Wheat paste posters on a wall next to a sidewalk in NYC

Wheat Pasting: Promote Your Gallery Exhibition

February 16, 2023

Situated in Soho and serving NYC since the late 1970s, Bestype understands the roots and changes that create NYC culture, commerce, and community. We are NYC’s premier printing solutions provider because we are versatile and trusted. We understand the best type font set to match menus for patisseries and mattes for lookbooks, and how to leverage sidewalk as well as skyscraper-sized messaging. We love serving the diverse community that brings our city alive. 

This article is the third in a seven-part series where we highlight our amazing clients and some of the wonderful work we created with them. In this article, a Soho neighbor had an upcoming gallery exhibition, and we installed a stylized dye cut, wheat paste poster campaign to highlight the gallery display. We’ll take you behind the scenes on our work with TRNK Editions and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art to explore how Bestype helped broadcast their brilliance. 

How to Print Wheat Paste Posters?

Wheat paste printing combines creativity with the versatility of glue to broadcast community messaging. The technique uses a wheat and water combination adhesive applied to avant-garde posters to announce new products, entertainment, or art. We say avant-garde because it is still the guerilla-style, mostly legal, way to paste a personalized message to the city. You’ll find this street-style display on scaffolding, in parks, or along corners, drawing attention through repetition or strategic placement. It is still the medium that brings visceral messaging to the pedestrian paths and tree-lined corridors of NYC, popping up sometimes overnight. 

The posters are made from dye cut printing, customized for client and placement needs. With our in-house digital printing capabilities, Bestype often turns quick timelines with wheat paste posters. We work with event planners to perfectly time their wheat paste printing campaigns to create maximum buzz for NYC events. The posters allow for a tonal color scape created to draw attention at highly-targeted locations. In a world inundated by messaging, wheat paste printing lets your premier audience and community see you.

How Bestype Installed Wheat Paste Prints for CHOSEN Group Exhibition

TRNK Editions partnered with Leslie Lohman Museum of Art to present CHOSEN, a group exhibition of eight artists depicting the beauty and strength of chosen families. This exhibit spotlights Queer Kinship and how people have reinvented and reshaped the established notions of marriage, parenting, caregiving, sex, romance, and partnership.

TRNK is a design studio, curator, and retailer that celebrates the role of art and design in intimate, livable spaces. Alongside an in-house product line, TRNK Collection, they feature a cultivated selection of furniture, objects, and artworks from a diverse roster of global talents. Leslie Lohman Museum of Art is the only museum in the world that exhibits and preserves LGBTQ art and promotes the artists behind it. Both clients are in Bestype’s neighborhood of lower Manhattan (Tribeca and Soho). They came together to celebrate Queer Kinship and display all the ways love is CHOSEN.

Wheat paste posters on a wall next to a sidewalk in NYCFor the promotional pieces, we used a dye cut printer with white ink and custom paper folding to create the desired effect, installing the wheat paste printing on a brick wall expanse. The artistic images for the Gallery Exhibition were repeated along the brick wall’s length, at a highly traveled corner, engaging pedestrians as well as serving as an artistic backdrop to the city’s bike park. Coupling this with the framing of the block’s large standing trees, the imagery from CHOSEN beckoned the interest of passersby on the other side of the street, subtly framing the many faces of love and family. 


Success – NYC- Style – with Wheat Paste Printing

The CHOSEN exhibition was a success in celebrating the strength and beauty of chosen families. Through muted tones and tender gazes into intimate spaces, CHOSEN shared the quiet resilience and joy in the lives of QTPOC and the LGBTQ+ community. Each artist contributes to a larger tapestry of what is held between the trust and bond of intimacy, a perspective that often goes unnoticed. As Vogue mentioned, CHOSEN highlights the need for intimacy after an era when so many were distanced. 

The collaboration between the TRNK Collection and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art brought NYC style, artistry, and advocacy all into one space. We at Bestype were honored to help bring attention and promotion to this gallery exhibition utilizing our impeccable industry standards and our deep love for the entire NYC family. 

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