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Top Sectors Embracing Printing in NYC

July 7, 2021

Created through a collision of diverse and vibrant ideas and cultures, New York City is positioned as the creative epicenter of the world. When Covid-19 caused a massive lockdown in the 9th largest city in the world, it also massively accelerated the growth of e-commerce within New York City’s retail industry. The Big Apple not only gave rise to new, solely e-commerce-based startups and businesses, but existing industries also adapted to the new norm and jumped on the e-commerce train to ensure their customers could still benefit from their products in the new virtual world.

Today, over a year into the pandemic, rapid vaccine rollouts are giving New Yorkers a much-needed semblance of normalcy while local businesses reopen their doors and prepare for in-person action. Foot traffic here in the Big Apple is at an all-time high since the beginning of the pandemic, and the food and retail industries are competing equally in two realms — e-commerce as well as brick and mortar — for the first time.

Our team at Bestype has identified the top existing and emerging sectors which are embracing printing in 2021 in New York City-based on the industry so you can be sure to know what to expect and not fall behind.



Though the pandemic initially forced consumers online for their purchasing needs, the situation soon took a positive turn. The circumstances resulted in a gigantic and speedy shift in focus for retailers, with the traditional brick and mortar businesses having to find a way to capture the attention of their audiences virtually, many for the first time. As a result, e-commerce experienced an unprecedented level of growth and became the dominating form of business. We at Bestype are experts at handling a variety of projects for companies using e-commerce, offering products such as:

  • Labels
  • Stickers
  • Hangtags
  • Notecards
  • Thank you cards
  • Shortline packaging
  • Custom boxes with and without print

Bringing value in new and innovative ways, some of the businesses we are serving are our own previous clients experiencing the shift to offering their products online for the first time. Through the process, we have come to realize that an e-commerce site is not only selling customers a product, but rather an experience. From the product itself to the unique packaging to the accompanying thank you card or brand sticker promoting the company name, it’s all about delivering an immersive experience and giving customers an experience as close to an in-person one as possible. Here at Bestype, we can cover your needs whatever they may be.

Leverage the power of a printing solutions provider that is committed to becoming an integral part of your supply chain, ensuring every element — timing, communication, consistency, distribution — is functioning in perfect harmony with each other. With our expertise and offered services such as same-day printing, rush printing, and quick turnaround times, you can be sure that your local printing partner here at Bestype won’t fall short of the needs of your fast-paced e-commerce business.


Retail & Dining

With foot traffic in New York at an all-time high and retail stores as well as indoor and outdoor dining spaces functioning at near-to-full capacity, the competition for the resurgence of in-person activity is fierce.

Whether through side-walk signs, window graphics, updated menus or postcards, make sure you seize the chance to promote your business to the eager New Yorkers walking past your open doors. The key is to take action now. Good news: Your friendly neighborhood printing service at Bestype Imaging can help!


Art Institution, Galleries, & Exhibitions

Having been mostly categorized as “non-essential business” throughout the different waves of the pandemic, art institutions and galleries are now returning to functioning on a full-time basis and extending their hours of operation.

With that in mind, Bestype is here for your prompt cut vinyl decals, cut vinyl lettering, and print needs. Known for large printing in NYC, we help New York’s premier art institutions print state-of-the-art graphic and signage, marketing collateral, event invitations, and even limited edition magazines and books. Our experience in helping local artists and photographers, art galleries, and art museums of all sizes make us the perfect choice for your creative printing needs.


Emerging & Upcoming Trends

Looking into the near future, as vaccines continue to bring New York into gradual safety and provide the ground for further in-person gatherings with larger numbers of people, bigger exhibits and in-person events, such as networking sessions and business conferences, will re-emerge.

Additionally, a developing trend belongs to traditional brick and mortar businesses that used to operate traditionally and in-person pre-pandemic but had to pivot towards e-commerce given the circumstances. With conditions slowly going back to normal, we will be seeing a harmonic existence and collaboration between the cutting-edge and the traditional, facilitating the continuity of print marketing from brick and mortar to e-commerce.

With that in mind, we can help you plan ahead of time depending on your business’s needs and direction for the future.

Regardless of where your business stands today in our cultural hub and creative capital of the world, we can help you press forward and get where you need to be.

Reach out today, and let’s discuss your journey for tomorrow!

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