Cut Vinyl Lettering on a black van driving down the street in NYC

The Impact of Cut Vinyl Lettering in NYC on “Education & Community”

January 19, 2023

Working within the heart of Soho, Bestype serves every variety of NYC business. Our printing solutions span the spectrum from black wall vinyl to foil stamping. We work with professional photographers, corporate event planners, and gallery owners, to name a few. 

The best part of being in NYC is being in NYC. In a city with so much to offer, your customers need to be able to find you — that’s where Bestype excels. Whether type fonts for menus, location banners for grand openings, or cut vinyl lettering to provide professionalism for the storefront, we got you. Signage printing is one of the many specialties we offer at Bestype, NYC’s premier printing solutions provider. 

This is the second article in our 7 part series sharing some of Bestype’s most exciting print projects. In this article, we will share with you the benefits of vinyl printing and how Bestype helped a local company, on the revel, grow an opportunity in the legal cannabis industry for all New Yorkers.

Why Choose Vinyl Printing?

Signage printing is necessary for branding and marketing, especially in busy city streets. Investing in your logo and window display impresses your tone upon passersby and new clients. Cut vinyl is a fantastic way to achieve this. It is highly versatile and can be used in endless fonts and for many different graphics. With cut vinyl, you are free to express yourself and your vibe fully.

It is also easily adaptable; you can use it to mobilize your message — on your storefront, a pop-up location, or even a vehicle. This durability and flexibility mean it can stand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas and be easily removed after temporary or seasonal promotions have finished. 

Whether your cut vinyl printing is for an event or a logo reveal, we work with you to ensure we align with your specifications — appropriate dimensions, decal color, and best installation practices. Cut vinyl is effective, economical, and easy to replace. You can contact us to translate your logo or promo into an eye-catching display. Let’s show you how we helped on the revel.  

Community Connections & Education 

On the revel is a cannabis business for the people founded in 2015 by Jacobi Holland and Lulu Tsui — an unlikely duo who share a passion for technology, cannabis, and advocacy. Both with corporate backgrounds, they are dedicated to making common spaces where everyone is welcome to learn and build new business. On the revel is building a community network of resources and knowledge to help you make your cannabis license stand out in New York. Their belief is — “New York cannabis should be owned by New Yorkers.”

On the revel came to Bestype for signage for their first cannabis conference. We created a large and minimalistic storefront message to add elegance and authenticity to the meeting space. We had fun and engaging markers throughout the event, transforming a metal door to “mix and mingle” signage, and maintaining the type font of the storefront for cohesion. 

Bestype also leveraged the striking blank walls, well lit from the street, with conference lettering and sponsorship acknowledgments from weedmaps and Hawthorne, while maintaining the edgy elegance of on the revel’s trademark tone. 

The speaker’s stage and networking spaces maintained attendees’ focus, while vinyl printing maximized the opportunity to celebrate sponsors and share the mission. Across a bright window storefront, framing hardwood floors inside, cut vinyl lettering read: “this is what new york cannabis looks like,” educating the city on the legitimacy of this business possibility for all. 

Here are the large format printing cut vinyl specs and applications we created for this inclusive and impactful cannabis conference:

  • Walls: Installed black and white cut vinyl decals/lettering using cut adhesive
  • Windows and walls: Installed white vinyl decals on interior windows with reverse application, and black vinyl lettering on the 162″ x 96″ wall
  • The van: Printed and installed white removable adhesive vinyl on both sides of van 

Oh, did we forget to mention the van? It was not just any van. You have to see it to catch the vibe on the revel created that day, stationing it at Washington Park. You’ll also see the statement cut vinyl lettering can make to mark the moment, which we easily removed 24 hours later. 

The conference was a huge success — Education & Community for Dope People, an action-oriented, inclusive cannabis conference for New Yorkers, opened hearts and minds to business opportunities in legal cannabis. The inspiration, community, and possibility are still rippling outward and onward. On the revel is planning a second conference to continue growing NYC business potentialities. 

Contact Bestype

Whether you have a conference to celebrate or are looking to uplevel your storefront display, call Bestype for a free quote on your vinyl cut decals. We are NYC’s premier printing solutions provider, available to help with any local business. Up next in our series, we will focus on a wheat pasted print project for the Leslie Lohman Museum in the East Village.

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