What Are Online Printing Services?

June 27, 2024

Online printing, or digital printing, provides a fast printing option for your marketing or event needs. Our SoHo-based print shop, Bestype Printing NYC, offers high-quality digital printing services for individuals and businesses. Here is more information about the online printing services our company provides:

Definition and Types of Online Printing 

Physical printing processes such as screen printing and offset printing use custom screens or metal plates when printing the design. The digital printing process uses the computer to process and convert the image, which is printed directly onto the product’s surface. Printing mediums for digital printing include paper, canvas, metal, and glass. 

At Bestype Printing NYC, our shop uses four digital printing methods. This includes inkjet, laser, digital press, and large format. The inkjet method uses ink droplets to print the image, while laser printing utilizes focused light, powder toner, and heat presses to transfer and cure the image. The digital press method is used for printing books and brochures, and large format printing usually uses inkjet technology and prints on wider surfaces to create banners and other larger media. 

Our Process for Online Printing 

For our online printing services, our team at Bestype Printing NYC has a process that we follow:

  • Consultation: We offer our clients a free consultation with a member of our printing team. During this meeting, you will discuss your project expectations and requirements, including the production schedule and the type and size of material. Our experienced team members can offer design recommendations and answer questions. 
  • Submission: When you are ready, upload your concept onto our secure online platform. The file should be an exported PDF document. We will then review your concept. Our team may need to make adjustments to create optimal results. 
  • Proof: We will send you a sample proof so you can preview the printed product. You can also receive a digital proof or visit our storefront to see it in person. This allows you to make corrections as needed. 
  • Delivery: After we print your final design, we will package your product and ship it to you in a timely manner. If you’re a local business, you can also opt for in-store pickup. If you need the product for an event, we can even have it delivered directly to the event space. 

We are a one-stop shop. Our company runs multiple printing machines on-site and does not rely on third-party vendors, allowing us to complete your project in-house. During the printing process, we welcome you to stop by the shop during our convenient business hours to check on your product. We also provide troubleshooting assistance. 

Types of Printing Projects Available

We recommend digital printing for smaller amounts of short-run products. 13 x 19 is the standard size, but we can expand to 13 x 26. We offer online printing as an option for a variety of print projects. This includes smaller products like business cards, labels, envelopes, and letterheads, as well as larger projects like signs, wall and floor graphics, and banners. We can also use digital printing to create informational material such as brochures, fashion lookbooks, newsletters, and booklets. 

Benefits of Online Printing Services

Online printing services are cost-effective when used for short runs. Digital printing can also:

  • Handle variable data: Online printing is versatile. It allows you to tailor each printed piece, which is helpful for targeted marketing campaigns. Digital printing allows your business to customize information on different prints for enhanced engagement rates and create personalized labels and stickers. 
  • Allow for rapid turnaround: Digital printing allows for faster production cycles, as the design can be sent directly to the printer. This helps your company meet tight deadlines and make last-minute changes to print products. Depending on the project, Bestype Printing NYC can provide rush printing services. 
  • Provide high-quality prints: Digital printing can be used to print intricate, highly detailed graphics. It retains the design’s sharp details and smooth gradients and offers high color reproduction. Our company makes sure that the finished products meet industry standards.

We also recommend digital printing if your company is looking to reduce its carbon footprint. With digital printing, companies only need to print off the necessary quantities. This helps minimize energy consumption and waste of materials.

Online Printing Services at Bestype Printing NYC 

Our family-owned print shop serves a variety of industries, including the fashion, event, and fine art industries.  We have over 40 years of experience providing printing services in New York City, and our staff includes over 20 printing and graphics specialists. Our team is dedicated to delivering products on your schedule without compromising quality. Bestype Printing NYC uses state-of-the-art equipment and provides 24-hour printing services. We serve people in New York City and beyond, offering our printing services across the country and even worldwide. Contact us today to receive a free quote for our online printing services.