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Book Printing – How Do Different Industries Use Books in Their Marketing?

July 13, 2022

Custom book printing amplifies messaging and reaches across many industries with lookbooks, playbills, employee handbooks, and more. Your choice in book printing and binding may be someone’s first detailed impression of your work, whether it is a comic book or marketing catalog. What the client holds in their hand is what brings them to action. Is it sleek and stackable, or does it need to be easily marked up and accessed for training purposes? 


In this article, the first of our six-part series on custom book printing services, we’ll show you how different industries utilize custom book printing to get their message into the right hands. With Bestype, you have the support of a comprehensive in-house team for custom book printing that loves the written word, supports the arts and culture of NYC, and understands the power of book printing and binding.


How to Print a Book for Marketing?

You must be wondering, so let us fill you in on the first steps. We’ve got you! When you reach out to Bestype, we will do an initial consultation and custom quote for your book to determine everything you need to meet your marketing and promotion goals. How many different types of books are there? As many as there are visions, and Bestype knows how to make yours come to life.


Lookbook Printing and Binding

Lookbooks are used by the fashion and product design industries to show the color, craftsmanship, and attention to detail in their creations. Leveraging boldness in color and elegance through lookbooks and collateral marketing promotions can make a new collection soar into popularity. 


Product design, whether accessories, furniture, lighting, or home goods, also calls for a custom layout that communicates the quality and tonality of the products offered. Soho is the heart of creation. Bestype is surrounded by the best of the best in home design and art. We see the powerful marketing presence a well-done lookbook provides. Since we are also in your neighborhood, many of our book printing services clients feel the creativity in the air and have the reassurance to touch and see their vision at the proof stage before it’s sent off to print. 


Quick Turn-arounds for Playbills and Gallery Catalogs

These books are in high demand in NYC; they announce corner shows and Broadway blockbusters. Many shows have last-minute updates to performers or venue changes and need a reprint. When the show must go on, many of Broadway’s best, along with creative professionals in the theater and entertainment industry, choose to work with Bestype to ensure it does. 


We also create gallery catalogs for art openings, museums, or pop-up exhibits to gain traction and social promotion. Gallery catalogs highlight high-level attention to layout and design. These books also require deadline precision. Since everything Bestype prints is under one roof, shipping deadlines and turn-around times are less stressful. When we opened in 1978, we were printing graphics for students, and we have continued serving the creative ever since, on time and on budget.


How to Print a Zine?

Zines are traditionally a small batch of creativity that shares music, art, culture, or expression outside of the mainstream. The form itself is a growing expression, and we at Bestype love them. Zines are a way to have a voice heard and shared, bold and brash or minimal and sparse. They can be poetic or ironic. They can be mixed media. Whatever you can dream up, Bestype can get your unique zine out to the world while maintaining the intimacy of your personal touch and vision.


Custom Book Printing for Business

Let’s not forget about Wall Street. Bestype prints the annual reports for financial service firms and not-for-profit services alike. Both are part of the culture and passion of NYC. Both need to share with their stakeholders how they are making their goals a reality.  


For businesses of 100+ employees across countless industries, we run in-house prints of employee handbooks. These books work to share resources, training, and brand building. Event planners utilize them to promote business conferences, trade shows, or exhibits — Bestype is your in-house one-stop printing team to give your events maximum impact and get people talking through custom book printing and other marketing services.


Call Bestype for Custom Book Printing


Whether for the love of art or the need for promotion — or both — your book deserves the best. With Bestype, you have a print shop with the full in-house capability for book printing and binding with a top-of-the-line team of professionals to see you through the whole process, from idea to holding your zine or catalog in your hand. 


You have a one-of-a-kind design, and we have an exceptional team who loves to see you succeed. Contact Bestype today for a quote on your next custom book printing project, and bring that vision to life. In our following article, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of custom booklet printing.


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