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Printing Guide for Brochures, Booklets, Folders, Flyers, and Pamphlets – Bestype Printing NYC

April 19, 2022

The world of promotional printing includes everything marketers and promoters can imagine or invent to get people to:


  • Buy your products and services
  • Learn from you
  • Visit your business
  • Party with you, your bands, your artists, and your friends


This blog post will look at the most common forms of promotional printing, including presentation folders and everything that goes inside them. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is a brochure?” we’ll discuss what it is, and how it differs from a pamphlet or a saddle-stitched booklet. We’ll also look at documents designed for handing-out or hanging, especially gig and party flyers. NYC business and event marketers search out the most visible places to post flyers, but there are a few guidelines for posting them legally. At the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how promotional printing can work for your business.


The In and Outs of Promotional Printing


Event and presentation folders collect your items in a smartly produced package. These folders can be as straightforward or as colorful as the material they organize within their pockets. In addition to your folder, your printing technician can show you how to make a brochure, pamphlet, saddle-stitched booklet, simple leaflet, flyer, and other inserts — all coordinated with your branding, colors, and logo.


Inside the Folder


Many people confuse “pamphlet,” “brochure,” and “leaflet,” but they are different products.


Pamphlets are small, typically unbound pieces of paper. Pamphlets are printed front and back, typically on standard US letter or legal size paper. They may contain multiple folds, but typically are bi- or tri-folded. Rush pamphlet printing is a fast, economical possibility for event handouts.


Brochures typically contain multiple, high-quality printed pages and utilize many colorful images. Brochure printing and finishing services can separate columns of information with numerous folding styles, including bi-fold, tri-fold, and even more complicated folds and shapes.


Booklets are thin, magazine-style books using saddle-stitch binding to hold all of their pages in place. Booklet printing, New York’s promotional staple, can be simple or fancy. A saddle-stitch booklet may contain economically printed pages within a durable cover. High-end booklet printing, New York business’ preferred choice, involves coatings and finishes applied to surfaces and interior pages. Designing saddle-stitch booklets can pose a real challenge: how to arrange pages for booklet printing. Booklets need to contain pages in multiples of 4, and working with a professional printer can help you design your booklet correctly.


Flyers and leaflets are smaller single-sheets that contain essential information, dates, and locations, plus your contact information. Flyers are designed for visibility and usually have all the information printed on one side of the sheet. Leaflets can be single or double-sided and are designed for easy inclusion in a presentation folder or to hand out on the street. Same-day flyer printing NYC-based services enable you to take spur-of-the-moment discounts and offers directly to the people, fast.


Outside the Folder, and Onto the Wall


There are hundreds of places to post flyers in NYC, but asking permission before posting is always a good idea. Hanging flyers without approval, or a city permit, may cause your flyer to be taken down almost immediately.


Community Bulletin Boards: Post offices, supermarkets, shopping centers, library branches, and houses of worship usually offer spots to post flyers of interest to their visitors.


Storefront Windows: If you ask individual coffee shop, restaurant, salon, and other store managers, they often allow you to post your flyer for a local event in a street-facing front window.


Universities, Colleges, and Training Schools: Check with their administration before posting because you will need their permission, plus security access to each campus. Finding where students hang out off-campus and obtaining permission to post may be the best way to attract students to your events.


Random Walls, Fencing, and Scaffolding: in NYC, what you think is a free place to post, generally is not. Contact the contractor posted to obtain information on their advertising policies and paid posting agreements.


Wild-Posting and Guerilla Marketing: Think again before posting flyers on light posts, bus shelter walls, fire-alarm boxes, and other street furniture, because posting on these objects is technically illegal. The party flyers NYC promoters hang in these spots make them liable to ticketing and fines.


Getting Started with Brochure Printing, Pamphlet Printing, and More


With over 40 years of experience helping New York City get the word out about events, classes, gigs, and parties, Bestype can help you with any of your printing tasks. Sitting down with a Bestype printing expert for a complimentary consultation before starting allows you to plan your project. In another blog post on brochure printing, we’ve covered all the basics you need to know about planning content and formatting your document. These steps also work with folders, pamphlet printing, and all of your marketing and media kit items.


If you have technical questions about using your formatting tools, we can help. Our design team can show you how to arrange pages for booklet printing, that tricky technical detail embedded deep in your software print settings. You’ll also have an opportunity to view our portfolio of successful project samples. If you need extra help getting started, we offer easy-to-use, fillable templates primed for your text and graphics. When you’re ready, we can schedule your order, help you select the perfect paper and cardstock, and get your project printed. Rush service is available for same-day flyer printing and many other promotional items when you have a brilliant idea but need your documents produced on a tight timeline.


Are you ready to start printing your next promo? When you work with us, you’ll always leave our shop with expertly printed, folded, and bound brochures and pamphlets, plus all the leaflets and flyers you need for your next event. Contact us today about how we can help you print your next project quickly and accurately.

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