Exploring Bestype’s Wide Variety of Print Services and Their Real-World Applications

March 20, 2024

“From Legend to Discovery:”

Celebrating Ukrainian Heritage with Cut Vinyl Mural

With New York City being the hub for fashion, retail, food, and culture, Bestype Printing embraces the opportunity to work with professionals across various industries. 

As the premier NYC printing solutions provider, we cover everything from lookbooks and wall decals to ballet brochures and e-zines. We are the one-stop creative solution for printing services in NYC. 

At Bestype, we love sharing the messages and marketing from our community out into the world. Being in the heart of NYC also allows us to be a part of some really cool projects and missions, whether helping designers be seen, businesses rise, or being the chosen professionals to honor legendary artists and their heritage, such as Ukrainian artist Waone Interesni Kazki. 

Welcome to our very own lookbook, where we’ll share with you some of Bestype’s most exciting print projects. It’s time to amplify the power of human creativity and the ability of bespoke pieces to have a reverberating impact when well done. When creating art or change, you must have a vision and plan for execution. This series highlights both. 

What is Wall Vinyl?

An artist needs the right medium. A sketchbook will work out the idea, and a design draft can accommodate dimensionality, but translating an art piece to large format digital printing takes some technical know-how. That’s where Bestype comes in. 

One of our most popular customer-focused mediums that you will see in restaurants, at gala events, and even on food trucks is wall vinyl. Why? Well, vinyl wall prints are durable and easy to clean. This makes it effortless to display business logos in windows and create wallscapes in restaurants or personalized corporate events. Their durability gives longevity to your pieces, and the vinyl make-up also allows for easy removal when promotions are over — unlike the use of paint or more tedious alternatives. 

Due to the technical nature of vinyl, the application should be performed by a professional to get the high-quality results you expect and deserve for your vision. Vinyl printing is done inhouse at Bestype, which makes the entire process easier, whether you are stopping by to approve a seasonal promotion or the rollout of a wall mural. 

Now we are going to take you behind the scenes of an exceptional large format digital printing project — you might call it a large wall mural — sharing every detail of how this magic came together. 

Our client was The Smiley Collective, an NYC-based PR and Creative Consulting agency that wanted to spearhead an outdoor mural to be applied to a brick wall in the East Village — on the corner of Cooper Square and E 5th St., to be exact. There is a large Ukrainian community in the East Village, and The Smiley Collective was representing the East Village and Ukrainian artist Waone Interesni Kazki’s debut of a public mural in solidarity with the Ukrainian community.

How to Create a Wall Mural with Cut Vinyl

We used a large format digital print on self-adhesive vinyl with matte lamination to apply and install the 472.44″ x 78.74″ (12 meters x 2 meters) mural onto the wall. The wall’s dimensions were 88’-3″ W x 7′-2″ H. We made one panel, and then split it into workable pieces to accommodate the installation process as directed by our well-seasoned team.

The colors not only spotlighted the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag but also depicted imagery communicating the artist’s invitation to the world, drawing attention to the present while honoring their heritage and their community. Trees frame the mural wall beckoning the passerby into another world with spirals of texture and contraction of space, overlaying inner connectivity. 

When The Smiley Collective chose Bestype for this installment, they used our vetted expertise to take into consideration color hue matching and print specificity to create a fluid and elegant display that would flow on a brick wall. We determined which adhesive with correct application techniques would maintain the artist’s vision to unite and celebrate worlds through art.

An opening party marked the unveiling of the vinyl wall mural, with proceeds going to The Ukrainian Museum nearby on E 6th St, which is a charity initiative based in Ukraine that helps refugees and war victims. If you find yourself in the East Village at 25 Cooper Square, we invite you to stop by, and let us know your experience! 

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Whether you, too, are an artist or PR firm looking to install a wall mural, or a business owner ready to uplevel their window display, call Bestype for a free quote on your next large scale cut vinyl installment. Remember, we are NYC’s creative printing solution center and are available to help with any scale project. 

