Technology is the New Future of Printing – Indigo Printing

Technology is the New Future of Printing – Indigo Printing

April 20, 2020

Hp Indigo 5600

Bestype has the best in printing technology

Technology is the New Future of Printing – Indigo Printing

Traditional inkjet printers would simply coat the page with liquid ink to print an image. HP, however, utilizes new technology to change the digital press game. HP ElectroInk technology disperses the ink electronically using charged particles in the ink. Now, think back to your basic particle physics class in college. No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Don’t sweat it. There is no need to understand the difference between protons and electrons or even neurons and quantum mechanics.

HP Indigo digital presses use a light-sensitive plate that attracts ink. Unlike conventional printing that uses a fixed (etched) plate that cannot change, the HP Indigo Photo Imaging Plate (PIP) is a dynamic light-sensitive plate that can be re-imaged with different information on every revolution of the printing cylinder. The ink is attracted to the PIP by an electrical charge, rather than a physical transfer from the ink tray to the cylinder.

Bestype Imaging currently has an Indigo 5600. The HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press delivers unmatched digital offset and photo quality with high versatility and productivity. Seamlessly switching between jobs and media types—with a newly added ability to print on synthetics—the press is ideal for PSPs with a diverse job mix. Capable of printing well over two million color pages or five million monochrome pages per month, the press is the leading choice for medium volume printers. Using the Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM), the press can print color jobs at a speed of 90 pages per minute. It also reaches a monochrome speed of 272 ppm. Multiple drawers enable continuous printing, reducing operator intervention and increasing uptime.

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