Bestype’s Guide to the Benefits of a Local Print Shop

Printing NYC: Bestype’s Guide to the Benefits of a Local Print Shop

June 13, 2022

You have a vision for your next print project; maybe it’s your signature shot perfectly displayed in a high-gloss lookbook, or an offset print of your new menu. Whatever you’re creating, the print shop you choose needs to understand your vision. Bestype translates the tone and texture of your message into something to be remembered, a moment your clients or customers will never forget. Whether strong and bold or elegant and understated, the precision of your vision deserves personalized support with industry-leading innovation and insight. All successful businesses, galleries, retail stores, and restaurants know that customers’ experience is the foundation of their success. The same is true at Bestype, NYC’s premier local print shop.

In this fourth article of our five-part series on local printing services, we’ll look at the benefits of working with an NYC local print shop for all of your printing needs to reduce overwhelm, increase creativity, and elevate the professionalism of your finished product. Bestype is the local printing company that serves NYC’s best.


First, Bestype is not just a local print shop. With a team of 20+ printing and graphics specialists in our local Soho office, we can meet face to face and walk through the nuances of your vision, or we can grab your uploaded files and execute with tight deadlines while maintaining excellence. Some professionals simply don’t have time to pick which paper weight or type of lanyards and banners will work best for an upcoming event. Others like the feeling of being in our office and seeing the different impressions of a digital vs. an offset print or a fabric vs. metallic display. We love working with both — we’re NYC’s local print shop, and we know your needs are different from other artists or event planners. With the latest in printing technologies, we can offer in-house solutions that are cutting edge. With in-house printing, we don’t have to negotiate shipping delays either. A time saver, we pass along to you.

We take pride in our neighborhood and our work. We like to be the silent supporter behind the gallery event, the restaurant opening, and the new retail store, especially as our NYC reopens stronger, more unified, and even more vibrant post-pandemic. New York is ready for its comeback. We can pool from our past experiences and different genres to collaborate with you on your unique vision. We love watching our clients thrive.


Ordering custom printing online doesn’t offer the same relationship reliability as working with your neighbor. Serving NYC with world-class local printing services is Bestype’s top priority.

Our seasoned professionals are accustomed to working on high-profile, high-demand pieces for well-known and up-and-coming NYC clients alike. Bestype has supported and printed layouts for New York Fashion Week promotions and lookbooks for fashion designers new on the scene. We have attuned the fine print of a new menu as well as the promotional signage and collateral to help bolster traffic to our clients’ businesses. We also articulate the precision of book-binding, magazine printing, and giclée prints with the newest technology for the finest of art reproductions.

Providing local printing services for so many different businesses builds the creative perspective that we share with you. If your previous printing experience is limited to a drop-down menu of preset options from a faceless online vendor, we invite you to try the printing services at our local print shop. With a breadth of experience and almost unlimited options to give your vision life while keeping your budget in check, we may create a look you never knew existed.


It’s easy to pop into our Soho office for a price quote or a visual check on a demo run. This removes a lot of guesswork, reducing overwhelm and increasing efficiency. If you are an event planner, you can ditch the stress of managing multiple vendors and source your entire spectrum of printing needs with one local printing company. You’ll meet with an in-house specialist who can design and quote the portfolio of collateral you will need — from stickers to vinyl banners you can store for the next event. We can even schedule the delivery of our completed printing services to your venue, or you can pick it up yourself. You have the simplicity of one point person managing the options that work best for you.

We know how to scale images for premier photography printing, whether on display or for sale, using our premium inkjet technology, archival pigment inks, and museum-quality media optimized for photographic art. You can check our color scales at your computer or stop by for a visual ok of proofing.

Whether you choose to upload your files online or drop them off in our office, we can meet your tight deadlines with ease. With our in-house printing and production capabilities, we don’t have to factor in shipping or arrival delays. It’s a competitive edge to have the consistency, convenience, and broad range of Bestype for your local printing services.


Our in-house production is one factor that improves our turn-around time. Another is the philosophy we have in meeting our customers. We take the time in our initial intake to hear what our client needs and what they are trying to achieve. By asking the right questions and presenting tailored solutions, we start with client clarity, reducing uncertainty. At Bestype, we invest in asking the right questions, having a knowledgeable staff, and updating to the latest technologies to provide our clients with the tools they need to make their vision shine.

With so many advantages of choosing Bestype to meet your local printing needs, the only question left is, what do you want to create? Contact Bestype today for a quote on your next printing project, and stay tuned for the next article in our series, which will guide you in creating a custom print job.

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