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Holiday Card Printing — Why Are Paper Greeting Cards Still a Thing?

October 1, 2021

Paper greeting cards, including Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years’ greetings, have never really disappeared from our lives. Some people may have gleefully shaken off the guilt of being non-senders — the people who boldly proclaim they don’t do Holiday cards! But a new generation is re-thinking the personal, paper greeting card tradition and making it their own. People are embracing their creativity and thinking outside the retail greeting card box. Always with a keen eye for detail, Bestype’s customers want high quality prints to send to the people they care about. By combining original photography, personal messages, and artful design into high-quality art prints, Bestype’s technicians create unique holiday greeting cards. Each design reflects the sender’s personality, humor, and warmth. Holiday greeting card ideas can take many forms outside of the traditional greeting card format, including using our wide format printing services to deliver high quality poster prints, banners, and signs.

Personal holiday card greetings, whether to family, clients, or colleagues are on-trend! Many of our friends regularly use Bestype’s high quality printing NYC services and love pens and penmanship. Pen lovers and high quality art print technicians understand that printing can be very personal. Both understand that seasonal greetings never totally stopped being a thing, even if electronic trends tried to win the hearts and habits of a generation of digital natives. Younger customers are embracing the holiday card tradition and making it their own.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe that Christmas cards are still a thing!

1. Paper is Personal

People love opening holiday cards. Paper, and the high quality printing NYC-produced cards provide, show your friends and family that you care about them. Little things, like bespoke cards, are gestures – they say, I’m thinking about you!

2. Handwriting Expresses Who You Are

Emails, Facebook messages, tweets — these are less personal ways to send holiday messages of hope and love. But when you add your signature to a paper card, possibly with a short handwritten message included inside, you’ve shared a deeper bit of yourself, no matter how small. A gorgeous holiday card, especially one that incorporates high quality art prints, is lovely on its own. When you take time to write a heartfelt message inside by hand, it becomes something unique.

3. Holiday High Quality Prints are Treasures

Your unique holiday greeting may receive glowing love for longer than you expect. Some people hold on to special cards they receive from the ones they love. Some people you love may keep your card forever, even passing it down to family members as a memory of you. High quality printing draws attention to the even more special part of the card — your thoughtfulness included inside.

4. Holiday Card High Quality Printing Always Dazzles

Holiday Card envelopes stand out from all the other mail that piles up in your mailbox. A cheery envelope in holiday colors stands out from the junk mail and bills! Your recipient will open their holiday cards first, and what’s inside each envelope will brighten their day.

5. Holiday Cards Bridge Time and Place

Even in today’s digital world, it’s hard to connect with family and friends regularly unless you’re sharing the same spaces. Even someone living in the same city as friends and family may have let many months go by without meeting face to face. High quality printing NYC-centered service makes reconnecting a little easier — holiday greeting cards connect special people in between the moments of in-person hugs, kisses, smiles, and fun get-togethers.

Make Your holiday Card Unique

You can add to the specialness of your custom-designed holiday cards in many creative ways. Take advantage of finishing services to apply coatings, metallic details, sparkle, and even use die-cutting and embossing to create your unique holiday card. Incorporate a high quality print — a photo or original graphics — into your card’s cover, or use it as a watermarked interior.

Think about how special it is to receive a card containing someone’s handwriting. Why not handwrite both your from and to addresses instead of using mailing labels?

Decorate the outside of your envelope, in addition to choosing a holiday color. You could embellish your envelope with whimsical designs or take a sophisticated and elegant approach. Whichever style you lean toward, your high quality printing technicians can develop a matching envelope for your card that hints at the beauty inside the flap. You can even devise custom envelope seals that add one more layer of flair to your mailing. Add metallics or embossing to make your envelope just that more special.

Some families love special cards so much that they save the most treasured ones to display year after year. Annual photo cards, taking advantage of high quality art prints, make imaginative scrapbook additions.

Think about collecting family photo holiday cards and creating a collage. Bestype’s printers can help you design high quality poster prints, which you can distribute to all the members of your family as a special gift. Your photo collage can represent a timeline of your family. Or, you can collect photos of your wider family, including pets, and create wide-format printing banners and signs. Wide-format printing projects are perfect for large holiday family reunions.

Make Your High Quality Printing NYC Cards Happen

If you’re thinking about re-starting a Holiday greeting card habit, Bestype can help! Our knowledgeable support and technical know-how make creating specialty greeting cards easy. When you contact us with your holiday greeting card idea, a member of our personalized stationery design team will guide you through all the steps that will bring your idea to life. Your cards, banners and posters, and any special holiday printing project will be ready in plenty of time for you to send them before the holidays arrive. Why not let us show you how easy it is to get started on this season’s greetings? Contact us today about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.

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