How a Cut Vinyl Lettering Installation Helped Deliver

“Education & Community for Dope People ” in NYC

Working within the heart of Soho, Bestype serves every variety of NYC business. Our printing solutions span the spectrum from black wall vinyl to foil stamping. We work with professional photographers, corporate event planners, and gallery owners, to name a few.

The best part of being in NYC is being in NYC. In a city with so much to offer, your customers need to be able to find you — that’s where Bestype excels. Whether type fonts for menus, location banners for grand openings, or cut vinyl lettering to provide professionalism for the storefront, we got you. Signage printing is one of the many specialties we offer at Bestype, NYC’s premier printing solutions provider.

In this chapter, we will share with you the benefits of vinyl printing and how Bestype helped a local company, on the revel, grow an opportunity in the legal cannabis industry for all New Yorkers. 

Why Choose Vinyl Printing?

Signage printing is necessary for branding and marketing, especially in busy city streets. Investing in your logo and window display impresses your tone upon passersby and new clients. Cut vinyl is a fantastic way to achieve this. It is highly versatile and can be used in endless fonts and for many different graphics. With cut vinyl, you are free to express yourself and your vibe fully. 

It is also easily adaptable; you can use it to mobilize your message — on your storefront, a pop-up location, or even a vehicle. This durability and flexibility mean it can stand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas and be easily removed after temporary or seasonal promotions have finished.

Whether your cut vinyl printing is for an event or a logo reveal, we work with you to ensure we align with your specifications — appropriate dimensions, decal color, and best installation practices. Cut vinyl is effective, economical, and easy to replace. You can contact us to translate your logo or promo into an eye-catching display. Let’s show you how we helped on the revel. 

Community Connections & Education

On the revel is a cannabis business for the people founded in 2015 by Jacobi Holland and Lulu Tsui — an unlikely duo who share a passion for technology, cannabis, and advocacy. Both with corporate backgrounds, they are dedicated to making common spaces where everyone is welcome to learn and build new business. On the revel is building a community network of resources and knowledge to help you make your cannabis license stand out in New York. Their belief is — “New York cannabis should be owned by New Yorkers.” 

On the revel came to Bestype for signage for their first cannabis conference. We created a large and minimalistic storefront message to add elegance and authenticity to the meeting space.

We had fun and engaging markers throughout the event, transforming a metal door to “mix and mingle” signage, and maintaining the type font of the storefront for cohesion.

Bestype also leveraged the striking blank walls, well lit from the street, with conference lettering and sponsorship acknowledgments from weedmaps and Hawthorne, while maintaining the edgy elegance of on the revel’s trademark tone. 

The speaker’s stage and networking spaces maintained attendees’ focus, while vinyl printing maximized the opportunity to celebrate sponsors and share the mission. Across a bright window storefront, framing hardwood floors inside, cut vinyl lettering read: “this is what new york cannabis looks like,” educating the city on the legitimacy of this business possibility for all. 

Here are the large format printing cut vinyl specs and applications we created for this inclusive and impactful cannabis conference:

  • Walls: Installed black and white cut vinyl decals/lettering using cut adhesive 
  • Windows and walls: Installed white vinyl decals on interior windows with reverse application, and black vinyl lettering on the 162″ x 96″ wall 
  • The van: Printed and installed white removable adhesive vinyl on both sides of van 

Oh, did we forget to mention the van? It was not just any van. You have to see it to catch the vibe on the revel created that day, stationing it at Washington Park. You’ll also see the statement cut vinyl lettering can make to mark the moment, which we easily removed 24 hours later.

The conference was a huge success — Education & Community for Dope People, an actionoriented, inclusive cannabis conference for New Yorkers, opened hearts and minds to business opportunities in legal cannabis. The inspiration, community, and possibility are still rippling outward and onward. On the revel is planning a second conference to continue growing NYC business potentialities. 

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Whether you have a conference to celebrate or are looking to uplevel your storefront display, call Bestype for a free quote on your vinyl cut decals. We are NYC’s premier printing solutions provider, available to help with any local business.

Wheat Pasting:

Promote Your Gallery Exhibition

Situated in Soho and serving NYC since the late 1970s, Bestype understands the roots and changes that create NYC culture, commerce, and community. We are NYC’s premier printing solutions provider because we are versatile and trusted. We understand the best type font set to match menus for patisseries and mattes for lookbooks, and how to leverage sidewalk as well as skyscraper-sized messaging. We love serving the diverse community that brings our city alive. 

