4 Types of Digital Printing

May 15, 2024

Digital printing services allow individuals and businesses to create high-quality, physical media for various applications. Bestype Printing has been creating custom print projects for New York City residents since 1978. We offer a range of digital print services to help you produce end products that catch viewers’ attention and effectively communicate your ideas. Here are four types of digital print methods we use in our shop:

1. Inkjet

Once a designer has sent a digital file to an inkjet printer, the technology places droplets of ink directly on the substrate to recreate the image and text. Some substrates that work best with inkjet printers are paper, vinyl, and canvas. This method is ideal for creating photographs and graphic-based projects. Inkjet printers’ high-speed technology makes them a good choice for rush and bulk orders. Our team can help you customize your design and enhance your ideas to create an impactful and visually appealing final product. Digital prints work well in retail settings for product displays, branded materials, and promotional flyers.

2. Laser

For laser print projects, clients can upload their design files to a shared, secure online server so a print professional can access and prepare the file. Depending on the project’s specifications, the file preparation involves adjusting the on-screen colors to match the output of the printer. It also involves confirming that the file’s dimensions align with the substrate and the printer’s size capacity.

Bestype Printing offers laser print services to help you create black-and-white or full-color projects. The laser technology reads the design file’s digital information and uses focused light to transfer the images and text to the substrate. Powder toner and heat presses help transfer and cure the print. This high-speed process is ideal for printing large amounts of text for projects like business cards, newsletters, labels, and annual reports. Laser printers work well with various paper weights and finishes. Check with your print specialist to confirm whether the substrate you want to use is compatible with the printer.

3. Digital Press

Digital press printing is used to create books, brochures, manuals, and other informational materials. Instead of using metal press plates and arranging each letter like traditional print presses, our print specialists format the text on a computer. Print specialists use online platforms to create appropriate margins, line and letter spacing, and text type and size. Once the format is approved by the client, the project is sent to the digital press. This results in a uniform end product for short and long print runs. Bestype offers book printing and binding services to help you create projects like cookbooks, textbooks, fashion lookbooks, and more.

4. Large Format

Large format printers are helpful for creating banners, event displays, and other oversized media. These printers are built specifically for wide substrates that aren’t compatible with traditional printers. Large-format digital printers typically use inkjet technology to produce high-resolution content that is easy to see from a distance. This makes large-format print beneficial for trade show displays and outdoor marketing materials. Our team will help you design your large project and provide tips for sizing, styles, and materials that will enhance your ideas. We use our large format printers to produce items like custom wallpaper, vehicle wraps, glass decals, and architectural blueprints.

How Our Digital Print Process Works

Digital print services save time and effort for clients who want to create large or small custom projects. These services are more time- and cost-efficient than traditional offset print methods. Our digital print process involves several steps to confirm that your project meets your expectations and requirements. These steps include scheduling a consultation with a designer or print specialist to review your project specifications and determine the ideal digital print method.

Our team will help you craft a visually appealing design that translates well in a physical format. We create proofs of these designs before we produce the final content. These proofs give you an opportunity to make last-minute adjustments to the design before the files are submitted to our printers. When your final products are ready, you can pick them up in-store or schedule a shipment or delivery. Our team carefully packages each order to protect the materials and make sure they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Explore Our Printing Services

When you work with Bestype Printing, we take precautions to make sure your files and designs remain private. We will instruct you on how to upload your content to our secure online platform, where our designers can access it and begin working on your project. If you are interested in additional design services, our team will assess your goals and needs to determine a project timeline. We have over 40 years of experience handling a broad range of print projects for businesses and individuals in New York City. Contact us today to request a free quote for your next prints.