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Choose Step and Repeat Banners for Your NYC Events

December 20, 2022

In our last article, we explained the art of wild posting. This article will illuminate the relationship between art and marketing with step and repeat banners. Step and repeat banners provide an audience-built momentum for your brand recognition and event promotion. This is one of the inspiring ways that the city’s heartbeat asks event planners and designers to elevate their messaging to the vibrancy synonymous with NYC. It is also where Bestype shines in its simultaneous investment in industry and community experience.

In this final article of our six-part series on posters, banner printing, and large-format printing, we’ll focus on the value of step and repeat banners for memorable NYC events and marketing strategies.

What is a Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat banners get their name from the use of logos as a pattern. These banners replace generic photo backdrops with a customized background that doubles as advertising with branded imagery. You see them as the photo-op backdrop to major events, catching the flash of the paparazzi camera lights and being hashtagged and shared across social media platforms and magazines.

Since NYC is such an event-based city, step and repeat banners have widespread usage for occasions like premieres, openings, red carpet events, competitions, and more; custom step and repeat banners make for a sensible branding recognition investment.

How to Create a Step and Repeat Banner

First, you need your branded imagery or logo to print on a banner. You want to create an eye-catching backdrop, and since the image will be repeated, whether staggered or patterned, you most likely want it to be simplified with bold colors that are on brand, ensuring they are easily seen and recognized. Some event planners choose banner printing with a larger customized backdrop and the branded imagery on top. While not specifically a step and repeat banner, this option achieves the same effect and is something easy to discuss in a Bestype consultation.  

Second, you will need to choose the material. For durability and longevity, you can print on matte vinyl. Step and repeat banners for NYC’s higher-end events are printed on fabric for zero glare from the camera lenses. They’re also generally free of embellishment, allowing the logo or backdrop to do its job. A less crowded look puts the spotlight where it’s needed: on your logo, and the audience posed in front of it. 

One more element to consider is sizing. This can be venue dependent, meaning some places have regulations on sizings, while others simply have space constraints. Often we choose an 8 x 8 to accommodate most people’s heights, but wider and alternatively sized options are available with Bestype’s hallmark versatility that meets every project’s vision with excellence. And, of course, repeat backdrop banners come with a stand. 

Camera, Lights, Action

Today’s notable events are marked with a selfie and shared on social platforms. A step and repeat banner invites audience interaction while broadcasting your branded logo and event. This social sharing can increase your visibility in exponential tiers, generating a crowd-sourced marketing effect that makes investing in banner printing an easy choice. We mentioned earlier the best materials to help with camera glare. Still, we recommend you set up proper lighting to ensure your custom step and repeat banner pops at your event and later in the reviews and social shares. 

With lighting comes visibility, so think big –  in the space, in the banner, in the room, and in the timing you give your audience to catch their moment of fame in front of your crafted banner! Make it easy and accessible for the attendees to take plenty of pictures or have their pictures taken by attending media. It is also helpful to station event staff to ensure ease of traffic flow. 

With all of the action at the event (and in the word-of-mouth brand recognition you are creating), don’t forget to take proper care of the investment you’ve made in quality banner printing. If matte vinyl meets your needs, be sure the banner is rolled up and stored safely to ensure its vibrancy for future events. We will walk you through the caretaking if you choose a fabric banner. Whatever your chosen banner material, Bestype will also help you see the long-term potential for crafting a true NYC moment in your business.

Contact Bestype

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