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Holiday Season Printing Ideas That Will Work Best for Your Printing Needs

October 7, 2021

The Holiday Spirit doesn’t wait for Halloween’s scary thrills to end. Professional marketers have already blocked out winter holiday brainstorming sessions on their calendars. Most business owners are planning attention-getting strategies right now, in the weeks leading up to the serious start of the holiday season. Our job is to help all of our customers spread holiday cheer!

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own — retail or not. Planning to incorporate high-quality printing into your business is an essential part of winter holiday marketing. Bestype Imaging’s 40 years of experience means we know how important this season is for every business that works with us to create memorable holiday messaging.

Here are 6 classic holiday printing ideas to help your company or store win customer attention, connect with new buyers, and boost your 2021 sales:

1. Personalized Postcards

When thinking about postcard printing, NYC businesses see this marketing tool as their top way to connect with most of their clients during November and December’s peak mailing days. Bestype has helped hundreds of our customer’s design and print custom postcards — hundreds or even thousands of pieces. Our customers not only ask, “will you print my postcard?” They want to know if we can help them with their design details, custom mailing labels, and mail merge tasks. And, of course, we can. Bestype’s commitment to outstanding customer service means that we are the best print shop in NYC. Our clients come to us to get postcards printed and into the mail, regardless of the season or event.

2.  Custom Greeting Cards and Envelope Printing

Customized, printed greeting cards and envelopes are still very much in demand in the digital age, in addition to postcard printing. Our requests often incorporate intricate design details, like embossing, die-cuts, foil, and finishes — little touches that elevate a simple holiday greeting card into an ultimately special one. An excellently printed holiday card is a tool that helps you develop deeper relationships with clients and customers. Many businesses also reach out to their prospects with a high-quality holiday greeting card, custom-designed and personalized.

It’s not unheard of for our custom postcard printing customers to separate their client lists when creating their orders. Businesses will print postcard orders as well as order traditional standard greeting cards and envelopes. The idea is to reserve customized greeting cards for top clients and prospects, often sent alongside a thoughtful seasonal gift.

Another possibility is to combine the two approaches literally, especially for retailers and services. We can help design a standard holiday card and enclose a custom printed postcard that:

  • Promotes a sale
  • Provides a discount code
  • Offers another redeemable coupon or code online or in-store.

Bestype Imaging makes it super simple to adapt the design of a customized greeting card into a postcard. Our customer service and adaptability to our customers’ needs make it easier to print locally with us, instead of using services to print postcards online or order any other printing from internet-only storefronts. Our loyal customers know Bestype is the best place to get postcards printed and anything produced in print in New York City.

3. Seasonal Brochures and Booklets

Another enclosure, mailing item, or takeaway you can offer is a holiday-themed brochure or booklet. Holiday recipes, calendars, savings, and coupons make great candidates to turn into booklets and brochures. Your booklet will entice your customers to reach for them, especially when deals are inside.

4. Holiday Signs and Banners

Wide-format printing during the holidays includes window clings, banners, and signs for retail printing. Quality printing for retail can also include stand-up signs, wraps, and wallpaper that can temporarily decorate your store using splashes of holiday themes and colors. Looking at window clings specifically, these items are customizable to your brand image and are easily removable when your promotion is over. Holiday window cling designs are available in different levels of opacity, and you can promote your offer as boldly as you want to.

5. Holiday Flyers

The paper flyer designed using a palette of holiday colors is always a tried-and-true way of getting customer attention. Flyers and take-ones are always worth the effort to customize. Don’t forget to include in-store coupons and online discount codes. You can use your expertly printed flyers to build excitement about special holiday sales and in-store events. Holiday flyers draw foot traffic into stores. Use flyers and handouts in conjunction with your window signage and outdoor banner displays to make a holiday statement.

6. Holiday Custom Sticker Printing

Custom-designed, creative holiday stickers can:

  • Adorn a card envelope
  • Be added to any standard or holiday-themed retail or gift bag
  • Seal inner or outer contrasting holiday gift wrapping
  • Embellish your customers’ notebooks, water bottles, and protective laptop cases

Stickers show up everywhere. When stickers click with your customers, they become one amazing marketing tool that spreads your message without having to say a word. Bestype’s technicians will work with you to design a holiday-themed sticker collection that you can add to your packaging or distribute to customers.

Holiday Printing With Bestype Imaging

When you trust your holiday printing to Bestype, you’ll quickly discover why our customers tell their closest friends to print with us. Our creative community knows we’re the best place to get postcards printed or print anything else. Come to us with your holiday postcard printing idea or any wild idea you have for your greeting cards, banners, and signs, and we will get to work. We’ll sit down with you for a complimentary consultation and start building your ideas into a package that works for your business. Our services include design help, printing, and a delivery timeframe matching your promotional calendar this holiday season. Contact us today, about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.

Image Credits: Unsplash @Creative Commons

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