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Karliz & Co. Helps Resy & LuckyRice Celebrate Chinese New Year

June 14, 2023

New York City is a fast-paced melting pot that is proud of its diversity and flare. With its variety, NYC also has one heartbeat that encompasses everyone — in times of strife and celebration. At Bestype, we love supporting businesses that have expanded and pivoted to meet the challenges of a changing market. The last few years have proven that with a vision and perseverance, you can rise to the top, and there is plenty to celebrate. 

This article is the final installment of a seven-part series showcasing some of the most exhilarating projects Bestype has delivered for NYC-based companies sharing their creative brilliance in murals, furniture, food, and more. These projects feed the culture and communities of NYC, and for our last installment, we are spotlighting a client that hits all of these flavors. Bestype worked with Karlitz & Co, an NYC-based event planner, on a personalized custom envelope printing for the Chinese New Year celebration with Resy, LuckyRice, and American Express, bringing good food and a year of luck to all participating New Yorkers.

Uplevel your Printing and Branding: Using Die-Cut, Embossed Gold Printing & White Ink Printing 

We’ll share with you the specifics and the significance of custom red envelopes, but first, let’s talk about the versatility of custom die-cut paper. Die-cutting is a method that allows you to cut paper into any shape you want. This expands the possibilities to highlight designs and images for your brand (or event) awareness, including the ability to make 3D pieces. Die-cutting can be understated or extravagant so that simple pieces are elevated in their invitation for client engagement. When you work with a full-service printing company like Besype, we can share best practices to meet your vision, and in our portfolio, you may even see something that sparks your brand’s creativity, such as the custom-made gold inlay red envelopes we made.

The lettering of the custom envelopes was done in white, which offers a pop of color and a layer of refinement. White ink lying atop color choices gives a different impression than black. An ink color choice can have a large impact on the branding or feeling of the print product. Bestype has leveraged die-cut and white ink print in many impactful projects, including wall decals at events to promote sponsors and brand messaging.

Embossed gold printing rounded out the embellishments that marked this project as a point of celebration. Gold grabs our attention; it makes an immediate impact and elevates expectations. It can often give a longer life to a piece; when more basic invitations are forgotten, high-quality gold pieces find space on a desk, a calendar, or a message board. Additionally, we can use gold foil stamp on book printing, whether for a commemorative piece, a small print run of an author’s book, or custom red envelopes. Gold foil stamp is an attention-grabber, making a lasting — or rather a golden — impression.

Bestype and Karltiz & Co. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Resy and LuckyRice

Since 2010, LuckyRice, with offices in NYC, has created experiences and content to cultivate and celebrate the foods and cultures of Asia. Over the past dozen years, LuckyRice has produced over 25 food festivals, feeding more than 60 thousand people. Resy, headquartered in NYC, is a hospitality technology platform that powers restaurants around the world – and a consumer-facing reservation platform for passionate diners. Since its inception in 2014, Resy has created best-in-class software that elevates dining experiences and connects restaurants to a growing network of highly-engaged diners, with the powerful backing of American Express.

Karlitz & Co. is an industry leader in event marketing, designing memorable experiences that enable their clients to engage with their audiences. They contacted Betype to make customized red envelopes for the Year of The Ox celebration. This celebration occurs on the first new moon of the lunar calendar, with symbolic foods and gestures to welcome the new year with good luck. Why red envelopes? We’re so glad you asked. The color red in Chinese culture (and many Asian cultures) symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. 

Many long-standing traditions of gathering in Chinatown were placed on hold in 2021, which made this at-home collaboration all the more special. Resy And LuckyRice partnered with the top Chinese restaurants in New York to create exclusive take-out menus to celebrate. Additionally, each order came with The Year of the Ox commemorations (including Bestype’s custom envelope printing) to add joy and promote cultural understanding. 

Let’s get to the specifics on The Year of the Ox envelopes:

  • White digital printing on 80# text imperial red paper 
  • Gold foil stamp 
  • Custom die-cut, scored, and assembled with glue
  • Size: 2.25″ x 3.5″ (approx. 5″ x 5″ unfolded)

This promotional event for Resy, American Express, and LuckyRice was wildly successful. In a year that saw a drop in restaurant attendance, this event brought joy into every home. Plus, Resy was able to re-educate happy eaters on the beauty of Chinese culture and its celebrated place in NYC. 

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