The Power of Point-of-Purchase Marketing

The Power of Point-of-Purchase Marketing

April 20, 2020

Picture this…you’ve just had the best shopping trip of your life. You’ve found the perfect outfit, the right shoes, and now you’re ready to check out. But wait — there’s a line. Waiting in line is unanimously the worst part of shopping, but isn’t the best part of this horrible experience all of the fun things that surround the line? New headband? Check. New earrings? Check. Need an umbrella? You got it!

This strategy of placing items in-store at the place where a consumer is already intending to buy something is called point-of-purchase marketing, and it works, doesn’t it? That’s the power of point-of-purchase displays, and it is something all companies with items in retail stores should take advantage of. But how do you do it?

Well, point-of-purchase marketing is not just focused around the actual point-of-purchase, better known as the checkout counter. It is actually focused on the entire store itself. Let’s talk about how you can capture your audience’s attention when they are least expecting it (or maybe most if they already have their wallet out!).

Point-of-Purchase Displays & Materials

Add-On Items

These are the items we referenced in the example above. The items are all over the cashier line area and the check-out counter. They are the last items a consumer sees before purchasing what they actually came to the store for. This point-of-purchase display can be made prominent with signage or a special shelving unit to draw the consumer’s eye to your product.

End Caps

An end cap is a type of point-of-purchase display you’ll find throughout the store, more specifically located at the end of an aisle, separating one brand or product from the rest of its kind. Surrounded by branded signage, this type of display grabs the consumer’s attention as they round each corner of the store, making them reconsider what product they may have just picked up and start considering yours.

In-Aisle Displays

Similar to end caps, in-aisle point-of-purchase displays help your product stick out amongst the rest in a crowded aisle. Whether it is a shelving unit that is separate from the typical shelves that run the length of the aisle, or signage around your product calling it out and making it more prominent.

Vendor Shops

A vendor shop is an in-store version of a pop-up shop. This is a small section of the store dedicated to your brand. It features multiple products, has signage surrounding it, and truly gives the consumer the feeling that they stepped out of the store they are in and into your branded store. This is a way to connect with the consumer and help them get a feel for what your brand is all about!

In-App Promotions

One more way to capture your audience’s attention in-store is through push notifications in an app. Whether your brand has its own store and own app or your brand is sold in a store that has an app, there are ways to tell using location services if your consumer is in-store and ready to make a purchase. This can be an ad promoting a product, a sale, or a launch. Whatever it is you decide to promote, knowing you’re thinking of them while they’re ready to buy is something your customer will appreciate!

After learning more about point-of-purchase displays, you probably realize it is the next move for your business. Your next move is to get all of your marketing materials printed and ready for your point-of-purchase displays. That’s where we come in. Check out our retail printing and marketing printing services so you can start catching your consumer’s eye while they are ready to buy!