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How Evereden Created a Spiral Bound Product Guide

March 24, 2023

Good enough is easy. But NYC brings out — and demands — the best of the best. The restaurants, the artists, the photographers, the businesses, and the visionaries with new paradigms all come together in New York, and Bestype is their premier printing service provider. We have the depth of experience and technology to greet a matte indigo printing lookbook with the same attention to excellence as a Tribeca film festival print and event package. 

All print projects receive the high-touch quality Bestype is known for. We are the chosen in-house printing service for booklet printing, branding, window and floor decals, and signage for the largest galas and the most impromptu of pop-up shops alike. We work with dynamic and creative projects that bring art and beauty to life.

This is the sixth of a seven-part series highlighting some of Bestype’s most exciting print projects. Here we’ll take you behind the scenes of NYC-headquartered Evereden, a health and beauty company that uses only natural, food-grade ingredients for your family’s skincare needs. Read on to see how Bestype crafted a spiral bound book printing to help expand their reach to customers with care.

The Benefits of Spiral Bound Book Printing 

Today’s marketing needs to grab the consumer’s attention. Printed booklets have better reader retention than digital collateral. Once on a digital platform, your customer is one click away from leaving, but a guide booklet in their hand brings their attention to one focal point: your work.

The great benefit of spiral bound printing specifically is its versatility and ease of accessibility. Spiral bound printed booklets can accommodate both low and high page counts. That means they can hold the financial planning of a non-profit compiled over a decade, or they can be used for a new poet’s five-page portfolio. Bestype can source high-thickness paper with indigo printing excellence, as well as economical printing with white space availability for training manuals. Coupling this with our in-house printers and experienced staff makes guide booklets for any industry or artist wildly accessible in just about any turn-around time.

Additionally, spiral binding is durable, and pages can be opened 360 degrees. You can create a landscape of your product line, communicating a brand or a seasonal line through color and formatting that a client can easily keep on hand or in their bag for reference. Spiral bound books offer the client a chance to interact with, or even take notes on, your design or product line. 

The guide booklet offers a client higher retention and a less stressful reading experience over digital, allowing them more presence with your product. Unlike an internet tab that closes and disappears, a printed booklet can be passed to a coworker or colleague, live on a desk or a bookshelf, and create its own invitation. Science has even tracked that printed material can increase the joy of reading; an intentionally crafted print piece can create a moment of beauty and inspiration with your client rather than just another fleeting flash of data.

Investing in a spiral bound product guide shows your client the excellence and long-standing presence your products and services offer. In short, printed booklets offer your company and your client more potential for creating together. If this versatility is sparking your inspiration, you can reach right out to Bestype for more examples of supporting your work and reaching new audiences. 

Evereden Creates a Spiral Bound Booklet with Bestype

 Evereden of Eden Brands, located on Broadway in New York, offers Family Skincare made by Moms in Medicine™ that are non-toxic, plant-based, and gentle. Their skincare products go beyond the highest standards of quality and safety, never using parabens and sulfates. They source the highest caliber botanicals and work with the most exacting suppliers to “transform routines into rituals with safe, scientifically proven formulas for the whole family.” Evereden contracted Bestype to create a product guide booklet to promote their top of the line skincare for families. Here are the product guide booklet specifications:

  • Indigo printing
  • Size: 7″ x 10″ (14″ x 10″ open)
  • 8 pages (4 sheets)
  • Cover and guts 4/4: 100# matte cover
  • Black wire bound on left side

These components brought together a beautifully formatted product guide booklet showcasing families, babies, and the premier selection process for product creation. The booklet proclaimed: Safe is great, but not good enough for us. Within the four pages was a thorough and accessible explanation of Evereden’s holistic offerings. The back cover closes with an invitation to connect to Evereden online, accompanied by a photo of a coconut and sunflower to highlight the brilliant simplicity of working with nature. 

The booklet’s natural tones and straightforward language parallel Evereden’s transparent commitment to quality for all families. This project was an incredible success in extending Evereden’s outreach to serve moms, children, and entire families.

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