Catalog Printing 101 - Bestype's Guide to How Catalogs Are Used in Different Industries

Catalog Printing 101 – Bestype’s Guide to How Catalogs Are Used in Different Industries

August 15, 2022

Like print magazines Magazine Printing, catalog printing holds a wealth of opportunities for marketing and relationship building — both in print and digital format. The key to unlocking catalog printing potential is reaching your customers with your unique messaging. Industry professionals leverage catalogs to reach their target audiences and open possibilities, and it’s an invitation that translates across industries. For instance, lookbooks, home goods, fine art, and custom product catalogs all showcase different formatting, and can be exquisitely produced, created, and printed in-house at Bestype with our top-notch NYC catalog printing services.


In this fourth installment of our six-part series on trends in book, catalog, and magazine printing, we’ll show you how catalogs are leveraged in different industries. We’ll highlight the newer trends while sharing the vetted experience that Bestype has acquired in catalog printing for a broad spectrum of industries in both size and outreach. What an apparel business needs for customer-direct communication is not the same as what an artist needs for a retrospective of work or a gallery presentation. Bestype is the premier NYC catalog printing service; while answering a multitude of creative needs, we can collaborate as your in-house catalog printing company.


How to Print a Lookbook?


A lookbook is what the name indicates — an invitation for a fashion designer, shoe, accessory, or apparel company to have a buyer or gallery take a look. In the fashion industry, a lookbook can gain a smaller designer entry into a new buyer or a new season’s line. What does that mean when you’re selecting a catalog printing company to format your lookbook? 


First, at Bestype, it means paying attention to tonality and feel, with wide open space for the imagery to draw attention, rather than crowding the frame with excessive wording. Some traditional lookbooks have a minimalist background, some artfully display a framed background, and others are breaking the mold with avant-garde layouts and website interactivity with customers. Whatever layout features match your vision, our in-house team of professionals will ensure that your catalog printing enhances your creativity. 


With Bestype’s in-house printers, you also have an array of printing styles and papers to elevate the experience of your lookbook without the limited inventory or unpredictability of online printing. Our team can work with your layout design and match it with binding that will echo your nuances and complement the aesthetic with paper and printing choices that will claim the potential buyer’s attention. A lookbook needs to stand out, to speak for itself, and to shine a spotlight that could change the trajectory of your work. We understand that at Bestype.


What About Catalog Printing Services for Products? 


As we mentioned, printing catalogs for furniture, shoe, or apparel companies are lookbooks by another name; you or your company have designed lamps, crafted a table, created envelope-pushing footwear for the upcoming season, or captured the fashion vision that was once a dream. Your catalog printing needs to capture the quality you have created, so the boutique owner or the Neiman’s buyer says an immediate yes. Investing in a premier catalog can take your business into new territory; however, catalog printing pricing needs to reflect what you will gain in customer interest; in other words, it has to be good. At Bestype, it’s exceptional. With our in-house printing and binding, we take out the guesswork. You don’t have to hope your buyers’ catalog will turn out well; you’ll know it will.


If your company needs to provide a fresh look for potential buyers, Bestype has got you covered. We understand that the quality and appearance of your catalog in a potential buyer’s hand move it from prospect to profit. You can trust our in-house team to color confirm your mock-ups, test the accuracy of your digital or offset printing, and ensure excellence in a full spectrum layout quality check before printing your catalog in-house with our fleet of printers.


Bestype’s Catalog Printing Services for Gallery Catalogs


In the heart of NYC, serving the fashion, the publication, and the art centers of the world, we understand the integrity demanded in a gallery catalog. Perhaps an artist has researched a dream venue to showcase their work; a gallery catalog is the cornerstone of that potential relationship between artist and art house. It shows the heart and horizon of the artist’s work. It may be the touchstone that passes from the administrative assistant to the gallerist — and from there, opportunities await. 


The artist that is known is revered, and your work deserves recognition. Whether you already have representation and need a gallery catalog to announce your newest collection, or you’re poised to make your entry into the city’s art scene, Bestype has worked with all aspects of the art ecosystem: museums, galleries, auctions, and artists alike. With Bestype as your chosen gallery catalog printing service, we will ensure your art is translated with excellence, bound with accuracy, and color matched to scale. 


So what are you waiting for? Call Bestype today to open your next horizon. Be seen. It’s time to flourish and let your art, your fashion, and your craft be found. Call Bestype to get a free quote on your catalog printing, and be sure to catch our next article on the many ways print catalogs are making a comeback.


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