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High-Quality Printing — How Important is it for Business?

April 5, 2022

By choosing to upgrade documents and signs through high-quality printing, NYC businesses favorably impact their prospective buyers. That’s marketing wisdom — elevated sales material attracts affluent customer interest, especially in response to high-quality art prints. But there’s also an internal impact within your company when you spend a little more on high-quality prints — through printing your design team’s best work as high-quality poster prints and giclée art, you recognize your team’s ingenuity. This blog post will examine why high-quality prints continue to be essential for business, both externally and internally.


How High-Quality Printing Sets You Apart


Matching your marketing tools’ quality to the affluent customer you want to attract makes business sense. In budgeting for high-quality printing — NYC corporate communicators understand that luxury-class printing impresses and promotes communication through the human senses of sight and touch. High-quality printing uses better, brighter, and heavier paper and card stock than draft or basic printing. Ink pigments are richer, and image resolutions are higher than standard printing production. Every page is intended to impress through qualities that the person who holds or views the printed item can see and even touch.


Elevating the everyday. By choosing heavier paper and card stock, intensely pigmented ink, and either matte or gloss coating for marketing documents, you can subtly make a difference in how customers perceive your offer. High-quality prints for your business begin with your business cards and letterhead — the small details of distinction impress the people receiving your card or correspondence. This same treatment extends to the items you include in your marketing and media kits: your outside folder or envelope, any sales or promotional literature, catalogs, and reply cards.


Power in promotion. Selecting high-quality prints for your most important communications makes a positive yet subtle impression in your prospect’s mind: paper weights and finishes, ink saturation, and other tiny details add up for impressive impact in high-quality poster prints. Your high-quality poster prints can significantly stand out and get noticed.


Beauty in branding. You can take advantage of high-quality prints’ power in stealth advertising by using your best graphic design elements in unusual ways. Your colors and branding can take center stage through developing custom wallpaper and decor. You can even isolate parts of your advertising graphics and transform them into fine art: high-quality art prints are suitable for framing and mounting throughout your sales floor and office space. Reproduction services take your digital graphics and produce high-resolution printed posters and giclée art that sync with your logo and brand’s color palette. Your high-quality prints use your walls to message your branding.


Internal inspiration. Many business owners understand that by internally using high-quality printing, NYC companies promote workplace pride and develop staff camaraderie. The printed items your team members use every day should express excellence. Think about upgrading business card design throughout your company. Keep premium letterhead, envelopes, labels, and other business stationery available for your staff to match the level of excellence you want your corporate communications to achieve. When your creative department has designed something wonderful and successful, don’t be afraid to showcase their work as a high-quality art print — your graphic artists will appreciate your recognition of their creativity. It’s easy to scale vector graphics and create, mount, and frame high-quality poster prints, which you can learn about in our article, Poster Printing Guide — A Designer’s Guide to Printing a Poster. Bring your best art to Bestype to produce frameable high-resolution art prints, or ask us to print your designs as giclée art, which produces the sharpest detail available in inkjet printing and utilizes archival paper for longevity.


Bestype Printing Helps You Impress at Your Best


With over 40 years of experience helping our New York business customers always make great impressions through art, design, and type, Bestype Printing has everything you need to transform your text and graphics from everyday to extraordinary. We’ll help you communicate your company’s superior ability, performance, and excellence when you print with us. Contact us today about how we can help you print your business communications and marketing graphics quickly and accurately.

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