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One Stop Solution For All Your Printing Essentials | Print NYC

August 14, 2020

At Bestype, we’ve been hard at work delivering on our promise: Printing that’s essential to your business success. Now more than ever, the power of print is clear to see:

Brick & Mortar: Reconnect Through Brand Experience

Yes, you probably need COVID social distancing and mask signage, and we’ve got you covered. But the real power is in re-engaging your customers and creating powerful brand experiences. Use vinyl graphic wraps and fabric banners to immerse your customers in an uplifting environment!

Remote Work & Remote Events: Create Tangible Connections

Working from home is awesome…working from home is awful…! Digital overload is real (just search “Zoom fatigue” in Google). The solution is to deliver tangible tools that get your team on the same page: a branded notebook, laminated cheat sheet, or a roadmap poster can go a long way. For your next virtual event, send a physical welcome kit to your attendees and watch engagement soar.

Culture & Team Building: Embrace and Engage Your Team

Yes, we’re now in a world where new employees may be recruited and onboarded remotely. That’s all the more reason to connect in real life with employee handbooks, off-line training documents, and branded swag to strengthen loyalty.

Not-for-Profit Organizations: Build Loyalty and Support Now

Don’t “wait it out” when it comes to fundraising for your organization. Instead, reach out with direct mail or better yet, dimensional mail. Delight them with keepsake items such as a unique invitation, souvenir journal, or annual report.

No matter your business, the world needs printing today more than ever.
It’s essential to your success, so get started today with Bestype!

We’re Bestype. We’ve been here since 1978, serving you. We’re looking forward to doing it every day, from one New Yorker to another.