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How to Choose the Right NYC Printing Company for Your Printing Services

April 16, 2021

New York City is known around the world for its unparalleled vibrancy, diversity, and creativity. This fast-paced and dynamic culture is fueled by a business community embracing a wide range of industries, from fashion houses and restaurants to museums and fitness centers. Marketers catering to these industries have three main options available to them in choosing which type of printing company to work with:

  • A print shop
  • A printing services company
  • A printing solutions provider

Knowing the difference between these options and being able to define the pros and cons of each will help you choose the printing company that best meets the needs of your NYC business. In this article, we’ll explore the best uses of working with a print shop and a commercial printing company, along with the benefits of choosing a more comprehensive partner like Bestype, New York City’s premier printing solutions provider.


Print Shop

When it comes to printing projects, print shops focus on offering a standard set of products so that they can deliver products quickly and at a low price point.

Print shops, including online printing companies and chain stores offering printing services, provide clients with a list of available products with varying degrees of customizability. As a result, this option lends itself to projects that require limited creativity or a level of uniqueness that is covered in the options provided. It’s also often the cheapest option, so sometimes companies and marketers opt for a more limited product in order to save money.

There are a few major disadvantages to using print shops, however. First, there’s often limited customer support. Second, there is often limited customization, which can be a huge drawback if you are in a highly creative industry like fashion. Finally, NYC’s fast-paced lifestyle often means that print jobs are mission-critical, with little to no time to correct errors or make changes if the design isn’t what you hoped it would be. If you are printing a program and banners for New York Fashion Week, you only have one chance to get it right — the show will go on, possibly before an online vendor can address any problems with your printed materials.


Printing Services Company

If your needs are more complex or what you need isn’t offered by print shops, the next step up is a printing services company, also known as a commercial printing company. Sometimes marketers and companies have an idea of what they want in their printing projects but aren’t quite sure how to bring that vision to life. Printing services companies can often connect you with specialists who have the experience needed to understand your goals and offer guidance on the best way to achieve them in print.

This higher level of service means that working with a commercial printing company is often more expensive than ordering from an online print shop. However, for most NYC businesses, it’s worth it for the added advantages of having a one-on-one relationship with a specialist who can guide your project. A restaurant, for example, may use a printing services company to be sure the image or logo they want on their menu is optimally placed and that the text is legible.

Working with a commercial printing company boosts the quality and customizability of your project above what online vendors can typically offer–but what do you do if you need more support, more options, and more access to cutting-edge printing techniques and technology? For the next level of quality and service, it’s time to turn to a trusted printing solutions provider.


Printing Solutions Provider

The third option is working with a printing solutions provider. In this case, the level of collaboration goes far beyond simply placing an order or getting advice on which type of paper to choose. A printing solutions provider forms a strategic partnership with you to understand your business and project needs and provide comprehensive support with project management, logistics, installation, and more.

Bestype Printing is an NYC printing solutions provider that has the unique ability to offer concierge services from project ideation to installation. With access to 20+ specialists and cutting-edge printing technology all under one roof, Bestype is able to offer a local, streamlined, and expertly curated approach to projects ranging from booklets and books to menus, brochures and postcards, to large format printing for banners, posters, and signage.

The key difference between choosing a provider of printing services and a provider of printing solutions like Bestype is the quality of partnership, which in turn drives the quality of the finished product. As the leading printing solutions provider in New York City, Bestype focuses on comprehensive creative solutions that not only provide clients with a high-quality printed product, but also a partner in shaping and managing all elements of the project, from concept and stakeholder buy-in to completion, revision, and installation.


Key Takeaway

For basic printing needs, a print shop may be beneficial, especially if your job is easy, you know exactly what you want, and your design is achievable within the options available. This is generally the cheapest option.
Printing services providers are great if you need more support, but not a lot of guidance in getting your printing project completed. It costs a bit more than ordering from a printed product vendor, but you get the advantage of working with a specialist who can help you turn your vision into print.

If you want to take some of the printing project management off your plate and still get a comprehensive, high-quality printing project completed, you’ll want to partner with a printing solutions provider. In NYC, Bestype offers tailored solutions not just for the process of printing, but for all aspects of printing projects, however complex, nuanced, or time-sensitive.

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