In this chapter, a Soho neighbor had an upcoming gallery exhibition, and we installed a stylized dye cut, wheat paste poster campaign to highlight the gallery display. We’ll take you behind the scenes on our work with TRNK Editions and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art to explore how Bestype helped broadcast their brilliance. 

How to Print Wheat Paste Posters?

Wheat paste printing combines creativity with the versatility of glue to broadcast community messaging. The technique uses a wheat and water combination adhesive applied to avantgarde posters to announce new products, entertainment, or art. We say avant-garde because it is still the guerilla-style, mostly legal, way to paste a personalized message to the city. You’ll find this street-style display on scaffolding, in parks, or along corners, drawing attention through repetition or strategic placement. It is still the medium that brings visceral messaging to the pedestrian paths and tree-lined corridors of NYC, popping up sometimes overnight.

The posters are made from dye cut printing, customized for client and placement needs. With our in-house digital printing capabilities, Bestype often turns quick timelines with wheat paste posters. We work with event planners to perfectly time their wheat paste printing campaigns to create maximum buzz for NYC events. The posters allow for a tonal color scape created to draw attention at highly-targeted locations. In a world inundated by messaging, wheat paste printing lets your premier audience and community see you.

How Bestype Installed Wheat Paste Prints for CHOSEN Group Exhibition

TRNK Editions partnered with Leslie Lohman Museum of Art to present CHOSEN, a group exhibition of eight artists depicting the beauty and strength of chosen families. This exhibit spotlights Queer Kinship and how people have reinvented and reshaped the established notions of marriage, parenting, caregiving, sex, romance, and partnership. 

TRNK is a design studio, curator, and retailer that celebrates the role of art and design in intimate, livable spaces. Alongside an in-house product line, TRNK Collection, they feature a cultivated selection of furniture, objects, and artworks from a diverse roster of global talents. Leslie Lohman Museum of Art is the only museum in the world that exhibits and preserves LGBTQ art and promotes the artists behind it. Both clients are in Bestype’s neighborhood of lower Manhattan (Tribeca and Soho). They came together to celebrate Queer Kinship and display all the ways love is CHOSEN. 

For the promotional pieces, we used a dye cut printer with white ink and custom paper folding to create the desired effect, installing the wheat paste printing on a brick wall expanse. The artistic images for the Gallery Exhibition were repeated along the brick wall’s length, at a highly traveled corner, engaging pedestrians as well as serving as an artistic backdrop to the city’s bike park. Coupling this with the framing of the block’s large standing trees, the imagery from CHOSEN beckoned the interest of passersby on the other side of the street, subtly framing the many faces of love and family. 

Success – NYC-Style – with Wheat Paste Printing

The CHOSEN exhibition was a success in celebrating the strength and beauty of chosen families. Through muted tones and tender gazes into intimate spaces, CHOSEN shared the quiet resilience and joy in the lives of QTPOC and the LGBTQ+ community. Each artist contributes to a larger tapestry of what is held between the trust and bond of intimacy, a perspective that often goes unnoticed. As Vogue mentioned, CHOSEN highlights the need for intimacy after an era when so many were distanced. 

The collaboration between the TRNK Collection and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art brought NYC style, artistry, and advocacy all into one space. We at Bestype were honored to help bring attention and promotion to this gallery exhibition utilizing our impeccable industry standards and our deep love for the entire NYC family. 

Do you have a gallery event or a need to reach out to the community? Call Bestype for a free quote on your next wheat pasting project. 

Printed & Perfect Bound Lookbook

for Alix of Bohemia’s New Collection 

Everything can be art, especially in NYC. It’s how a restaurant beckons its guests, or the bright lights shining on an upcoming playbill and the glimpses of high fashion from 5th Avenue to Brooklyn all add to the depth and flare that is New York. Bestype works behind the scenes for all of these venues: with menu typesets and printing, playbills, fashion lookbook printing, and so much more. 

