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Lookbook Printing NYC – Fashion Lookbook

April 20, 2020

Vintage fashion lookbook NYC printing launched legends: those old lookbooks are covetable volumes that showcase designers’ collections from the era before digital trends changed everything. They captured art. Print lookbooks continue to play a massive role in shaping fashion opinion and spreading style — people enjoy browsing high-quality, printed fashion lookbooks, holding them in their hands, and letting the images saturate their imaginations.


Why Printed Fashion Lookbooks Are Important 

A lookbook tells a story about a brand and shines a spotlight on designs in a fashion collection. Traditional fashion brands, especially up-and-coming designers, distributed their lookbooks to retail buyers in the hopes of convincing them to carry their line. While buyers may currently turn to the internet to help make their purchasing decisions, digital and print lookbooks are still essential resources that deserve professional print treatment. Lookbooks capture artistic fashion moments in print, and print is permanent. Print commits trends to memory. People who love fashion want printed lookbooks. 


How do Lookbooks Work?

Every line needs its fashion lookbook: 

  • Clothing – men’s and women’s
  • Watches and Jewelry
  • Accessories, hats, and handbags
  • Eyewear
  • Lingerie and intimate apparel
  • Footwear
  • Headware
  • Home design

And more!

Bestype works with you to decide the content of your print collection, how many copies you need, and how we can help get your lookbook off our presses and to your event or distribution site. 

We print to order: no press run is too small or too large. We can inexpensively digitally print and bind your fashion lookbook if you only need a few dozen copies. Your lookbook can take on hardcover, softbound, or fashion catalog form. If you would like to distribute hundreds of documents or thousands, offset printing can be a more cost-effective option for book-type or catalog printing for NYC local sharing. 


Economical Lookbook Digital Printing

Digitally printing your lookbook makes reproducing your graphics fast and produces true-to-the-eye colors. Your layout can use many styles and take on different layers of design —- if you need desktop publishing guidance, Bestype technicians can help create your lookbook with you. 


Speedy Offset Lookbook Printing

Offset printing uses traditional mechanical plates that roll your fashion lookbook pages onto sheets. Printing technicians cut the sheets to form and bind your lookbook. Creating offset plates involves more time than digital design and printing, but once presses start rolling, pages print lightning-fast. One distinct advantage of offset printing is that photographers prefer offset lithography because it shows off their art better than digital. Offset images are deeper, richer, and crisper compared to digital reproductions. 


Lookbook Paper

Your Bestype technician will help you select the materials you use for your fashion lookbook’s interior pages and endpapers. Your paper options include high gloss, silk and semi-gloss, and uncoated paper stock. 


Binding Your Lookbook

Your lookbook’s binding options include perfect or tape bound softcover and hardback options, where separate pages are glued to the book’s spine. We can also use various types of wire binding to create books that open flat. If you choose a wire coil, we can hide the coil spine inside a hardcover — a modern improvement on traditional hardcover binding. You can also choose to present your lookbook as a fashion catalog. 

We can print your project using booklet-style and catalog printing techniques. Your finished booklet can be small or large, magazine glossy or digitally matte. Binding options include magazine saddle stitches or tape binding along the spine.


Finishes for Your Lookbook

Your fashion lookbook printing project can take advantage of finishes. These additions include adding a little extra style, flair, and pizzaz to your lookbook — our printing technicians use embossing, engraving, and die-cutting to add visual interest to your hardbound or softcover books. Suppose you are interested in additional material to support your lookbook. In that case, we can help you design loose inserts to include inside your book or optionally bind tear-outs into the spine. Our fashion industry clients often include lookbooks with their orders of programs, flyers, brochures, and wide-format poster printing. 


Bestype Knows Lookbook Printing In NYC

New York’s fashion design community has turned to Bestype since we first opened our doors in 1978. Our SOHO community is New York’s center for creatives. It is one of the many neighborhoods that fashion designers have embraced outside of the traditional Fashion District — their design lofts and flagship boutiques dot our streets. And Bestype is only a subway ride away from Seventh Avenue in Midtown. Fashion brands from all over Manhattan have trusted Bestype for decades with their design photography. Up-and-coming new designers know that they can create their first lookbooks on a budget and still achieve outstanding results. 

