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Printing NYC: Bestype’s Guide to the Benefits of a Local Print Shop

Learn the business advantages of working with a local print shop with in-house production, seasoned staff, and decades of experience

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Printing Processes Explained: What Are They?

Your choices in art reproduction are easier to make when you understand what they are. We offer offset printing, flexography, digital printing, and large format printing, gravure printing, and screen printing.

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Ready, Set, Print: Choosing Your Printing & Binding Services

Self-publishers should consider design help, order speed, support, economy, durability, and reputation when selecting a book printing and binding service. Whom you print with matters!

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How Does Bestype Support New York City’s Reopening Plans?

Bestype Printing NYC supports New York’s Great Comeback by providing printing services to businesses benefitting from millions of dollars flowing into arts, culture, tourism, and business development thanks to Mayor de Blasio and the City Council.

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Make a Lasting Impression: Why Physical Books (Still!) Trump Ebooks

Authors and small presses rely on Bestype to print their self-published books. We examine why physical books have advantages that e-readers do not. Paper rules, and here are ten reasons why print is better than digital. We make self-publishing and printing easy and affordable.

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Your Guide to Print Marketing Examples in NYC

New York City is a hub for shopping, restaurants, theater and more — and all of these businesses use some form of print marketing to attract customers. Even with the rise of digital media, there is no substitute for print marketing as a tangible and vibrant way to make an impression.

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