Logo Design to Transcend the Inanimate

Logo Design to Transcend the Inanimate

April 20, 2020

Logo Design to Transcend the Inanimate

The right brand will make you or break you. It can blend in with the rest or stand out and become a sensation. Something everyone remembers and everyone shares with others. As we evolve technologically, so must our brand. Projecting out into the vast world of the internet for all to see and to judge. A brand must be beautifully shocking in order to captivate and be retained. Either by 3D visual arts or by the elegance of simplicity. One way or another a brand must never be forgotten. It must survive and persist well beyond the future or demise of any enterprise.

A few examples of logos that have withstood the test of time in their simplicity: Bob’s Big Boy, McDonald’s, Coca Cola to name a few. This writer doesn’t even need to insert the images of the above-mentioned brands for anyone to imagine immediately how they appear. But for the frame of reference here they are:

Simplicity, such as clean text, bold typography and clear geometry is the old tried and tested method of keeping a brand memorable for years to come. Depending on your company product and image, the context inferred by your logo signifies who and what you are as well as what your enterprise stands for. Clean cut lines with a simply stated design can be what you want to convey to your customers. It really depends on your market demographic and the attention you are trying to capture.

A great rule of thumb to live by when creating your design: Design for your audience and not for yourself.

Every business person that begins has to rise beyond the ego and pride of wanting to impress yourself every time you see your logo on a business card or wall or window display. REMEMBER! Your companies impression is to capture business with new customers that simply can not look away! With attention spans of market demographics becoming shorter and shorter, perhaps your logo design will look to the future and embrace technology with a futuristic layout and design.

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