3 Common Mistakes in Large-Format Printing

3 Common Mistakes in Large-Format Printing (and How to Avoid Them)

April 20, 2020

Large format printing is a common way to get your message across, but even with its popularity, there are still tons of mistakes that could be made throughout the design and printing process. Before you embark on a journey to get your banner or display printed, you’ll want to make sure your design is in tip-top shape. Check out below to learn the three most common mistakes made in large-format printing so you can avoid them altogether for a beautifully designed and printed piece.

3 Things to Avoid in Large-Format Design

1. Not Considering Perspective

We get it, we get it. You want to get your entire point across in one cohesive piece. However, sometimes too much information can be harmful. Consider perspective when designing a large format print piece. Can the person 100 feet away get the same information as the person standing right in front of it? There’s a sweet spot with text for large format printing. You don’t want too much information, because a person can’t take it all in, or even see it from away, but you also want enough information that the piece is impactful. When designing, take a step back (or one hundred) and see if you’re still getting the same message.

2. Less than Ideal Color Choices

Color is a huge part of the design for any piece, but when printing a large format design you’ll want to be extra careful. Bright colors on light backgrounds are not ideal, nor are two dark colors. The words will blur into the background from far away. For a large format piece, you’ll want to contrast, complementary colors to make the message pop.

3. Poor Image Quality

It happens all the time. The perfect image for your brand or message isn’t always the perfect imaging for large format printing. To get a clear, quality print, you’ll want to use a high-resolution image that can be stretched to fit a large space without compromising the quality of the photo.

When designing a piece there are many things to consider, but we hope these tips for large format design will help you get started. Large format printing is an effective way to get any message out there, and we want you to be prepared to do so!

Image Credit: Piqsels @ Creative Commons