Maximizing Impact With Large Format Trade Show Displays

April 19, 2024

Trade shows present an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services. A business’s trade show display should be eye-catching and unique to stand out from the other booths. Bestype Printing offers quality printing services for businesses looking to make a statement. Highlight your business’s offerings with our high-quality large format displays.

About Large Format Displays

Large format printing projects involve producing graphics that are often too large for regular commercial printers. These projects include trade show displays, banners, and signs. Bestype Printing will print your large format project on the backdrop you choose, whether that is paper, canvas, vinyl, foam board, or another material. When designing your large format display, our team will discuss scale, colors, and any other necessary details before sending it to our digital printers.

Maximize the Impact of Large Format Displays

Businesses need to be particular about the information they include on their trade show displays to make the best visual impression. Here are a few ways to boost the impact of a large format display:

Text and Font

Determine the type of font you want to use for your trade show display. Avoid overly elaborate fonts as they can be harder to read from a distance. Use large, bold font styles for your business name and call to action. When deciding on the text to incorporate on your display, keep the message clear and concise. Don’t crowd your display with too much text as that will make it difficult for potential customers to read.


Your business logo is a visual representation of your brand. A well-designed logo will stand out among your competitors and help to draw in potential customers. Using a logo in your trade show display also helps establish brand consistency. Using the same logo for your displays, business cards, and website creates a cohesive image that reinforces brand recognition. Place your business logo in a visible spot on your display. Make sure it is large enough to view from a distance for enhanced brand recognition.


Incorporate vibrant colors into your trade show display. Bold colors will help your business display attract attention and make a strong visual impact. Use contrasting colors so that the text and the background stand out from each other. The Bestype Printing team will help you choose colors that accurately represent your business and will confirm that your chosen color scheme prints true to form.


Images can be used to grab readers’ attention, showcase products, and convey your message. They provide a visual appeal that may encourage people to explore your booth further. Images can also be used to showcase your brand’s logo and main mission statement, which further helps to reinforce your brand image. Select a few images that will tell a compelling story about your brand and what it offers. Our team will verify that your chosen images print in a high resolution for an enhanced visual impact.


Trade show displays can vary in their dimensions depending on the size of your booth. Determine how large you want the display to be in order to accommodate all the necessary information and accurately showcase your products or services. Our large format print projects can range from 18 to 100 inches wide. The Bestype Printing team can help you choose suitable measurements for your needs. 

Get Started With Quality Printing Services

Bestype Printing offers a wide range of print services for our customers. We will help you design a trade show display that accurately showcases your products and services to potential customers. Our team can evaluate and assist with design choices such as colors, sizing, and fonts. Contact us today to learn more about our large format print options.