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Brochure Printing – Everything You Need to Know About Printing Brochures

January 22, 2022

Brochure printing makes sharing information fast and easy, but is your brochure unforgettable? At Bestype Printing, we help our local small and mid-sized business customers design captivating handouts, booklets, and takeaways. In our brochure printing, NYC-focused shop, expert designers and printers create brochures that people want to read and stash for reference.

This blog post will look at how to print a brochure in four steps. We hope that even brochure printing pros will find this article useful, but we’ll focus on the basics, like how to print and fold a brochure. We’ll even answer the perplexing question, “how do I print a brochure double-sided?” Your brochure printing project starts with:

Content: how to plan brochure text and images
Format: how to select brochure styles
Materials: how to print a brochure
Method: how to fold a brochure

Your first step is to organize your thoughts and turn them into easy-to-read information.

Planning Brochure Content

We suggest that you begin by setting aside a block of time to write a rough draft of everything you want to share in your brochure. Don’t worry about what your printed brochure is going to look like yet, just write. Next, find photos. Your sources include your original photography, plus free and paid stock images. Bestype offers help in selecting stock photography and will help you find high-quality images that will enhance your brochure.

Selecting a Brochure Format

Next, think about the format and design of your printed brochure. Open up your software’s brochure template collection, or do a web search for brochure templates that you can download for free or can purchase. Once you’ve found a design you like, make a copy and rename it. You can start inserting your content into your copy of the saved brochure template. You will usually need to cut down your text and summarize ideas with bulleted lists. If you have images in resolutions that work for your printed brochure, drop them into the design.

Bestype offers complimentary project consultations to help your brochure take shape. Maybe you haven’t found a brochure template that matches your initial concept. Maybe you need extra design help setting up your document, or advice on ideal photo resolutions and sizes. Bestype’s brochure printing services cover everything you need.

Printing a Brochure

In your complimentary consultation with our brochure printing services department, we can help you plan your project around the words and ideas you want to share. We offer templates that expand your brochure style options beyond the standard tri-fold variety. Plus, you’ll be able to review a real-world portfolio of design examples you can use as a springboard for your brochure. Suppose you’re comfortable with the basics of desktop publishing or even word processing. In that case, we can help you set your margins and columns correctly in your document. Alternatively, we can work with you to transfer your text into a template and create an engaging brochure for you. Every brochure we print benefits from a great selection of glossy or matte paper, coatings, and finishes. Whether you choose offset printing or digital, we promise that both your text and graphics will print fast and flawlessly.

You may be asking, “how do I print a brochure double-sided?”

Or, “how do I print edge to edge?”

And even, “how do I format my columns and pages so I can print a brochure that folds over onto itself with eight or more faces, double-sided?”

Bestype’s brochure printing services demystify document settings and technology that accomplishes more than most office printers can manage. Bestype offers complete machine folding, hand-folding, and edging services to make a great impression on your brochure’s viewers.

Folding a Brochure

There are two key points to remember when considering how to print and fold a brochure. Careful design and layout are critical to your folds’ success: you want text columns that flow in the exact order you want your reader to follow. You also don’t want your fold creases to interrupt your text columns. The second key point is technical: machines are better at folding than humans are. Our folding machines will expertly fold your brochure along its margins. Through Bestype’s brochure printing services, your project can take advantage of many folding styles. Plus, we will fold and edge all of your brochures for you, whether you want sharp creases or a softer, roll-style closure.

Brochure Printing — NYC Business Promotional Expertise for You

Exploring brochure printing services with Bestype is easy. Trust us, creating brochures on your own can be frustrating, with a higher learning curve than you may expect. Bestype is ready to help you with your brochure printing tasks, and you’ll leave our shop with expertly printed and folded brochures! Contact us today about how we can help you print your next design quickly and accurately.

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