Make a Lasting Impression: Why Physical Books (Still!) Trump Ebooks

Authors and small presses rely on Bestype to print their self-published books. We examine why physical books have advantages that e-readers do not. Paper rules, and here are ten reasons why print is better than digital. We make self-publishing and printing easy and affordable.

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Strategies for Effectively Pivoting Your Marketing in New Year

2020 was an especially challenging year in the world of marketing. From everyone being stuck at home and using the internet to connect with each other to the inception of new social media platforms, marketers were thrown every curveball in the books. In this article, we share six tips on pivoting your marketing strategy in changing and uncertain times.

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Brand Communication for Direct-to-Consumer Companies

D2C companies based in New York City can refine their brand communication by working with a printing company that is staffed with printing experts, prints using cutting-edge technologies, and produces results-oriented deliverables. This will help turn potential customers into buyers, differentiate you from your competitors, gain insights into trends, develop strategic partnerships, build brand loyalty, and grow your market share.

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5 Great Reasons to Print Locally | Bestype Imaging

Local businesses make up the fabric of any community, and printing companies are no exception.

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