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Custom Sticker Printing – Tips for Printing Great Stickers

December 17, 2021

Introduction to Sticker Printing NYC

Looking closely at trendy custom sticker printing, NYC brands know how to use them to their best advantage. If you execute your sticker design correctly, your fans will show off your brand identity in the places where your potential prospects are likely to see it. In this article, we’ll look at the top trends in custom sticker printing and review tips on how to print sticker labels of any kind, including product labels and promotional stickers.

Custom Sticker Printing – NYC Marketing in Motion

Gen Z is passionate about custom sticker printing: decals especially appeal to under 35s (but are relevant for every age demographic). They want to use your brand’s fun labels to spread the great news about their favorite resources, products, and companies. Bold stickers are visual, viral marketing tools. It only takes a few hundred giveaways for your custom sticker printing project to gain traction. By taking advantage of brand logo sticker printing, you draw attention to what you do or the products you sell. When your loyal customer base gets hold of your stickers, they will display them so that more eyes see you.

You can use promo sticker labels in your packaging design, for a fun touch. Stick them as seals for gift wrap, use them on boxes and retail bags, or even add them to your product labels for added emphasis. Have fun with how you use sticker labels.

Big, Medium, or Mini Sticker Printing

Choose logo sticker printing in large format, or opt for mini sticker printing. Your brand evangelists want it all. And they will stick your brand moniker everywhere. Big stickers give your design room to shine, but don’t underestimate the power of mini sticker printing. You want your brand to be highly noticeable as part of a product label concept or as a standalone sticker.

Your brand loyalists will show off small stickers on:

  • Electronic device cases
  • Notebook and journal covers
  • Water bottles and travel mugs

… and anywhere a larger custom decal won’t fit.

Your stickers don’t need to have a standard shape such as oval, circle, or square. Your sticker’s shape can reflect what you sell or do. Your imagination is the limit! Use your entire peel-off area as your design field, or opt for something clearly different!

Clear Sticker Printing

Trendy clear sticker printing applies designs to translucent vinyl. Simpler designs with clean lines show off the capabilities of clear sticker printing: a well-executed clear sticker contrasts sharply against darker or lighter backgrounds and gets noticed. Clear sticker printing is available in any size, from large to mini.

Six Tips for How to Print Sticker Labels and Any Logo Sticker

The same design tips that work for product identification sticker labels (jars, boxes, and other containers) also apply to promo stickers. When designing your sticker label, your design can take any shape or size. Understanding basic design principles will help you learn how to print sticker labels for all kinds of applications. Here are six major design pointers that will help your adhesive label or promotional sticker idea catch fire and go viral:

1. Use shape and size to stand out. You’re not limited to squares, circles, and ovals. Your design can be die-cut to any shape and even include cut-outs within the design itself. Use die cuts to shape your sticker into what you do or sell, or use cut-outs to enhance your logo design.

2. Use color to make your design pop. Use vibrant shades — primary colors draw more attention than pastels. If you have a brand color or palette, include those colors in your sticker.

3. Make your fonts easy to see. Your sticker’s job is to broadcast your message to the people who see it, so be careful in choosing your font style and size. Your sticker’s text should be readable at a reasonable distance, like two coffee shop tables away.

4. Give your brand pride of place. Think about how your brand will be highlighted on your sticker. Some logos speak for themselves! If you’re a new brand, you may want to feature a slogan, image, or other viral concepts that will lend magnetism and introduce your logo to the world. A professional designer can help you balance the design elements in your sticker.

5. Use space wisely. Your sticker’s design should focus on a few details, so simpler designs work better than more complicated graphics. Focus on the text or art that best showcases your brand, product, or service without confusing the viewer. Good designs take advantage of “white space” — areas with no design.

6. Make your labels last. Bestype Printing offers a wide range of adhesive strengths and label materials. Choose from vinyl clings with no adhesive backing to the strongest stickers that will withstand a nuclear apocalypse. We have a style that will match your sticker printing NYC-customer budget. Sometimes, sticker designs fade when exposed to sunlight or even warmth from laptop monitors and mobile phone batteries. If you can, choose a heat-friendly label and backing combination that can withstand any heat generated by electronic devices.

Bestype Helps Brands and Logos Stick!

We want to help you design and print your next viral marketing idea! We want to see your custom logo sticker printing project spread everywhere. Contact us today about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.

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