Bestype’s versatility and dependability have earned them the title of NYC’s premier printing solutions provider. Businesses in NYC understand that uniqueness is the key, and targeted messaging leverages their branding to attract new clients and opportunities. This chapter takes you behind the scenes of Alix of Bohemia’s seasonal lookbook. 

Keys To Creating a Lookbook That Gets Noticed

A lookbook is, as the name suggests, an accessible insight into a designer’s or photographer’s art — at a glance. A carefully curated lookbook opens gallery doors to artists, gets seasonal lines purchased by buyers, and draws the attention of strategic benefactors. The tonality of the artist, whether for a gallery show, a seasonal launch, or a bespoke product line, is displayed with thoughtful, tactile messaging that fully engages potential buyers. Fashion lookbook printing is an investment in excellence that a buyer can hold in their hands.

The size and layout of the lookbook all play into a viewer’s experience. Some messages utilize minimization, while others stack lines of poetry with visual storylines that carry the pieces along. Lookbooks increase the chances of your work being passed into the hands of your ideal audience, and even carrying your message forward for seasons and years to come. Also, if you are only starting out, they help build your credibility, increasing your likelihood of getting signed. There are many ways to communicate your vision through lookbooks and accompanying campaigns — and Bestype can help with it all. 

Why Use Indigo Printing & Perfect Binding for Lookbook Printing?

When clients want the high-touch experience for effect and color brilliance in a lookbook, they choose Indigo printing. It is crisp, clean, and able to reproduce consistent color matching repeatedly by using thermal offset transfer, avoiding the labor and expense of creating plates. 97% of Pantone colors can be achieved through indigo printing. This precision and color saturation elevates indigo printing as the go-to high-quality printing technique for physical pieces. 

Your binding choice further enhances the printing process. It’s how you choose to present the work you have to offer. With Indigo printing, perfect binding is the obvious choice, with its flat spine — which can also be printed upon — creating a clean and stackable look (think gallery tables or bookshelves). It’s perfect for promotional pieces because even with its elegance, it is still affordable and professional. It was these paired printing choices that went into the creation of Alix of Bohemia’s benchmark lookbook.

Lookbook Printing in NYC: Alix of Bohemia ‘ s New Collection

Alix of Bohemia creates “unique fashion items for the modern Bohemian.” Drawing inspiration from mid-century Bohemians of Paris and the Bloomsbury Group, Alix of Bohemia offers hand-crafted pieces that are produced in limited runs. What began as one-of-a-kind pieces commissioned only by appointment expanded to designing and producing for seasonal collections in 2018.

The designer, Alix Verley-Pietrafesa, resides in New York, and the company’s office is located in Brooklyn. Alix of Bohemia contracted Bestype for fashion lookbook printing to present their new collection to clients and potential buyers.

The lookbook printing specifications included:

  • 9″ x 12″ (18″ x 12″ flat) sizing 
  • 32 pages + 4-page cover (16 double-sided sheets + cover) 
  • 120# cover white eggshell, 4/0 indigo for the cover 
  • 80# text white eggshell, 4/4 indigo for the interior 
  • Perfect binding 

The effect is a colorful splash of adventure and intricate embroidery, beckoning the viewer with enchantment and style. A model stands, contrasted in vibrant color, adorned in a highcollared embroidered jacket paired with a shorts set, both elegant and youthful, as the viewer drinks in every detail. The subtle eggshell cover emphasizes the blocked hand embroidery of the model’s pink jacket, lined with an understated print. The craftsmanship of each piece is spotlighted while a story unfolds, creating unforgettable moments, and transporting the viewer through a fashion lookbook into the art of the design. This collaboration between Alix of Bohemia and Bestype was wildly successful in promoting sales to boutique owners/stockists.

Time to Call Bestype

Lookbook printing in NYC is a combination of art and design. Bestype has the in-house technology and diversity to meet any lookbook printing vision. Call Bestype for a free quote on your next lookbook project.

Dowel Furniture’s Successful

Saddle-Stitched Catalog

Catalogs and booklets are a staple in NYC promotion, which showcases talent and flair through the pages of playbills, lookbooks, and gallery edition catalogs. The beauty of being the premier printing service in NYC is that we get to share all of the acclaimed arts this city produces. From photographers and gallery promoters to furniture and food artisans — and beyond — Bestype gets the excellence of your work out into the world. 

