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Best Printing Services – Your Guide to Creating a Custom Print Project

June 27, 2022

Design choices and printing services are endless — and that’s a good thing. Unlike online vendors with a limited drop-down list of suggestions, Bestype has a team of printing professionals with ideas and industry technology to make any custom print project stand out and garner the attention and traction it deserves. Catalog printing, booklet printing, and poster printing are all opportunities to showcase your art and your brand in the vibrant creative world of NYC.


In this fifth article of our five-part series on printing services, we’ll look at why working with a local print shop for printing services will expedite your custom printing project, surpassing your expectations and previous experiences. Bestype serves NYC with style and success across every industry, every time. 


How to Use Size, Dimension, and Orientation to Your Advantage


When you work with a custom print shop like Bestype, anything can be customized, from zines to trade show invitations. Why do we place such an emphasis on customization? It helps you stand out. 


In a crowded room, a charismatic speaker can pivot from a loud voice because knowing when to soften maintains the crowd’s attention. Why? The unexpected makes an impact. It’s the same with printing services. A simple way to make a huge visual impact is playing with size and dimension, switching things up from the norm creates client curiosity and enthusiasm.


Our in-house team can handle concepts that go big — skyscraper big — or have small details of differentiation, like the ones you find in the daily menu of a patisserie. We can take standard formatting and elongate it, making it long and skinny or reorienting it to landscape. This creative care, say for an invitation, transforms it into a statement piece that is kept rather than discarded. 


What if you need custom printing for a brand refresh or product release? Our specialists can help you design a promotional booklet to fit your custom packaging, then carry that brand message through to all of your marketing collateral, from event pieces and poster printing — both indoor and outdoor display — down to floor signage, creating a pop of creative coherence. Your messaging translates and maintains its colors and hues from the customized booklet to the floor square because it runs through the same local print shop.


Paper Types and Other Exciting Customizations


NYC designers and creatives know that paper creates a moment. A texture can invite your audience to lean in and touch, which is a magical moment. With Bestype, our custom printing offers you a wide selection of paper types, including the ability to source custom paper. Your choices are virtually limitless in color, texture, thickness, and variety, such as the translucent pages made of rice paper for invitation overlays and book inserts.


Being a local custom print shop that specializes in custom book printing and binding is another advantage in your corner. Your binding selection (which we can walk you through) creates a statement and can assist functionality. Does it need to pop on an art table or engage individuals in a training session? For the first, we would print with an art-quality high gloss, whereas the latter calls for ease and accessibility.


Some of our binding options include:


  • Perfect binding
  • Saddle-stitch
  • Loop saddle-stitch
  • Color selection in wire binding: from gold to neon plastic coil


Choice and Creativity


It’s not a coincidence that we are in Soho. We are NYC’s local creative and custom print shop which serves the best and rising in NYC. We are in a neighborhood buzzing with creativity from premier designers, booked-out restaurants, and brilliant artisans and craftsmen. We are not a cookie-cutter shop, but we do love a good cookie. 


Online vendors often give you bland options that suit everyone; they focus on what will please the most people. With Bestype, you can be guided by or work with our in-house professionals to make your own bespoke item.


Bestype gathers your vision and presents you with the choices, the wide and varied options, to translate that vision into a physical reality that makes you smile and reaches your audience.

We print comic books, Fashion Week lookbooks, and corporate yearly financial reviews because we serve all of NYC.


Call Us


Having a leading-edge print shop with outstanding customer service around the corner brings many advantages to your business, too. Having in-house production means reducing turn-around time, benefitting from a team experienced in marketing creativity, and experiencing the tangible relief of knowing who is working for and with you – rather than clicking send on an email and just hoping for the best. 


Call us to get a quote for your next printing project. Let’s talk about what we can do for you. How we can help your creative visions and custom printing projects add to the collage of beauty that makes up NYC. When you work with neighbors, everyone benefits. 

In our next series, we’ll take you behind the scenes into the world of books, catalogs, and magazine printing. See you soon.

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