Your Printing Guide to Banners, Posters, and Large Format Printing

February 9, 2024

The Many Uses of Poster Printing in NYC

Countless songs broadcast the energy and potential of New York, New York! “Look up!” they say, and see your name in lights. It’s synonymous with you’vemade-it success. The same is true for your business, gallery, or art. The power of sky-high messaging is available to you with custom poster printing in NYC, ready to give your business that unmatched “see your name in lights” feeling, whether your poster graces a wall in New York’s storied cityscape or a window in one of its iconic stores. It also happens to be one of our cornerstone crafts, which we deliver with prestige and precision at Bestype.

Customized poster printing creates a presence for your brand and message. In this — our first article of a six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing — we’ll take an in-depth look at how poster printing for NYC events and marketing strategies can work wonders for your visibility and your business. This article focuses on print poster types and uses, and how Bestype can serve your vision.


In Bestype’s Soho office, you will find everything you need to make your print process prosperous, memorable, and easy — even with tight deadlines. Posters are a classic form of advertising all over NYC, but different print posters achieve different results. Let’s start with the basics.

For example, easel posters are durable and affordable. They serve both functional and marketable purposes. For events or openings, posters direct traffic and attention while creating a seamless cadence for your brand messaging. 

Stanchion posters offer similar functionality to easel posters, giving physical direction while also communicating professionalism and durability. The texture and size of stanchion signs, with their sturdy metal frames atop a metal or plastic stand, indicate longevity; versus an easel that is moveable for events or time-limited announcements — such as a sale or grand opening. For in-person purchasing, stanchion posters catch and anchor your potential client’s attention.

We also create point of purchase (POP) posters for our clients. Originally, you saw these at the register, but businesses found these signs pack a profitable pop throughout the store. You’ll see them placed at:

  • Vendor spaces inside a store for differentiation 
  • Freestanding locations to highlight a particular product 
  • Banner stands 
  • Endcap displays 
  • Dump bins to focus attention with a large display 

With Bestype, when you book a consultation, you can share your vision and what areas you want to highlight in your business or direct focus to for your event planning. We will walk you through choices of large format printing and small but mighty POP posters while you make high-level decisions. 


At Bestype, we work with a world of people and passions. We partner with independent filmmakers who do short runs for festivals and print movie posters to advertise, and film producers for screenings. They know that at Bestype, we will ensure the artwork and color match-up is exquisite. Plus, we can do it quickly. 

Often, custom poster printing in NYC combines a tight turnaround with high-quality demands. At Bestype, we do all our printing in-house and maintain a detailed schedule with one eye attuned to the cultural calendar of NYC arts and entertainment. That’s why we are a favorite for print posters in NYC: we think and work with our city. 

Working in-house also removes variables such as shipping time and product availability issues, giving you access instead to in-stock resources that we manage for you so you can focus on your event or opening. 

Who else uses poster printing in NYC? Well, the next time you walk out of your building or highrise, take a minute to notice how many signs you see. You’ll see them for performances, school starts, education programs, gallery openings, high-ticket auctions, first-run photography shows, and even at book and zine events. They are everywhere for celebrations and especially around any major holiday, informing your audience whether they realize it or not. Best to work with a professional to capitalize on your authentic messaging and celebrate your outreach. 


At Bestype, our seasoned staff will help you through printing choices to match your budget and vision. Digital printing — which is the most common for today’s customer needs for variety and economy — opens rich avenues. While offset poster printing — which is used for very high volumes or when there is a call for a deep layering of color — is often the option for larger projects. 

We will guide you through sizing choices and our application process to ensure the longevity of your poster printing matches your needs. And our in-house experts will show you some of the secrets of the trade, like why less is more, and how committing to a color palette, using bleeds, and going big are worthwhile elements that help build your brand.


We love poster printing for NYC so much that we could talk about it for days! Contact us for a quote so we can share your message or help you solve your needs on your next printing project. In our next article, we’ll share more about what types of businesses, events, and creative initiatives benefit from large format printing.

Who Uses Large Format Printing in NYC?

Large format printing is everywhere: wall decals, window clings, retail graphics — and don’t forget the classic banner. Our audience has come to look for these large displays to orient, inform, or educate. It’s a lucrative form of advertising that’s also a conversation — a chance to make an impression on your established and upcoming clients. At Bestype, we believe in doing things well and leveraging our excellence to amplify our customer’s message. We recently invested in the latest technology to expand and expedite our large format print services, knowing it will better serve our clients. We’ll tell you more below.

In this second installment of our six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing in NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll walk you through the ample opportunities that await in large format printing services and their common uses in NYC. We’ll highlight how Bestype can help your large format printing in NYC; we are here to serve you and share your vision. 


Large format printing is needed all across NYC. It’s the backdrop for models, products, and event photo shoots. They are the banners or sidewalk signs you walk past on your way to The Met, The Gala, the food truck festival, the off-Broadway premiere, and the opening of a new food-fusion restaurant. Large format printing is how NYC lets you know there is something to see.

Many institutions, businesses, and creative entities in NYC need large format printing as advertisements for events, products, or the backdrops we mentioned. Let’s look at a few types of large format printing to see how they might help your business: 

  • Classic banners 
  • Adhesive vinyl graphics for windows and walls 
  • Step and repeat banners 
  • Sidewalk signs 
  • Photo backdrops 
  • Blueprints 
  • Trade show booth banners 

One of the differences in working with a large format printing services firm in NYC is that we understand the culture and expectations of excellence. Bestype also does all of our work in-house, and we work across industries and printing formats. That means that the same creative group that prints your banners can print your lanyards, lookbooks, and flyers. With our innovative printing services, we can ease the management of your events or projects while making the most of your time and your budget.


