This can make it easier to avoid damage while moving it from one place to the next.

Make Delivery Plans

Transportation needs will vary based on the sizes of your displays and whether or not they can be broken down. We allow our customers to pick up their orders themselves or arrange for delivery. If you are participating in a trade show, we can arrange for your display to be delivered to your venue’s loading dock so that it arrives in time for pre-show setup. If your display will be used in a retail space, we will deliver it to your storefront to make the assembly process easier.

Protect Your Display

Protecting your displays during transportation can help you avoid damage and delays. If you choose to pick up your materials from our print shop yourself, make sure to bring protective cases or padding. If your design was printed on fabric or vinyl, we will assist you in rolling it to prevent damage and keep it from becoming wrinkled. Displays that have extra components, such as stands, should be fastened to prevent shifting during transit.

How Do I Set Up a Large Display?

Reviewing the layout of your venue and its regulations helps you determine where and how to set up your display. We can provide you with assembly instructions and guidelines to help you with the setup process. Certain displays, such as large window decals and banners, may require professional setup services to make sure it is done accurately and safely. 

Contact Us for Quality Printing Services

Transporting and setting up large format displays requires careful planning and coordination. The professionals at Bestype Printing will help arrange for delivery to your retail space or your venue’s loading dock. We will also help you choose a transportable display that makes it easy to move between locations. We are a premier printing company located in New York City and offer various printing services including large format printing. Contact us today to discuss your project’s details and to receive a quote.