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Who Uses Large Format Printing in NYC?

October 21, 2022

Large format printing is everywhere: wall decals, window clings, retail graphics — and don’t forget the classic banner. Our audience has come to look for these large displays to orient, inform, or educate. It’s a lucrative form of advertising that’s also a conversation — a chance to make an impression on your established and upcoming clients. At Bestype, we believe in doing things well and leveraging our excellence to amplify our customer’s message. We recently invested in the latest technology to expand and expedite our large format print services, knowing it will better serve our clients. We’ll tell you more below. 

In this second installment of our six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing in NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll walk you through the ample opportunities that await in large format printing services and their common uses in NYC. We’ll highlight how Bestype can help your large format printing in NYC; we are here to serve you and share your vision.

Types of Large Format Printing 

Large format printing is needed all across NYC. It’s the backdrop for models, products, and event photo shoots. They are the banners or sidewalk signs you walk past on your way to The Met, The Gala, the food truck festival, the off-Broadway premiere, and the opening of a new food-fusion restaurant. Large format printing is how NYC lets you know there is something to see. 

Many institutions, businesses, and creative entities in NYC need large format printing as advertisements for events, products, or the backdrops we mentioned. Let’s look at a few types of large format printing to see how they might help your business:

  • Classic banners
  • Adhesive vinyl graphics for windows and walls
  • Step and repeat banners
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Photo backdrops
  • Blueprints
  • Trade show booth banners

One of the differences in working with a large format printing services firm in NYC is that we understand the culture and expectations of excellence. Bestype also does all of our work in-house, and we work across industries and printing formats. That means that the same creative group that prints your banners can print your lanyards, lookbooks, and flyers. With our innovative printing services, we can ease the management of your events or projects while making the most of your time and your budget. 

Investing in the Latest Technology

Bestype’s reputation for serving NYC has come from staying creative and attentive. We noted the rising needs in our communities and the industries we serve, and invested in your vision by upgrading to new equipment that streamlines production and shortens turnaround time for large format printing. With these enhancements, Bestype can now produce a greater variety of large format printing projects with better competitive pricing. 

Over the last few years, having in-house production kept our clients unaffected by shipping delays and rate fluctuations. We took action and expanded our capacity to keep creativity bustling for our businesses, festivals, artists, and restaurateurs. We help keep NYC booming with business. 

What Does Large Format Printing in NYC Look Like When You Partner With Bestype?

At large-scale events — art exhibits, business conferences, or fashion shows, to name a few — look for the long, flowing banners or horizontal declarations that broadcast illuminated messages. You may have your attention drawn by a designer backdrop in a new light, or notice the symbol at your next gallery event and realize all these subtle (or bold) statements are rendered through the fine art of large format printing. 

For NYC-based annual events, you can count on demand for premier signage that outdoes the year before. Bestype has worked with the Tribeca Film Festival to ensure NYC excellence in promotion; we have also supported New York Fashion Week and run the playbills for some of NYC’s finest shows. These are just a few of the yearly NYC events and seasonal celebrations that we have served. 

Bestype is also here for the spontaneous — whether at a known spot or a brand-new pop-up.  Don’t underestimate the power of a pop-up shop. Although they have spread across the country, pop-ups are definitely a NYC phenomenon. Whether it is a limited-time event, a seasonal food establishment, or a retail store, all of these avenues utilize large format printing. 

Retail and office spaces use large format printing for sidewalk signs and adhesive vinyl in window and wall graphics. The next time you walk past a barber, have a meeting in a new client’s office, or look down to see a directional sign, you are walking right into the benefits of large format printing in NYC.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Contact Bestype for a quote or ideas on leveraging large format prints in your business branding and outreach. We bring easy opportunities to life to increase your visibility and your recognition. With Bestype, you have a premier NYC printing service company with in-house technology and skilled staff to help you be found. If you are in SoHo, you can always stop by.

Stay tuned for the next article of the series, where we’ll expand on the types of banners used in NYC marketing and events that can help your business.


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