Bestype believes that every lookbook we print should reflect the beauty and quality of the lines photographed within. Our printing technicians pay attention to every detail. Whether you decide to publish your lookbook using a digital press or offset press, we aim to capture the artistic vision you’ve collaborated on with your photographers. We want your line to shine. 


How does Bestype Print the Best Lookbooks? 

Bestype has been evolving our lookbook printing NYC department for almost 40 years. We’ve spent years listening to our designing professionals working in fashion, hair, cosmetics, accessories, and interior design. Our clients have told us exactly how they use their lookbooks and who is viewing them. They’ve let us know what they need most from us for fashion lookbook printing in the NYC design community.


Luxe and Budget Lookbook Printing: Pricing for Everyone

While helping major design brands print their projects during events like Fashion Week and New York City’s endless cycle of shows, we also know it’s essential to help new designers successfully present to retail buyers and journalists. Fashion and design students want to print their lookbooks on a budget, and we have developed solutions that are designed to be affordable to competitive students and recent grads.


Meeting Your Publication Deadlines, Every Time

New York City’s event calendar fills up quickly with events beyond Fashion Week. Bestype keeps track of the significant shows scheduled around the year and knows which major events require us to work harder to meet all of our clients’ deadlines. We staff according to need, and we can fulfill your printing project schedule. 


Everything You Need Under One Roof

Our customers appreciate that we maintain an inventory of everything a print house needs to produce their printing and publishing projects, including handsomely bound fashion lookbooks in bulk. We keep all of our printing at Bestype’s SOHO location and don’t outsource any portion of the work to subcontractors. Our one-stop-shopping approach helps us maintain quality control over every product we print. We staff over 20 printing technicians to work on our customers’ projects, and our presses are always running. We have enough mechanical horsepower to print whatever task you need. 


Bringing Your Fashion Lookbook or Catalog Printing NYC Concept to Bestype

Your Bestype lookbook or catalog printing NYC experience begins once you imagine what you want your final product to look like. We recommend thinking about your photography and layout, keeping in mind:

  1.  Keeping your layout simple, using ample white space to frame your images and text.
  2. Design in 300 DPI (dots per inch) to maintain a high resolution for all of your images, and resulting in a clear, crisp print on each page.
  3. Remember your bleed and trim, and place your images in your layout so that nothing gets cut off in production.


Fashion Lookbook Technical Help

Bestype’s desktop publishing pros can help you sort all of these technical details and help guide your layout into the professional territory — we understand that you design fashion and not books.


Free Fashion Lookbook Project Consultation

When you are ready, contact us at Bestype for your complimentary project consultation and project planning session. We’ll review your images and concepts and discuss what options are available for your fashion lookbook. 

You will have the opportunity to review some of our favorite lookbook printing NYC collection materials in our shop — current and past. Browsing through our book and fashion catalog publications will help you see how paper and covers work together and help you choose the binding and finishing elements that you feel would work best with your design concept. We’ll talk you through the technical specifications for your project, help you decide which printing method will be most budget-friendly for your project, and help support your vision the most. We want your fashion lookbook to be as individual as you are, showcasing your hard work included within its covers. 


Reviewing Your Lookbook Proof

You will get a chance to review your sample proof before committing to a press run of your lookbook. You can visit our shop to make changes before we print. Or, contact us through email or phone to let us know what items in your sample need changing. We want to make sure you will be happy with your final printed lookbook.


Printing and Delivering Your Lookbook or Fashion Catalog

Once you’re happy with your sample, we’ll arrange production time and let you know when your books will be ready to pick up or deliver. We can plan to send your lookbooks to your favorite local bulk mailer or transfer your items to your event venue for distribution. We make it easy for people who want to know about your line to see your work in print. 


We Can Make Your Fashion Lookbook Dreams Come True When You Work with Bestype

When you contact us, we’ll use all of our skills to put together your unique lookbook. Our fashion knowledge supports your creativity and innovation, helping you draw attention from the industry professionals you want to view your work. Your designs will launch off the lookbook page with our help, landing on runways and racks everywhere. Reach out to us today, and let’s put your fashion lookbook together. 

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