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The Many Uses of Poster Printing in NYC

September 22, 2022

Countless songs broadcast the energy and potential of New York, New York! “Look up!” they say, and see your name in lights. It’s synonymous with you’ve-made-it success. The same is true for your business, gallery, or art. The power of sky-high messaging is available to you with custom poster printing in NYC, ready to give your business that unmatched “see your name in lights” feeling, whether your poster graces a wall in New York’s storied cityscape or a window in one of its iconic stores. It also happens to be one of our cornerstone crafts, which we deliver with prestige and precision at Bestype. 

Customized poster printing creates a presence for your brand and message. In this — our first article of a six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing — we’ll take an in-depth look at how poster printing for NYC events and marketing strategies can work wonders for your visibility and your business. This article focuses on print poster types and uses, and how Bestype can serve your vision.

Where to Find Custom Poster Printing in NYC for Business Visibility?

In Bestype’s Soho office, you will find everything you need to make your print process prosperous, memorable, and easy — even with tight deadlines. Posters are a classic form of advertising all over NYC, but different print posters achieve different results. Let’s start with the basics. 

For example, easel posters are durable and affordable. They serve both functional and marketable purposes. For events or openings, posters direct traffic and attention while creating a seamless cadence for your brand messaging. 

Stanchion posters offer similar functionality to easel posters, giving physical direction while also communicating professionalism and durability. The texture and size of stanchion signs, with their sturdy metal frames atop a metal or plastic stand, indicate longevity; versus an easel that is moveable for events or time-limited announcements — such as a sale or grand opening. For in-person purchasing, stanchion posters catch and anchor your potential client’s attention. 

We also create point of purchase (POP) posters for our clients. Originally, you saw these at the register, but businesses found these signs pack a profitable pop throughout the store. You’ll see them placed at:

  • Vendor spaces inside a store for differentiation
  • Freestanding locations to highlight a particular product
  • Banner stands
  • Endcap displays
  • Dump bins to focus attention with a large display

With Bestype, when you book a consultation, you can share your vision and what areas you want to highlight in your business or direct focus to for your event planning. We will walk you through choices of large format printing and small but mighty POP posters while you make high-level decisions. 

Who Uses PosterPrinting?

At Bestype, we work with a world of people and passions. We partner with independent filmmakers who do short runs for festivals and print movie posters to advertise, and film producers for screenings. They know that at Bestype, we will ensure the artwork and color match-up is exquisite. Plus, we can do it quickly. 

Often, custom poster printing in NYC combines a tight turnaround with high-quality demands. At Bestype, we do all our printing in-house and maintain a detailed schedule with one eye attuned to the cultural calendar of NYC arts and entertainment. That’s why we are a favorite for print posters in NYC: we think and work with our city. Working in-house also removes variables such as shipping time and product availability issues, giving you access instead to in-stock resources that we manage for you so you can focus on your event or opening.

Who else uses poster printing in NYC? Well, the next time you walk out of your building or highrise, take a minute to notice how many signs you see. You’ll see them for performances, school starts, education programs, gallery openings, high-ticket auctions, first-run photography shows, and even at book and zine events. They are everywhere for celebrations and especially around any major holiday, informing your audience whether they realize it or not. Best to work with a professional to capitalize on your authentic messaging and celebrate your outreach. 

How Does Poster Printing Work?

At Bestype, our seasoned staff will help you through printing choices to match your budget and vision. Digital printing — which is the most common for today’s customer needs for variety and economy — opens rich avenues. While offset poster printing — which is used for very high volumes or when there is a call for a deep layering of color — is often the option for larger projects.

We will guide you through sizing choices and our application process to ensure the longevity of your poster printing matches your needs. And our in-house experts will show you some of the secrets of the trade, like why less is more, and how committing to a color palette, using bleeds, and going big are worthwhile elements that help build your brand.

Contact Bestype

We love poster printing for NYC so much that we could talk about it for days! Contact us for a quote so we can share your message or help you solve your needs on your next printing project. In our next article, we’ll share more about what types of businesses, events, and creative initiatives benefit from large format printing. 


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