How to brand your next Pop Up Shop

Printing that POPS! How to brand your next Pop Up Shop

April 20, 2020

Pop-up shops are all the rage right now. If you’re a brand and you want to get noticed in a particular city, or you’re launching a product or line or promoting something – a pop-up shop is a way to do it. But how? Logistically, it takes a lot of work. There’s a ton of planning that goes into it – location, design, signage, promotion. Once you’ve picked your location, let’s take a look at the two biggest things you need to know for branding and promoting your next pop-up shop.

Create Buzz

The first step to branding and promoting your pop-up shop is to create a buzz around it. You’ll want to invest in PR around this event. Reach out to influencers and bloggers in your space and get them to create hype around your event. Send them samples of the products that will be there, give them graphics to post on their outlets, have them leak the news of the location! There are so many ways to leverage public relations and influencers to help promote your event.

Next, to help spread the buzz, you’ll want to come up with a creative hashtag so both influencers and consumers can share information about your pop-up shop on social media. You can utilize this hashtag prior to the pop-up shop to spread the word, during the pop-up shop to showcase to consumers what to expect, and after the pop-up shop to obtain user-generated content to continue the buzz!

Get Creative

The second most important thing when putting together a pop-up shop is to be creative about it. Everything from the setup to the signage will have an impact on the success of your pop-up shop. Aside from sales, businesses see the most success is through word-of-mouth advertising and social media sharing. This can only happen if you’re pop-up shop has an eye-catching design making consumers want to post about it.

To do this, you’ll need signage. First, you’ll want a creative entryway so consumers know they are entering into your brand’s pop-up shop. Make it big, make it loud, make it known. Maybe even place signage in the surrounding areas pointing to your shop so consumers know where to go. Next, you’ll want branded banners throughout the store as well as branded displays showcasing your products. Treat this pop-up shop like it is one giant point-of-purchase marketing tactic. Make the shop stick out, make it fun, make it Instagrammable! The better the display showing off your awesome products, the more you’ll sell, and the faster word will spread.

Starting and branding a pop-up shop isn’t easy, but having a plan and knowing what’s important is a good start to get on your way. Make sure you choose a good location, promote the shop through PR, influencers, and social media, and make it memorable with gorgeous branded signage covering the store!