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Coming Prepared to a Client Meeting: Everything You Need to Print

April 20, 2020

In the advertising world, every time you meet face-to-face with your client you’re trying to make a lasting impression. How you show up today will affect anything from how often you get face time with this client, your scope of work for the following year, and how people within your client’s organization view you and your company. That’s why you want to be prepared for each and every client meeting. So, how do you do that?

4 Ways to Be Prepared for a Client Meeting

Share an Agenda

A client meeting starts well before the actual meeting. You’ll want to talk with your client to set a clear goal for the meeting, determine what they can expect from you at the meeting, and make sure there is an accurate amount of time allotted for the discussion. Sharing an agenda with your team as well as the client helps everyone know what to expect, stay on track the day of, and remember what was talked about afterward.

Bring Handouts for Your Clients

Now, if you really want to seem prepared, you’ll bring handouts to your client meeting. Presenting something? Print it out so your clients could take notes on it. Need to get your point across with an awesomely designed infographic? Make digital prints of it as a leave behind. Have engaging new creative designed for your client? Let them physically hold their print ads. With printed out advertising materials, you’ll really wow your client!

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Any time a plan is presented, there’s bound to be follow-up questions. The best way to prepare for this is to practice your presentation in front of people who aren’t involved. Encourage them to interact with you throughout the presentation – interrupt, ask questions, maybe even do some things that might throw you off like cough or get up from their seat. This way you’ll know how to deal with the unexpected, prepare answers to questions for difficult parts of the presentation, and become more comfortable in front of others.

Always Share a Follow-Up

The meeting is over. You’ve gone back to your home or office. Now what? You’re not done. I’m sure there were takeaways for both parties coming out of the meeting. To prove you were engaged and that you mean business on what you promised, send a follow-up email. Share takeaways, next steps, and a future plan. The little extra will go a long way with your client.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on acing your next client meeting, you’ll need to prepare. Check out Bestype Imaging’s offerings for marketing and advertising agencies and professionals. You’ll find everything you need to print for your next big presentation!