How Does a Print-On-Demand Business Work?

June 27, 2024

Print-on-demand businesses help individuals and organizations complete customized print orders quickly. At Bestype Printing, we offer a range of on-demand print services for pre-designed projects. Our in-house team has experience with multiple printing methods, allowing us to create a variety of high-quality products in one location. Here’s more information about how print-on-demand companies work and the services we provide:

Customer Order

To begin an order with a print-on-demand business, customers should schedule a consultation with a print professional. During this meeting, customers will be able to discuss their project goals and confirm whether the company can achieve them. Customers can then email the business a digital file of their original work or bring in an external storage device with the file on it. This allows the print team to access the file and make minor adjustments to confirm it’s ready for print.

Design Proof

Some adjustments our team may make to design files include re-sizing, adding print guides, and converting color profiles. We also confirm the customer’s preferences for paper weight, finish, and additional features like foiling and embossing. This helps the team optimize the design to match the substrate and printer type.

Once these adjustments are made, the designers will create a proof of the project and share it with the customer. The proof can be a digital file or a physical copy, and it shows customers what their completed project will look like. It also gives customers an opportunity to request further changes if the design doesn’t match their expectations.

Order Fulfillment

Once the file is approved by the customer, the print professionals send it to the appropriate printer. At Bestype, we have multiple printer types, like digital, offset, and large-format, to complete a range of projects. Digital printers are used to produce high-resolution images and photography prints. Laser and inkjet digital prints vary in color intensity and quality and a print professional will help customers choose between them depending on the project type. Offset printers work well with large-scale orders and long-run projects. Large-format printers are used for projects over the size of a standard printer, like banners and other signage.

Shipping and Delivery

Bestype Printing offers shipping and delivery services for all customers. Our team will carefully package the printed materials to confirm they don’t get damaged during transport. We then mail the packaged product to the customer’s provided address or deliver it to their desired location. If a customer is located within New York City, we can bring the completed order directly to an event venue or office building. Customers can also pick up their orders in-store if it’s more convenient.

Our Print-On-Demand Services

Our team offers on-demand print services for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in New York City. We print banners, books, and pamphlets for organizations in industries like marketing, advertising, retail, fashion, art, and photography. Printing your photographs in color or black and white allows you to preserve your work, and we can prepare the prints for display in galleries, museums, or home settings. We print fashion catalogs and magazines for high-end brands and other professionals preparing for New York Fashion Week events.

Our book printing services involve digital and offset press technology for self-publishing authors. Offset is ideal for high-volume orders, and digital is suitable for short and long print runs. Bestype’s team of print professionals will provide book layout tips and help you choose a paper type and binding method to enhance the appearance and longevity of your books. We offer hardcover and paperback book options with customizable covers to help the project align with your preferences.

For business professionals, we offer customized envelopes, letterheads, and other stationery. Bring your business card design ideas to our team, and we will assist you in creating a sleek, eye-catching card with your choice of paper weight and finish. Our team can add embossing, foil, or raised lettering to your business cards to increase their visual impact. If you need stickers or decals for your business, our standard and large-format printers help us produce large and small vinyl products. We also create product labels for businesses in multiple formats, including cut-to-size and roll labels that are ideal for quick application to many types of products.

Work With Our Printing Professionals

Bestype Printing has been serving New York City professionals for over 40 years. Our team of 20+ print professionals has experience creating high-quality products through a variety of print methods. You can submit your design files through our website to get the production process started. We offer design suggestions to confirm your final project is as effective and visually pleasing as possible. Our team also handles rush orders and same-day printing to help you meet strict marketing and production deadlines. Contact us today to learn more about our print-on-demand services and receive a free quote for your custom project.