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Ready, Set, Print: Choosing Your Printing & Binding Services

August 4, 2021

Bestype Printing NYC wants our potential customers to know that not all book printing and binding services are alike. We will examine six factors you should consider when selecting a book printing and binding service for your next project.

Some people prefer printed books and other documents over electronic files. Professional bookbinding creates permanent, beautiful records of times, places, creative thoughts, and messages. Ideas on paper can easily go missing, but bookbinding archives your imagination for as long as the book lasts. Whom you print with matters! When you’re choosing a full-service custom book printer, you should consider:

Design Help

Even the most streamlined and functional custom book can be aesthetically pleasing. Bestype’s local book printing and binding service technicians are desktop publishing and design experts. They can guide you through all of your options and help you produce a visually stunning cover that stands out on the display shelf.

Order Speed

Once you’ve designed your custom book and get it to your full-service book printer, your production team will queue your print job. While most people think about the actual printing speed of using digital presses versus offset printing, there are even more options to consider.

Online printers and big-box business supply retailers usually need to set distant calendar deadlines for all of their projects. Their presses are constantly scheduled with work and can’t guarantee a fast turnaround on high-volume printing projects. Additionally, these companies usually rely on templates to accomplish layout and book design if they provide you with any assistance at all. If they can customize formats, any changes you want to make to a template potentially add time to when your order may be printed.

Subcontracting is a quietly held secret in our industry — that your local print shop might distribute some print projects to subcontractors. Outsourcing happens for various reasons ranging from time constraints to finding lower-cost ways to achieve a higher profit. If your full-service book printer subcontracts your project, it may result in a longer turnaround time for your book printing, binding, finishing, and delivery.

Bestype wants to provide our customers with in-house printing on all projects that meet their project delivery goals. We want to print your custom books rapidly and on your timeline. During our initial consultation, we will schedule your book printing and binding project in our calendar. We will stick by the schedule we’ve set together. We also make it a point not to outsource any part of any printing project — we in-source. Our staff accomplishes every project in-house and on time.


How much support do you want in producing your custom book? Our book printing and binding NYC customers know they can rely on Bestype through every phase of production and printing. We provide an initial consultation that guides each book through the conception and design stages to final print. When customers need help with layout, our design experts can assist with tips to tackle problem issues. We offer much more than cookie-cutter layout templates and encourage our customers to design their books their way. Our SOHO pint shop location makes it as easy to get real in-person help. You can also call our customer service team members whenever a project gets stuck or designs change. Our technicians will print review copies of your text and graphics. We even assemble a final book sample for you to preview before we commit your project to a print run. Whether you choose digital or offset printing for your project, we’re here to support you and make sure that your book project turns out perfectly.


By keeping all of our book printing and binding services in-house, Bestype controls quality and costs. Additionally, we maintain a bulk-priced inventory of materials. Our stocking helps us price our book printing and binding services more affordably than our competition. Total in-sourcing keeps our production expenses down and results in making book printing any sized run of copies more economical for our customers.


Booklovers want to make sure that the books they buy are of the highest quality — nobody appreciates leaves that fall out or badly printed pages. Bestype offers economical and professional book printing and binding services that perform over time, no matter which format you choose. Your decision to print your books with us means that we honor your trust by producing durable books that maintain their pages through the decades. Your book’s cover style, page stock quality, and binding all determine its lifespan.


Bestype’s reputation for excellence in printing and binding services was built by our New York print shop customer base. Our friends include creatives and book designers, event marketing professionals, educators, and individuals like you. We print for the needs of our customers, and that includes community and personal projects. We’re grateful that our NYC print shop neighbors have spread the word about their excellent experiences with us. Their wonderful word-of-mouth reference helps us reach new book printing and binding service customers.

Getting Started With Your Book Printing and Binding Service

These considerations: design, speed, support, economy, durability, and the full-service book printer’s reputation, are your beginning considerations in printing your bound custom book. We hope that the knowledge and wisdom we’ve shared make it easy for you to start self-publishing. We welcome you to click here for our consultation about your next book printing and binding project. It’s a no-obligation way to learn how easy it is to self-publish with Bestype.

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