Print Marketing in NYC

Print Marketing Tactics That Work In NYC

October 3, 2023

Getting people’s attention in New York City is no easy task, but print marketing is more successful than you might think. From daily commutes to exploring different boroughs, print marketing is everywhere in New York.

To get the most out of print marketing in New York City, you need to choose the right method to increase the footprint of your campaign, bringing more eyes to your business. Among the wide range of print marketing options, we’ve found specific print marketing tactics like sidewalk signs, mailers, and banners fit best in busy areas like New York City. Read on to learn more about print marketing tactics that work in NYC.

8 Print Marketing Tactics To Use In NYC

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are a robust and versatile marketing tool. They can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas throughout NYC to grab the attention of passersby. Best of all, vinyl banners can withstand the elements better than banners made of other materials, making them perfect for enduring every season. This durability also ensures that they’ll remain in place for months, and potentially longer if needed.

From promoting special offers to announcing upcoming events, vinyl banners offer businesses a cost-effective way to convey messages to a broad audience.

Sidewalk Signs

In the bustling streets of NYC, sidewalk signs are a game-changer in print marketing. Sidewalk signs are highly visible and capture the attention of both pedestrians and motorists. Placing these signs strategically outside your storefront or in high-traffic areas allows you to showcase promotions and offers, or even direct people to your location.
To prepare your sidewalk sign, all you need to do is purchase an A-frame. From there, order your custom poster made to fit your A-frame of choice. Because A-frames are reusable, you’ll be able to get a new custom poster printed for your sidewalk sign every time you have an update to share!

Sidewalk sign in NYC promoting Fashion Week



Posters, whether in subway stations, bus stops, or on community boards, are a classic print marketing tactic in New York. A poster can quickly grab someone’s attention, especially with the right poster design and placement.

While most posters are made of cardstock, you can give a poster a longer lifespan by choosing vinyl. Choosing the right material for a poster is key to making sure your print marketing works in the right way.

Magazine Ads

Perfect for businesses that want to target a specific demographic, magazine ads continue to be effective in NYC. Placing ads in local magazines allows businesses to reach a targeted audience interested in the content, providing a valuable opportunity for brand exposure.

With so many magazines specific to the New York lifestyle available, there should be no shortage of opportunities to capture the attention of New Yorkers through printed ads.


Often overlooked, direct mailers can reach potential customers directly in their homes or workplaces. Designing and sending attractive mailers that showcase products, services, or promotional offers can generate interest and drive foot traffic to your establishment. A well-made mailer can provide much more business than you might expect, and printing and sending mailers could be more affordable than anticipated.

Business Cards

Business cards remain a staple in networking and marketing, specifically within the business world. In NYC’s bustling business scene, having well-designed business cards that succinctly convey your brand’s message can help you make a lasting impression on potential partners, clients, and customers. Potential customers are also likely to hold on to your business card, increasing the likelihood that you’ll receive a potential lead down the road.


Brochures might not be the flashiest form of print marketing, but they’re versatile print materials that can convey detailed information about your business, products, or services. Distributing brochures at events, in waiting rooms, out on the street, or as part of direct mail campaigns can help educate your target audience and encourage them to engage with your brand.


A newer print marketing tactic to consider taking advantage of, stickers present a unique and engaging way to spread brand awareness. You can customize stickers by utilizing your logo, a unique design, or even something that you made yourself!

Sticker marketing is perhaps the most underutilized form of print marketing in NYC, but embracing stickers can help you quickly and easily share your brand.

Stickers for marketing a brand


Choose Bestype For Your Print Marketing Campaign

If you want to run a print marketing campaign in New York City, then you want to work with a print shop with experience. Based out of SoHo, Bestype offers a wide range of printing services, including rush printing. From sidewalk signs to custom printing projects, Bestype can help bring your print marketing campaign to life.