Types of Promotional Items a Print Shop Can Provide Your Business

June 3, 2024

Whether in the form of brochures, business cards, or catalogs, well-designed promotional items allow you to share your message and enhance brand visibility. Bestype Printing offers professional design and printing services to help you customize your promotional materials. Here are seven items our print shop can provide for your business:

1. Business Cards

Business cards provide a quick and convenient way to exchange contact details during networking events, meetings, or business interactions. When creatively designed with unique finishes and high-quality materials, they can leave a memorable impression on potential clients. At Bestype Printing, we help you design a business card that reflects your brand’s personality. Our team will incorporate your business colors, logo, and contact information so your cards effectively represent your brand. We then print your cards using the method of your choice, whether you prefer digital printing for small batches or offset printing for larger orders. You can also incorporate eye-catching effects like foil stamping to upgrade your final design.  

2. Brochures

Handing out brochures is a quick way to share information about products and services, upcoming events, or promotions. They are customizable, allowing them to meet specific purposes and be distributed through various channels, such as direct mail or in-store displays. These promotional items also enhance brand visibility by showcasing logos and slogans.

Our print shop team follows these four steps for printing brochures: planning the content, choosing the format or style, selecting the printing materials, and deciding on a folding method. This process allows you to organize and display your desired information in an easy-to-read way. We also have advanced machines that fold and edge your brochures, saving you time while promoting precise folds.

3. Posters and Banners

Posters and banners are larger promotional items designed to grab an audience’s attention. They use bright colors, appealing images, and catchy phrasing to draw viewers in and share a message. Depending on their purpose and target audience, posters and banners can be hung on storefronts, at sports arenas, or inside trains and buses. Bestype Printing offers various design services and sizing options for oversized prints. From brainstorming ideas to laminating your final print, our team will help with every step of creating your display.

4. Stickers

Stickers are a creative and versatile way to market your business, whether they feature a simple company logo or a newly launched product. They are available in many sizes and adhesive materials. Depending on where the sticker will be displayed and in what conditions, it can be printed on industrial vinyl, semi-gloss paper, clear static cling vinyl, and more. We work with various business sizes and industries, from individual artists and musicians to expansive restaurant chains.

5. Catalogs

If you carry a wide range of products or have an upcoming trade show on your schedule, you can use a catalog to showcase your business offerings. Catalogs highlight specific features, benefits, and pricing details to assist potential customers and encourage sales. Bestype Printing provides in-house production services to fulfill your catalog printing needs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to complete short runs of 50 copies or large runs of thousands of copies. Whether you need a lightweight catalog to carry around and pass out or a spiral-bound option for easier note-taking, you can use our services to customize your project. Our design team will work with you to find a layout, print size, and binding choice that aligns with your vision.

6. Calendars

Calendars are a practical promotional item to have in your marketing toolkit. Unlike other promotional items that serve their purpose quickly, calendars are usable for an entire year, providing continuous marketing exposure. If your business hosts events or activities throughout the year, you can promote them by including date reminders and event information. 

We offer various services to help customize your calendars, from digital and offset printing to binding and finishing. Choose from coil binding, saddle stitching, or perfect binding, depending on your project’s size. You may also add details like gloss lamination or rounded edges for a more professional appearance.

7. Postcards

When planning a direct mail marketing campaign, postcards are an ideal choice. They are suitable for promoting special offers, announcing new products, and showing customer appreciation. Our print shop team is available to help you choose a custom postcard size, texture, and thickness. We can also accommodate some next-day and same-day orders, allowing you to get your postcards printed quickly and accurately.

Partner With Our Premier Print Shop

High-quality printing and design services help you convey your brand’s story using professional materials and finishing touches. At Bestype Printing, our team provides personalized services using cutting-edge technology and in-house production methods. We can help you with all of your print marketing needs, from flyers to window graphics. Contact us today to learn more about promoting your business with our wide range of print shop services.