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Types of Banners Used in NYC Marketing and Events

November 3, 2022

Event planning is an art: from picking the venue and organizing the event to directing the flow of traffic and orchestrating the presentations with the attendee’s experience in mind. As a one-stop printing service shop in the heart of NYC, we at Bestype know the behind-the-scenes of hallmark culture events as well as the elite diamond-level conferences of annual corporate meetings and product launches. 

To the attendee, it all runs seamlessly (if planned well). To the event coordinator, there are multiple levels of excellence to manage, from the logistical details to the consistency in branding from swag bags to presentation banners. That includes delivering the right message clearly and to the right people in a way that lasts long after the moment. Messaging amplifies an event’s success, and one type of messaging favored by NYC’s marketers and creatives is the usage of custom banners.

Banners help orient your client’s direction and experience. Depending on the event, grand opening, or conference, a banner can invite people who would not otherwise know to “Come on in.” Similarly, custom banner printing can set the tone for an invite-only gathering. The colors, the branding, and the placement are all subtle and necessary components that can help your hard work easily guide your target audience, whether with bold or elegant notes.

In this third installment of our six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing in NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll show you the return on investing in banners that share your message. Bestype offers premier banner printing in NYC; we are here to serve you and share your vision.

Why Print Banners?

When made well, banners are easily-transported and easy to set up and reuse. They are a staple to trademark any large gathering, whether themed pop-ups in the streets or luxurious conference halls in NYC. Banners make it easy for people to find and recognize the quality you offer.

Custom print banners help build your branding. The colors alone can speak to the tonality of your work, restaurant, or event. How? You have an opportunity to share a clear graphic visual invitation with your audience. Banners broadcast business visibility and establish market recognition. There can be advertisement opportunities in custom print banners, whether at the event itself, a displaying of sponsorship, or captured in promotional materials that will live on and continue to speak to audiences.

Types of Banner Printing

Banners hang in storefront windows or lie flat tethered against walls, fencing, and tables. They can stand upright as floor displays and float above the crowds, drawing eyes upward. How do you decide which configuration is best for your message? First, it is essential to know what you want or need to achieve — Bestype’s in-house team can help you think this through — and then you can make the most informed and effective choices. 

Let’s look at some options, which include choices in style and material. Our large format machines print banners on paper, fabrics, vinyl, perforated vinyl, and canvas. Digital printing transfers designs and colors flawlessly, and we can print as many banners as you need for your event.

Classic banners can be hung at various levels for function or impression and serve as a traditional representation, especially in a fabric format. These are often seen at larger corporate events, academic environments, or indoor celebrations or performances.

Scrim vinyl banners with grommets are easy to spot at outdoor events. The grommets allow users to string cords through the banner for hanging in different ways and environments. With weights sewn into their hems, they make a formidable impression on pop-up tents or maker’s markets, music events, and more. These are also economical and easy to produce. The vinyl with reinforced grommets makes this investment long-lasting, giving you ample opportunity to get your message and your business the attention it deserves. 

Pop-up/pull-up banners are the same name as this sleek banner that comes with its own hardware and storage case. These retractable banners are ready to stand tall and are the ultimate roll-up-and-go package that easily ports from location to location. They collapse and store for re-use. Good design makes roll-up banners hard to miss, and their length makes them perfect tools to convey text information at eye level. They are suitable for conferences, retail stores, airports, larger venues, casual restaurants, and more. It’s hard to walk through the streets of NYC without bumping into one. 

Contact Bestype

Whether you are ready to broadcast your beautiful business at a market or need a retractable banner designed for your company’s meeting or your gallery’s entrance, we have you covered. Bestype has the in-house staff, printers, and expertise to create an investment that will serve your business and your brand. Contact Bestype today for a quote on your next banner printing project.

In our next article of the series, we will walk you through complimenting your branding message with vinyl window and wall graphics. You might be surprised how valuable these additions can be!


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