Helpful Tips for a High-Quality Convention & Trade Show Display

Helpful Tips for a High-Quality Convention & Trade Show Display

April 20, 2020

Getting your business’s name out there is the key to a growing business. Without customers, what is the point anyway? The best way to get people to know and recognize your business is to go to events related to your industry and spread the word. What better place to do that but in a room full of people already interested in the industry your business is in? That’s why attending conventions and trade shows is an extremely important part of your marketing efforts.

Before attending a tradeshow or convention, you’ll want to be prepared. You’ll need business cards, proper signage, displays of your products – and not to mention top-notch networking and selling skills! Check out these tips for promoting your business at industry events by having a top-notch trade show display or convention booth.

6 Tips for Effective Convention & Trade Show Displays

Do Your Research

Trade shows and conventions are really just sales pitches where the customers come to you. You’ll want to be prepared as possible for whoever walks up to your booth. Before you go, make sure you look up the number of people to expect at this show, the number of other vendors there will be, any events that may take place during the convention, and so much more.

Likewise, trade shows and conventions are awesome places to meet others in your industry, these people could be your competition. Make sure you know who else is attending with products or services similar to yours. Know the pros and cons of each one compared to yours, and be able to talk in-depth about the nuances. Your customers will remember how knowledgeable you were on the topic, and your peers will respect you, too!

Sharpen Up Your Networking Skills

Conventions and trade shows consist of hours, and some cases even days, of being completely “on.” You’ll need to talk to convention attendees and your peers for long periods of time. For some people, this doesn’t come naturally. If you’re intimidated by networking with others, doing sales pitches, and keeping the conversation going, it may be best to attend local networking events in your area leading up to the trade show or convention to get your people skills up to part. After all, you’re on a sales pitch.

Promote Your Attendance

Have social media? Know anyone that may be attending or has attended similar events in the past? What about an email list from your CRM? All of these networks really add up to create an awesome audience to promote your attendance at the convention or trade show. Send some personal emails to any connections you’ve made in the past, or perhaps reach out on LinkedIn. Send out an email blast to anyone in your CRM. You can post on your business’s social media channels leading up to the event giving details about what to look out for, any deals you may have for attendees, and all the information someone needs to come to find you – maybe even take a picture of your trade show display to give customers a visual of what to look out for.

Be Prepared with Business Cards

Business cards might seem like a thing of the past, but they are vital to making connections, remembering names and email addresses, and growing both your personal and professional network. While working your convention or trade show booth, you’re bound to meet people interested in your product or service that you’ll want to follow up with. Having a business card handy with your name, business name, email address, and phone number clearly displayed is a great takeaway for both attendees and peers to leave your booth with. Others are likely to hand their business cards to you as well, so having something to give to them will help keep the professional feel of your display.

Bring Branded Signage

The best way to get people to recognize you and find you in a room saturated with other displays is to have your company’s branding everywhere and anywhere possible. Only bringing a customized table cloth just won’t do it. You’ll need to deck out your trade show display with pull-up banners to be displayed behind you, as well as brochures and flyers to be given as takeaways. You never want your potential customer to walk away without something to remember you by, so why not have it all?

Set Up a Memorable Display

Aside from your printed materials like banners, brochures, and business cards, you’ll need to showcase your business within your convention or trade show display. Have a product? Set up demos and displays at your table so your customers and peers can see what it is you are offering. Offer a service? Try setting up a tablet, laptop, or TV playing a video showing your audience what your business is all about.

Now that you’ve got the secret to a successful convention or trade show display, you’ll need to get started on your preparation. Get a quote today from Bestype Imaging on any of your business cards, roll-up banners, or flyers you may need to make a memorable display!