Brand Communication for Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Brand Communication for Direct-to-Consumer Companies

November 30, 2020

As a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) eCommerce company, your main goal is to market and distribute your products without intermediaries, reducing costs, and interacting directly with your customers. This allows you to compete favorably by catering to your customers’ needs effortlessly.

As much as customers love choices, what they crave most of all is clear communication that ensures their experience of your brand is enjoyable and makes for hassle-free browsing and shopping.

If you’re a New York-based D2C brand, you’re already aware that the city is unique and brilliant, with every business and organization expecting nothing less than excellent brand communication for a competitive edge.

For this reason and more, high-quality and quick turnaround printing is an excellent consideration to start with for your brand communication. Refining your brand communication requires working with a printing company that is staffed with printing experts, that prints using cutting-edge technologies, and that produces results-oriented deliverables.

Here’s what you should know about the power of brand communication, especially for D2C companies:


1. Engaging consumers through powerful content marketing

A dizzying number of companies launch and fail in the market, but big brands like Google and leading social media platforms like Facebook have staying power.


These brands always refine their marketing to engage and satisfy customers.

The key is to have powerful communication tools to reach your target audience and engage them easily to achieve greater brand recognition and loyalty. To do that, you can start by finding niches most companies in your business line don’t cover, and focus on them in your content marketing.

Content marketing is publishing valuable content to help your audience find answers to their queries. It can be used in tandem with pay-per-click, a digital marketing method where you pay to show your ads to your company’s potential customers. Combining content marketing and pay-per-click will help you engage customers and drive traffic.

That’s precisely what Hudson Square-based Glossier did to build their brand position. This New York City direct-to-consumer cosmetics brand provides powerful written content such as interviews and profiles with thought leaders, and equally powerful visual content through their “Looks IRL” program on Instagram and the web. In fact, Glossier began as a blog and then evolved into a beauty brand!


2. Differentiating you from competitors

A D2C brand that quickly connects with customers through strong communications differentiates itself from competitors. This is a significant competitive advantage to your brand because it fosters loyalty to you even when customers are presented with options from your competitors.

For example, many companies produce smartphones, but most people prefer specific brands like Samsung and Apple because these brands have differentiated themselves through the power of brand communication strategies.

Misfits Market, which is headquartered in Tribeca, New York City, understood this when the D2C brand launched in 2018, but they decided to take it in a nontraditional direction. The goal was to make ‘ugly produce’ cool and to do that they invested extensively in branding, packaging, and print communications to ensure that customers were both confident in product quality — and excited about being a part of the company’s mission.


3. Improving brand loyalty

One of the significant benefits of strong D2C brand communications is building loyalty in the minds of customers. When customers have a positive experience with your brand, consistent communications through advertising and promotions will make them your brand advocates. A single satisfied customer can bring more business via word of mouth and help you increase your sales.

New York City’s hometown shaving brand, Harry’s, learned this lesson by doubling down on investments in both digital and tangible brand assets including outstanding product packaging, compelling visual content and even a men’s magazine that would help strengthen loyalty among its customers. That turned out to be a brilliant stroke as the Long Island City-based firm has rapidly found itself competing head-to-head with the likes of Gillette and Schick.


4. Growing market share

Once you’ve got a positive communication strategy for your D2C eCommerce brand, your business can steadily build its market share. When you are producing quality products, all that’s needed to continue to grow your market presence is to make sure people know about and can easily access them. Powerful brand communication helps establish that confidence in the minds of your customers over time.


Working with a Printer Who Knows D2C

While there are many ways you can market your business and increase clicks, conversions, shares, and sales — powerful brand communication is an essential option. And when you partner with a printer with proven expertise and a deep understanding of the needs of direct-to-customer companies, you can grow your business beyond expectations, even in vibrant markets like New York City.

In addition to their unparalleled success as world-class D2C brands, guess what else Glossier, Harry’s, and Misfits Market have in common? First, they are all headquartered in New York City, and second, they are all clients of Bestype – the first-class partner to world-class brands.

Want your brand to communicate more to your target clients? Feel free to get in touch with us today, and we will be glad to help.


Image Credit: Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

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