Lookbook for Alix of Bohemia’s New Collection

Printed & Perfect Bound Lookbook for Alix of Bohemia’s New Collection

February 20, 2023

Everything can be art, especially in NYC. It’s how a restaurant beckons its guests, or the bright lights shining on an upcoming playbill and the glimpses of high fashion from 5th Avenue to Brooklyn all add to the depth and flare that is New York. Bestype works behind the scenes for all of these venues: with menu typesets and printing, playbills, fashion lookbook printing, and so much more.

Bestype’s versatility and dependability have earned them the title of NYC’s premier printing solutions provider. Businesses in NYC understand that uniqueness is the key, and targeted messaging leverages their branding to attract new clients and opportunities. This article, the fourth in a seven-part series highlighting some of Bestype’s most exciting print projects, takes you behind the scenes of Alix of Bohemia’s seasonal lookbook.

Keys To Creating a Lookbook That Gets Noticed

A lookbook is, as the name suggests, an accessible insight into a designer’s or photographer’s art — at a glance. A carefully curated lookbook opens gallery doors to artists, gets seasonal lines purchased by buyers, and draws the attention of strategic benefactors. The tonality of the artist, whether for a gallery show, a seasonal launch, or a bespoke product line, is displayed with thoughtful, tactile messaging that fully engages potential buyers. Fashion lookbook printing is an investment in excellence that a buyer can hold in their hands.

The size and layout of the lookbook all play into a viewer’s experience. Some messages utilize minimization, while others stack lines of poetry with visual storylines that carry the pieces along. Lookbooks increase the chances of your work being passed into the hands of your ideal audience, and even carrying your message forward for seasons and years to come. Also, if you are only starting out, they help build your credibility, increasing your likelihood of getting signed. There are many ways to communicate your vision through lookbooks and accompanying campaigns — and Bestype can help with it all.

Why Use Indigo Printing & Perfect Binding for Lookbook Printing? 

When clients want the high-touch experience for effect and color brilliance in a lookbook, they choose Indigo printing. It is crisp, clean, and able to reproduce consistent color matching repeatedly by using thermal offset transfer, avoiding the labor and expense of creating plates. 97% of Pantone colors can be achieved through indigo printing. This precision and color saturation elevates indigo printing as the go-to high-quality printing technique for physical pieces. 

Your binding choice further enhances the printing process. It’s how you choose to present the work you have to offer. With Indigo printing, perfect binding is the obvious choice, with its flat spine — which can also be printed upon — creating a clean and stackable look (think gallery tables or bookshelves). It’s perfect for promotional pieces because even with its elegance, it is still affordable and professional. It was these paired printing choices that went into the creation of Alix of Bohemia’s benchmark lookbook. 

Lookbook Printing in NYC: Alix of Bohemia’s New Collection

Alix of Bohemia creates “unique fashion items for the modern Bohemian.” Drawing inspiration from mid-century Bohemians of Paris and the Bloomsbury Group, Alix of Bohemia offers hand-crafted pieces that are produced in limited runs. What began as one-of-a-kind pieces commissioned only by appointment expanded to designing and producing for seasonal collections in 2018.

The designer, Alix Verley-Pietrafesa, resides in New York, and the company’s office is located in Brooklyn. Alix of Bohemia contracted Bestype for fashion lookbook printing to present their new collection to clients and potential buyers. 

The lookbook printing specifications included:

  • 9″ x 12″ (18″ x 12″ flat) sizing
  • 32 pages + 4-page cover (16 double-sided sheets + cover)
  • 120# cover white eggshell, 4/0 indigo for the cover
  • 80# text white eggshell, 4/4 indigo for the interior
  • Perfect binding

The effect is a colorful splash of adventure and intricate embroidery, beckoning the viewer with enchantment and style. A model stands, contrasted in vibrant color, adorned in a high-collared embroidered jacket paired with a shorts set, both elegant and youthful, as the viewer drinks in every detail. The subtle eggshell cover emphasizes the blocked hand embroidery of the model’s pink jacket, lined with an understated print. The craftsmanship of each piece is spotlighted while a story unfolds, creating unforgettable moments, and transporting the viewer through a fashion lookbook into the art of the design. This collaboration between Alix of Bohemia and Bestype was wildly successful in promoting sales to boutique owners/stockists.

Time to Call Bestype

Lookbook printing in NYC is a combination of art and design. Bestype has the in-house technology and diversity to meet any lookbook printing vision. Call Bestype for a free quote on your next lookbook project. And stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll focus on a saddle-stitched catalog created for the NYC-based brand Dowel Furniture.

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