Store front of Rosa Mexicano

Sidewalk Signs & Window Posters

July 23, 2020

Custom window posters and sidewalk signs (also called A-frame signs or sandwich boards) are affordable and effective advertising tools. Cafés, jewelry stores, wineries, and boutiques are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from these simple devices.

A professionally designed outside sidewalk sign or custom poster with eye-catching colors and graphics can help attract customers that might otherwise pass by your store.

Here are 4 things your sidewalk sign or window poster should convey to really make an impact:

1: Who you are

Whether you opt for a dry erase frame, a wood frame, or an aluminum frame with change-out panels, make sure your company’s name and logo are prominent somewhere on the sign. Consider including your business slogan, and use your signature fonts, colors, and graphics. Don’t be afraid to get creative, just make sure your sign accurately reflects your brand.

2: Who you’re targeting

Your sign should be unambiguous about who you’re targeting. If your goal is to get a younger crowd into your bar, use a graphic of 20-somethings having fun. If you own a jewelry store and want to attract affluent clients, make sure your graphic is elegant and speaks to their desires. High-resolution poster printing has come a long way—today you can create stunning graphics that make a big impact. If you decide to go with a sidewalk sign, choose one with panels you can change out for maximum flexibility.

3: What you’re offering

Give passersby a compelling reason to come into your store. Use terms like “special offer,” “deep discounts,” “free,” or “promo code” to draw customers in. Keep your message simple and concise—for example, “Kids under 6 eat free,” or “20% off storewide.” Don’t try to cram too much information onto your poster or sidewalk sign. Blocks of text are likely to be ignored.

4: How people can get it

Make sure to include a “call to action” in your signage. Use simple messages like “Free coffee when you buy a dozen donuts” or “Sign up today and get 15% off.” If you sell food or beverages, a call to action is a must. A consumer survey by found that most impulse purchases are of food items. The same survey found that 64% said consumers shop impulsively if there’s a deal involved (underscoring why it’s so important to make sure your offer is clear and compelling).

There you have it! Make sure your window poster or sidewalk sign tells customers who you are (play up your brand’s fonts, colors, and logo), who you’re targeting, what you’re offering, and includes a strong call to action.