Print unique custom calendars with Bestype Printing NYC

How to Print Unique Custom Calendars with Bestype

November 9, 2021

Custom calendar printing NYC-style means reinventing what a calendar’s potential can be! At Bestype, we work one-on-one with you to print one of your most valuable marketing tools. We love the challenge of helping design and print unique types of calendars that our customers use in many different ways: as giveaways or as specialized schedules for their staff, for example. This blog post will explore how to print a calendar and look at the many types of calendars you can customize for whatever you need.

Uses for Custom Calendars

With custom calendar printing NYC, anyone can design a calendar that serves unique needs. Business owners especially get creative with bulk calendar printing: NYC shops still give away calendars. Calendars show off your business, personal brand, or even your original art. Businesses, solo creatives, and retailers all depend on custom calendar printing, New Yorkers especially. Even if technology has moved calendars onto computer desktops and mobile devices, paper calendars still find their way onto walls, desks, and refrigerator doors. Paper and pen are frequently better note-taking tools than digital options during meetings or on the run.

All kinds of calendar styles remain popular holiday gifts in B2B and B2C channels. The generic styles of bulk calendar printing NYC chain stores offer may include custom art. Still, they usually don’t offer the detailed levels of layout customization we know our customers want — design your monthly grid your way!

The Types of Calendars Bestype Designs, Prints, and Binds

Bestype offers digital and offsets printing on all types of calendars and your choice of binding styles:

  • Saddle stitching (for any calendar, especially pocket-sized)
  • Wire-O binding (for calendars with folder pockets and any kind of hole-punch style)
  • Coil binding (for wall-type calendars, including hole punch and thumb cut styles)
  • Perfect binding (for flip or desk calendars, or any style of softbound diary or planner)
  • Case binding (for Books of Days; diaries, and planners)

Once you’ve decided on your calendar’s binding, finishing options can complete your “look” and add usefulness to each calendar.

Finishing Touches for Your Calendar or Planner

Our finishing technicians can add little details that make your calendar unique. Gloss lamination can add luster to your calendar’s cover. Emboss pages or the cover. Add a touch of metallic foil or glittery sparkle.

Finishing techniques can also be practical. Our technicians can add rounded edges to covers and interior pages, which many believe help human eyes process information in grids more easily. Perforations allow users to tear coupons from your calendar’s pages neatly. Thumb cut, wire-o bound wall calendars include a wire hanger as an alternative to hole-punch styles.

Calendar Printing NYC: Local Artist’s and Photographer’s Marketing and Promotions

Bestype brings over 40 years of art printing experience to calendar craft. New York graphics professionals working in any media know they can rely on us to reproduce their work and show it off in its best light. Our fine art and photography printing expertise will allow us to produce your graphics in the best detail you want in your calendar, true to your original work.

How to Print a Calendar With Bestype

Your first step is to contact us when you’re ready to design your calendar! We’ll invite you into our conveniently-located downtown print shop for a detailed planning session. You’ll receive a quote that will delineate the costs and help keep your choices in line with your project’s budget.

Review samples of other custom calendars we’ve printed, or browse through our templates if you need design inspiration. Our technicians can help you with layout and design if you need help. Visiting our store also allows you to sample paper, cover stock, and other materials before making your decisions. Our technicians can help you discover which combinations of materials, printing methodologies, and finishing techniques will give you the best results.

When you upload your files to our secure server, we’ll start production work. You’ll receive a sample calendar to review before printing.

Bulk calendar printing NYC-based customers often need local delivery to their stores or exhibit booths. We also can forward your custom calendar printing order to your favorite local mailing house for distribution to your mailing list. Smaller orders are always available for pickup.

Print Your Next Custom Calendar With Bestype

While we don’t recommend waiting until December to order your custom calendar printing project, we can accommodate rush printing requests. Bestype is here to help ensure that you don’t run out of useful custom calendars before the new year starts! Contact us today and get started on next year’s custom calendar printing project.

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