Designing Point of Purchase Displays for Maximum Impact

March 30, 2024

Point of purchase displays are retail product setups placed in open areas and near registers to catch customers’ attention. These displays are used in physical retail stores, and a local print shop can customize them to match specific branding and marketing initiatives. At Bestype Printing, we offer customized retail printing services to enhance your customers’ shopping experiences and brand recognition. Here are some factors involved in designing a high-impact point of purchase display:


Adding large, easy-to-read text helps customers understand the purpose of the display and the product being sold. Fonts should be simple, with even spacing between letters, words, and lines. Messaging should be short and straightforward to prevent customer confusion. Brief product descriptions or benefits give shoppers an overview of the product and how it could benefit them. Bestype Printing’s team of graphic designers can help you find a font style and size that matches your brand, logo, and other store messaging to create a cohesive marketing approach.


The colors on point of purchase displays should be related to the product or store’s branding. Retailers can also choose colors that match seasons, holidays, or promotional themes. Using contrasting text and background colors keeps the messaging from blending into the overall design. Bright, colorful displays may be more effective at drawing customers’ attention. Bestype Printing will produce printed samples and prototypes to help your company decide on the right color palette and overall design for your project. We also create design templates that can be saved and customized for future retail display setups.


To create a high-impact display, select an element of your design that will stand out to customers. This could be a single word, shape, or image. Creating a focal point for the display using this element helps customers understand the purpose of the arrangement. Repeating the emphasized image or pattern throughout the display creates more visual interest and further spotlights the chosen element. Our team can help you decide which parts of the design to emphasize and incorporate lines, white space, and other visual elements that guide customers’ eyes to the focal point.


Point of purchase displays range from countertop sign holders to large, multi-sided installations with imagery and product shelving on each side. Larger displays give customers access to the products and messaging from all angles. Retail stores with a significant amount of free space can install multiple four-sided displays throughout the building to spotlight various products and deals. For special events or holidays, retailers can install character-themed or oversized displays that arch overhead or span several aisle lengths. Smaller retail stores may benefit from single-stand or easel-back displays that save space in high-traffic walkways and near check-out lanes.


Before designing a point of purchase display, identify your target audience. Crafting your display with your audience in mind enables you to select imagery and wording that will be the most impactful. Graphic design professionals and print shop employees, like those at Bestype Printing, can help you create customer-focused displays. Before meeting with a designer, research your intended audience to determine which language, colors, ideas, and products they resonate with. You can also explore competitor displays to gain an understanding of current marketing trends.

Work With an Experienced Print Shop

Bestype Printing designs point of sale displays and other retail prints for new product launches and special sales events. Our graphic designers and print specialists may offer design suggestions to help you create an easy-to-read display that spotlights your brand and draws in customers. We will schedule your display to be printed and delivered according to your marketing timelines and goals. Contact us today to request a quote for your next retail printing project.