The art of the printed catalog has slowly made a return in many product and service-based businesses. Harvard Business shared that print catalogs can increase sales by 15% – even more telling, this small uptick in customer action has been shown to yield up to a 600% return on investment. These are numbers worth paying attention to if you have a product or design line. 

Read on to learn more as we highlight NYC-based Dowel Furniture, a stunning marriage of art and function, and explore their successful collaboration with Bestype.

What is Saddle-Stitch Binding?

If you have ever held a magazine in your hands, you’ve experienced saddle-stitch binding. In its form, folded print pages are placed on a metal frame, and staples are inserted discreetly to hold the booklet or magazine together. The metal framing is called a saddle, and it creates the stitch. Within these basic principles, however, there is a world of print possibilities. 

With saddle stitch binding, you can personalize the type of cover, paper, matte, type of printing, thickness of paper, size of catalog, and so much more. It is a versatile format that can be utilized inexpensively or leveraged to create a high-end piece.

Saddle-stitching’s low cost and flexibility also grant it another perk — a fast turnaround time. This makes it great for short production runs, not to mention NYC artists’ and marketers’ famously tight deadlines. It is impressive for highlighting artwork since it can span two pages without a distracting binding fold. Coupled with Bestype’s expertise in indigo digital printing, your vision becomes a hand-held collection of beauty.

The Benefits of Printing a Saddle-Stitch Catalog

In addition to their elegance, saddle stitch catalogs carry long-term value for your artwork, collections, or designer lines. Printed catalogs have a way of legitimizing and increasing brand quality, reputation, and reach. It also tacitly communicates your business’s expectation for excellence to new client bases. 

Direct mail opportunities, as we mentioned earlier, have a demonstrated impact on ROI – and let’s be honest, people rarely only open a catalog to one page and stop. They flip. They observe and walk into your world. Now you can offer them a peek at your whole line in one place with ease. Many printed booklets communicate a customer’s experience through a print What is Saddle-Stitch Binding? catalog; some even answer questions to shorten the distance between inspiration and action. There are many formats for sharing your vision.

Bestype & Dowel Furniture ’ s Successful Saddle-Stitched Catalog

Featured by Elle Decor, Departures, Veranda, and more, Dowel Furniture partners with awardwinning designers to create fine furniture that is both luxurious and timeless. Each customizable piece is crafted in a family-owned factory in the Philippines. Choose your preference in fabric, finishes, and sizes to fit your personal decor and space.

Dowel Furniture approached Bestype to create a gorgeous saddle-stitched catalog for their hospitality line. We designed a piece that spoke directly to the hallmark of Dowel Furniture’s craftsmanship and quality. 

One of the aspects we maximized in this print catalog was a tight saddle-stitch binding for seamless premium image display on both the front and back cover. If you look closely at the catalog, you can see the artistic folding, which makes the stapling of the saddle-stitch almost invisible, bringing all the attention to the form and beauty of Dowel’s furniture.

It allowed the stunning photo cover to pop, spotlighting the swooping, elegant lines and rich fabric of a stately chair standing alongside a regal desk with a stylized hint of red-tinged books to draw the eye to the center. The tone is at once royally elegant and intimately inviting. The back cover subtly presents an exquisitely crafted end table and a simple, clear vase with sparse yet bold dried flowers against a muted backdrop, beckoning you into the rich world of hospitality. Each page of the printed booklet features full photos of elegance and craft. 

Dowel Furniture’s printed catalog married saddle-stitch binding with indigo digital printing in the following specifications: 

  • 7″ x 9” (14″ x 9″ flat) catalog 
  • 8 pages (2 sheets) + cover 
  • 4/4 indigo (2-sided) 
  • Cover: 100# cover uncoated 
  • Interior: 100# text uncoated 

Dowel Furniture was successful in promoting furniture sales in NYC through this project — an achievement that Bestype is proud to be a part of by spreading more personalized artisanry with this family-owned line.

