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Vinyl vs Mesh Banners: Which Should You Pick?

October 5, 2023

One of the best ways to quickly grab attention and present information is through a banner. Banners are a staple in New York City and cities around the world thanks to their durability, customization, and quality.

When shopping for a banner, you’ll likely choose between a vinyl or mesh banner. But what’s the difference between vinyl and mesh banners, and which should you pick? In this guide, we’ll outline the pros and cons of each option so you can figure out which banner is best for your needs.

Mesh Banners

As the name suggests, mesh banners are banners made of a perforated material that allows wind and light to pass through them. This type of banner is particularly useful for outdoor advertising and construction sites, especially if the area is expected to experience windy conditions.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a mesh banner.

Mesh Banner Pros

Wind Resistance: Mesh banners are designed to withstand windy conditions, so you shouldn’t expect any significant tearing – or worse, a lost banner – if wind is a factor.

Visibility: Because mesh banners are perforated, light can still pass through the banner, making it easy to read. However, because the perforations are small, mesh banners provide a level of privacy you won’t get with other types of materials. This makes them a great pick for large outdoor events that require some privacy and construction sites.

Lightweight: The mesh material used in mesh banners is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to move, unroll, and install. When the project or event is over, picking up the mesh banners is a breeze. 

Mesh Banner Cons

Print Quality: While the perforations in mesh banners let air and light through, it also reduces the overall quality of the print on the banner. So, if you need to convey information stylistically, a mesh banner might not be the best fit.

Durability: Mesh banners are lightweight and let wind through, but they are more prone to damage than a vinyl banner. Incredibly harsh conditions could create tears in a mesh banner.

Vinyl Banners

Great for both indoor and outdoor advertising, vinyl banners are incredibly durable and water resistant. Vinyl banners are also excellent for printing high-resolution images and text, making them a popular pick for advertising.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing a vinyl banner.

Vinyl banner outside a coffee shop

Vinyl Banner Pros

High Print Quality: As mentioned earlier, vinyl banners allow you to use high-resolution images in your print advertising, something that mesh banners cannot.

Durability: Because vinyl is water resistant, vinyl banners do well outdoors in wet conditions. This durability also means that vinyl banners could last longer than other options, making them a better option for long-term print advertising.

Versatility: While mesh banners are best for outdoor use, vinyl banners are great for both outdoor and indoor marketing. You’ll see many vinyl banners in indoor public places, museums, conventions, and more!

Vinyl Banner Cons

Wind Resistance: Unlike mesh banners, vinyl banners don’t have perforations and are not wind resistant. On an incredibly windy day, a poorly secured vinyl banner could get lost in the wind.

Visibility: Vinyl banners don’t offer the same level of visibility as mesh banners, especially in windy conditions. If you’re anticipating windy weather where you want your banner, a mesh banner could be the best option.

Final Thoughts: Vinyl vs Mesh Banners

The choice between vinyl and mesh banners ultimately depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you need a banner for a construction site and you expect wind, then you should probably choose a mesh banner. If you need a high-quality image printed on a sturdy banner for an indoor display, then you’ll want to go with a vinyl banner. Also, consider the type of banner you need before choosing a material.

Both vinyl and mesh banners are used in New York City for various purposes, and you’re likely to notice them more after reading this article! If you still aren’t sure which type of banner you need for your project, then you should consider consulting with a printing expert like Bestype.

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