Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitation Printing

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Invitation Printing

April 20, 2020

Some wedding guests may miss the ceremony and some may not remember the celebration, but everyone opens an invitation. It’s more than an announcement — a beautiful, high-quality, personalized wedding invitation is a keepsake that will remind your guests of your special day for years to come.
Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to celebrate lifelong love, but they also come with a checklist of important tasks to complete in preparation for the ceremony and reception. Since the invitations are the first taste of what your guests can expect, they hold a special value. The good news is that anyone can play a major creative role in printing their wedding invitations — with the right help. Bestype’s premier wedding invitation printing services give you all of the tools, guidance, and creative freedom you could ask for when printing your invitations.

Why Are Wedding Invitations Important?

Stationery may not be the very first topic that comes to mind when making wedding preparations. We’re here to tell you, it should be! Invitations are a wedding’s crucial first step for a few reasons:

1. They Communicate the Essentials

Guests can’t attend a wedding if they don’t know where to show up, or when. The basics of any invitation include the location, the date, and the time of the event. Thanks to modern technology, a quick text can communicate these details, but that should be reserved for last-minute reminders. Printing these details on high-quality paper with archival inks gives the guests something to help them commit the logistics to memory in the weeks or months leading up to the wedding.

2.They Set the Tone for the Event

An invitation is the first indicator to your guests about the tone of the wedding ceremony and celebration. Sending a “hint” well in advance will give the guests ample time to prepare on their end. The vibe of your invitation indicates details like appropriate attire, gift choices, and whether or not this is an event suitable for the whole family.

3. Your Guests Feel the Love

Besides their practical usage for communicating logistics, beautifully printed invitations hold social significance as well. The practice of sending and receiving physical invitations has existed since the Middle Ages (although the methods used to create them have certainly advanced since then). Once a privilege reserved for the upper class, receiving invitations to important events is now common practice, one that guests anticipate.
Receiving an invitation to such an important, emotionally intimate event like a wedding evokes feelings of gratitude, and makes your treasured guests all the more excited for the special day. The excitement is only compounded by beautifully printed text and imagery. The invitations serve as a tangible representation of your appreciation for your guests.


Personalization: Custom Wedding Invitation Printing

There are so many possibilities in the world of design that the task of deciding where to print wedding invitations can seem daunting. Bestype is here to help every step of the way, from the initial consultation, to design, to getting your printed invitations in your hands in a hot New York minute.
As industry professionals who have gracefully handled wedding invitations for over 40 years, Bestype can accommodate any desired look with our wide range of customization options.

Custom Text Options

  • Flat Print is the industry term for digital printing of text and imagery. With the latest digital technology, this cost-effective option has the potential to look and feel luxurious when employed with expert hands. While it may seem like the simplest process on the list, professional flat print involves a certain level of craftsmanship to make the best use of the ample color and formatting options available. State-of-the-art digital printers have the ability to print fast on a wide variety of beautiful stationery using digital technology.

Flat print would be a great option for those who want to allocate more of their budget towards other visual beautifiers, like custom-made envelopes.

  • Letterpress has been a treasured tradition in the printing world since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. This time-treasured method gives a tactile quality to prints by adding a debossing (lowered) effect where the words are placed. Letterpress looks and feels clean and sharp.
  • Engraving, while similar in process to letterpress, allows for even more elegance than letterpress does. Engraved letters are raised on the page, and the engraving process gives us the ability to produce more intricate details. Engraving can be done on any base color, including sleek black.
  • Thermography is also known as raised ink printing. This method incorporates offset printing methods with resin baked under heat to produce either a matte or glossy finish, depending on your preference. While the process of heating ink seems risky, state-of-the-art heat tunnel technology assures that the product is completely dry and can be further altered for delivery. This method adds life and dimension to invitations.


Add Texture with Print Finishing Options

  • Die-cutting is another way to add dimension by using a machine that mass-produces shapes, which are then securely attached to the invitation. The shapes are exactly the same and appear professional and consistent. Dies are metal stencils that come in any shape you can think of, from basic shapes to flowers and lace. This method offers a lot of unique creative potential, and professional application assures sleek and elegant results.
    Scoring is a process that creates a perfect line down the center of the invitation for easy and crisp folding. This process works better with certain papers than others. A Bestype design consultant would easily be able to tell you whether or not scoring is right for you.
  • Embossing is perfect for accents – initials, illustrations, patterns, and symbols. This process uses dies without cutting into the paper to create a raised effect.
  • Lamination adds an extra layer of protection to invitations, in case of spills or other accidents that would otherwise taint the product. Depending on the other options you choose, this may be a great way to preserve the life of your printed invitations.


Additional Wedding Printing Services

Bestype’s services go beyond the announcement itself. Added personal touches make the guest’s experience before and during the wedding all the more special.

  • We produce elegant custom envelopes to perfectly match your beautiful invitations.
  • Bestype is often asked to print other stationery needs for wedding ceremonies, including custom wedding programs.
  • Extend our expertise to the reception. Party favors and game props, such as question cards, assure that every table is having a good time throughout the event.

Have an idea that you don’t see on this list? Bestype values direct communication with our customers in order to bring their unique vision to life in print. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop in during our convenient business hours and ask about all our service offerings.

How to Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

Coming up with ideas for your invitations is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the things you and your love share that make you such a special pair worthy of celebration. Consider these ideas when designing your invitations:

  • Theme: Matching the look and feel of the invitation to that of the planned ceremony creates cohesiveness and prevents confusion (an intimate ceremony may require invitations with a more formal, modern, and exclusive feel, while a beach setting would be best suited for a different look).
  • Locations: Are there any special places that hold significance in your relationship, such as where you first met or got engaged? Capture beautiful images from these places to give them emotional significance.
  • Family: Mentioning both family names is a great way to honor the union that will bring them together. If your family has a crest or something similar, this could be an elegant engraving opportunity.

Adding personal sentiment to your prints helps the invitation represent your unique relationship in a tangible form. It’ll be a treat for your guests to go through their mail and discover an invitation that’s not only personal but of the highest professional quality — pleasing to the eyes and to the touch. Bestype understands this, so only the highest-quality images and types are used for our printed wedding invitations. After all, the invitation is the first glimpse of the ceremony, and it sets the tone for what’s to come.

Why Choose Bestype’s Wedding Invitation Printing Services?

Bestype understands the importance of your wedding; this is a moment in time you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Such a special occasion deserves nothing less than the most personal, communicative service possible at every step in the planning process. We consider it an honor to have our wedding invitation printing service be a smooth process from start to finish.

Visit our shop in the heart of Soho and you will immediately understand the personal touch that we strive to deliver in all our services. From the first consultation, you will be given the full range of options and advice from one of our industry experts. We are here to offer our expertise, but above all, to bring your vision to life so that every invitation opened is a cherished experience.

NYC-based couples need not worry about time constraints, as we offer rush printing for many of our deliverables, including wedding packages. After 40 years, we understand the busy lifestyle of our customer base and match that energy. The question of where to print wedding invitations is an easy one to answer. Your search for a reliable (and fun!) wedding invitation printing service ends here, with Bestype.


Looking to Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

Bestype’s NYC-based printing service provides countless, beautifully printed announcements for weddings, socials, anniversaries, banquets, and more. We also provide a variety of other printing services for every New Yorker, from newlyweds to business professionals. Contact Bestype today for a quote to get you started on printing your dream invitations.

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