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How Evereden Created a Spiral Bound Product Guide

Good enough is easy. But NYC brings out — and demands — the best of the best. The restaurants, the artists, the photographers, the businesses, and the visionaries with new paradigms all come together in New York, and Bestype is their premier printing service provider. We have the depth of experience and technology to greet a matte indigo printing lookbook with the same attention to excellence as a Tribeca film festival print and event package. 

All print projects receive the high-touch quality Bestype is known for. We are the chosen inhouse printing service for booklet printing, branding, window and floor decals, and signage for the largest galas and the most impromptu of pop-up shops alike. We work with dynamic and creative projects that bring art and beauty to life. 

In this chapter, we’ll take you behind the scenes of NYC-headquartered Evereden, a health and beauty company that uses only natural, food-grade ingredients for your family’s skincare needs. Read on to see how Bestype crafted a spiral bound book printing to help expand their reach to customers with care.

The Benefits of Spiral Bound Book Printing

Today’s marketing needs to grab the consumer’s attention. Printed booklets have better reader retention than digital collateral. Once on a digital platform, your customer is one click away from leaving, but a guide booklet in their hand brings their attention to one focal point: your work. 

The great benefit of spiral bound printing specifically is its versatility and ease of accessibility. Spiral bound printed booklets can accommodate both low and high page counts. That means they can hold the financial planning of a non-profit compiled over a decade, or they can be used for a new poet’s five-page portfolio. Bestype can source high-thickness paper with indigo printing excellence, as well as economical printing with white space availability for training manuals. Coupling this with our in-house printers and experienced staff makes guide booklets for any industry or artist wildly accessible in just about any turn-around time.

Additionally, spiral binding is durable, and pages can be opened 360 degrees. You can create a landscape of your product line, communicating a brand or a seasonal line through color and formatting that a client can easily keep on hand or in their bag for reference. Spiral bound books offer the client a chance to interact with, or even take notes on, your design or product line. 

The guide booklet offers a client higher retention and a less stressful reading experience over digital, allowing them more presence with your product. Unlike an internet tab that closes and disappears, a printed booklet can be passed to a coworker or colleague, live on a desk or a bookshelf, and create its own invitation. Science has even tracked that printed material can increase the joy of reading; an intentionally crafted print piece can create a moment of beauty and inspiration with your client rather than just another fleeting flash of data.

Investing in a spiral bound product guide shows your client the excellence and long-standing presence your products and services offer. In short, printed booklets offer your company and your client more potential for creating together. If this versatility is sparking your inspiration, you can reach right out to Bestype for more examples of supporting your work and reaching new audiences.

Evereden Creates a Spiral Bound Booklet with Bestype

Evereden of Eden Brands, located on Broadway in New York, offers Family Skincare made by Moms in Medicine™ that are non-toxic, plant-based, and gentle. Their skincare products go beyond the highest standards of quality and safety, never using parabens and sulfates. They source the highest caliber botanicals and work with the most exacting suppliers to “transform routines into rituals with safe, scientifically proven formulas for the whole family.”

Evereden contracted Bestype to create a product guide booklet to promote their top of the line skincare for families. Here are the product guide booklet specifications: 

  • Indigo printing 
  • Size: 7″ x 10″ (14″ x 10″ open) 8 pages (4 sheets) 
  • Cover and guts 4/4: 100# matte cover 
  • Black wire bound on left side

These components brought together a beautifully formatted product guide booklet showcasing families, babies, and the premier selection process for product creation. The booklet proclaimed: Safe is great, but not good enough for us. Within the four pages was a thorough and accessible explanation of Evereden’s holistic offerings. The back cover closes with an invitation to connect to Evereden online, accompanied by a photo of a coconut and sunflower to highlight the brilliant simplicity of working with nature. 

The booklet’s natural tones and straightforward language parallel Evereden’s transparent commitment to quality for all families. This project was an incredible success in extending Evereden’s outreach to serve moms, children, and entire families. 

Karliz & Co. Helps Resy & LuckyRice Celebrate Chinese New Year 

New York City is a fast-paced melting pot that is proud of its diversity and flare. With its variety, NYC also has one heartbeat that encompasses everyone — in times of strife and celebration. At Bestype, we love supporting businesses that have expanded and pivoted to meet the challenges of a changing market. The last few years have proven that with a vision and perseverance, you can rise to the top, and there is plenty to celebrate.

This chapter rounds out our lookbook showcasing some of the most exhilarating projects Bestype has delivered for NYC-based companies sharing their creative brilliance in murals, furniture, food, and more. These projects feed the culture and communities of NYC, and for our last installment, we are spotlighting a client that hits all of these flavors. Bestype worked with Karlitz & Co, an NYC-based event planner, on a personalized custom envelope printing for the Chinese New Year celebration with Resy, LuckyRice, and American Express, bringing good food and a year of luck to all participating New Yorkers.

Uplevel your Printing and Branding: Using Die-Cut, Embossed Gold Printing & White Ink Printing 

We’ll share with you the specifics and the significance of custom red envelopes, but first, let’s talk about the versatility of custom die-cut paper. Die-cutting is a method that allows you to cut paper into any shape you want.

This expands the possibilities to highlight designs and images for your brand (or event) awareness, including the ability to make 3D pieces. Die-cutting can be understated or extravagant so that simple pieces are elevated in their invitation for client engagement. When you work with a full-service printing company like Besype, we can share best practices to meet your vision, and in our portfolio, you may even see something that sparks your brand’s creativity, such as the custom-made gold inlay red envelopes we made.

The lettering of the custom envelopes was done in white, which offers a pop of color and a layer of refinement. White ink lying atop color choices gives a different impression than black. An ink color choice can have a large impact on the branding or feeling of the print product. Bestype has leveraged die-cut and white ink print in many impactful projects, including wall decals at events to promote sponsors and brand messaging. 

Embossed gold printing rounded out the embellishments that marked this project as a point of celebration. Gold grabs our attention; it makes an immediate impact and elevates expectations. It can often give a longer life to a piece; when more basic invitations are forgotten, high-quality gold pieces find space on a desk, a calendar, or a message board. Additionally, we can use gold foil stamp on book printing, whether for a commemorative piece, a small print run of an author’s book, or custom red envelopes. Gold foil stamp is an attention-grabber, making a lasting — or rather a golden — impression. 

Bestype and Karltiz & Co. Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Resy and LuckyRice

Since 2010, LuckyRice, with offices in NYC, has created experiences and content to cultivate and celebrate the foods and cultures of Asia. Over the past dozen years, LuckyRice has produced over 25 food festivals, feeding more than 60 thousand people. Resy, headquartered in NYC, is a hospitality technology platform that powers restaurants around the world – and a consumer-facing reservation platform for passionate diners. Since its inception in 2014, Resy has created best-in-class software that elevates dining experiences and connects restaurants to a growing network of highly-engaged diners, with the powerful backing of American Express. 

Karlitz & Co. is an industry leader in event marketing, designing memorable experiences that enable their clients to engage with their audiences. They contacted Betype to make customized red envelopes for the Year of The Ox celebration. This celebration occurs on the first new moon of the lunar calendar, with symbolic foods and gestures to welcome the new year with good luck.

Why red envelopes? We’re so glad you asked. The color red in Chinese culture (and many Asian cultures) symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

Many long-standing traditions of gathering in Chinatown were placed on hold in 2021, which made this at-home collaboration all the more special. Resy And LuckyRice partnered with the top Chinese restaurants in New York to create exclusive take-out menus to celebrate. Additionally, each order came with The Year of the Ox commemorations (including Bestype’s custom envelope printing) to add joy and promote cultural understanding.

Let’s get to the specifics on The Year of the Ox envelopes: 

  • White digital printing on 80# text imperial red paper 
  • Gold foil stamp 
  • Custom die-cut, scored, and assembled with glue 
  • Size: 2.25″ x 3.5″ (approx. 5″ x 5″ unfolded)

This promotional event for Resy, American Express, and LuckyRice was wildly successful. In a year that saw a drop in restaurant attendance, this event brought joy into every home. Plus, Resy was able to re-educate happy eaters on the beauty of Chinese culture and its celebrated place in NYC.

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