Bestype’s reputation for serving NYC has come from staying creative and attentive. We noted the rising needs in our communities and the industries we serve, and invested in your vision by upgrading to new equipment that streamlines production and shortens turnaround time for large format printing. With these enhancements, Bestype can now produce a greater variety of large format printing projects with better competitive pricing. 


At large-scale events — art exhibits, business conferences, or fashion shows, to name a few — look for the long, flowing banners or horizontal declarations that broadcast illuminated messages. You may have your attention drawn by a designer backdrop in a new light, or notice the symbol at your next gallery event and realize all these subtle (or bold) statements are rendered through the fine art of large format printing.

For NYC-based annual events, you can count on demand for premier signage that outdoes the year before. Bestype has worked with the Tribeca Film Festival to ensure NYC excellence in promotion; we have also supported New York Fashion Week and run the playbills for some of NYC’s finest shows. These are just a few of the yearly NYC events and seasonal celebrations that we have served. 

Bestype is also here for the spontaneous — whether at a known spot or a brand-new pop-up. Don’t underestimate the power of a pop-up shop. Although they have spread across the country, pop-ups are definitely a NYC phenomenon. Whether it is a limitedtime event, a seasonal food establishment, or a retail store, all of these avenues utilize large format printing. 

Retail and office spaces use large format printing for sidewalk signs and adhesive vinyl in window and wall graphics. The next time you walk past a barber, have a meeting in a new client’s office, or look down to see a directional sign, you are walking right into the benefits of large format printing in NYC. 


Contact Bestype for a quote or ideas on leveraging large format prints in your business branding and outreach. We bring easy opportunities to life to increase your visibility and your recognition. With Bestype, you have a premier NYC printing service company with in-house technology and skilled staff to help you be found. If you are in SoHo, you can always stop by.

Event planning is an art: from picking the venue and organizing the event to directing the flow of traffic and orchestrating the presentations with the attendee’s experience in mind. As a onestop printing service shop in the heart of NYC, we at Bestype know the behindthe-scenes of hallmark culture events as well as the elite diamond-level conferences of annual corporate meetings and product launches. 

To the attendee, it all runs seamlessly (if planned well). To the event coordinator, there are multiple levels of excellence to manage, from the logistical details to the consistency in branding from swag bags to presentation banners. That includes delivering the right message clearly and to the right people in a way that lasts long after the moment. Messaging amplifies an event’s success, and one type of messaging favored by NYC’s marketers and creatives is the usage of custom banners. 

Banners help orient your client’s direction and experience. Depending on the event, grand opening, or conference, a banner can invite people who would not otherwise know to “Come on in.” Similarly, custom banner printing can set the tone for an invite-only gathering. The colors, the branding, and the placement are all subtle and necessary components that can help your hard work easily guide your target audience, whether with bold or elegant notes. 

In this third installment of our six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing in NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll show you the return on investing in banners that share your message. Bestype offers premier banner printing in NYC; we are here to serve you and share your vision. 


When made well, banners are easily-transported and easy to set up and reuse. They are a staple to trademark any large gathering, whether themed pop-ups in the streets or luxurious conference halls in NYC. Banners make it easy for people to find and recognize the quality you offer. 

Custom print banners help build your branding. The colors alone can speak to the tonality of your work, restaurant, or event. How? You have an opportunity to share a clear graphic visual invitation with your audience. Banners broadcast business visibility and establish market recognition. There can be advertisement opportunities in custom print banners, whether at the event itself, a displaying of sponsorship, or captured in promotional materials that will live on and continue to speak to audiences.


Banners hang in storefront windows or lie flat tethered against walls, fencing, and tables. They can stand upright as floor displays and float above the crowds, drawing eyes upward. How do you decide which configuration is best for your message? First, it is essential to know what you want or need to achieve — Bestype’s in-house team can help you think this through — and then you can make the most informed and effective choices. 

Let’s look at some options, which include choices in style and material. Our large format machines print banners on paper, fabrics, vinyl, perforated vinyl, and canvas. Digital printing transfers designs and colors flawlessly, and we can print as many banners as you need for your event. 

Classic banners can be hung at various levels for function or impression and serve as a traditional representation, especially in a fabric format. These are often seen at larger corporate events, academic environments, or indoor celebrations or performances. 

Scrim vinyl banners with grommets are easy to spot at outdoor events. The grommets allow users to string cords through the banner for hanging in different ways and environments. With weights sewn into their hems, they make a formidable impression on pop-up tents or maker’s markets, music events, and more. These are also economical and easy to produce. The vinyl with reinforced grommets makes this investment longlasting, giving you ample opportunity to get your message and your business the attention it deserves.

Pop-up/pull-up banners are the same name as this sleek banner that comes with its own hardware and storage case. These retractable banners are ready to stand tall and are the ultimate roll-up-and-go package that easily ports from location to location. They collapse and store for re-use. Good design makes roll-up banners hard to miss, and their length makes them perfect tools to convey text information at eye level. They are suitable for conferences, retail stores, airports, larger venues, casual restaurants, and more. It’s hard to walk through the streets of NYC without bumping into one. 


Whether you are ready to broadcast your beautiful business at a market or need a retractable banner designed for your company’s meeting or your gallery’s entrance, we have you covered. Bestype has the in-house staff, printers, and expertise to create an investment that will serve your business and your brand. Contact Bestype today for a quote on your next banner printing project.

Brand Your Space With Vinyl Window and Wall Graphics

Walking down the street in NYC is an event. The sidewalk is alive with people and potential; the air holds vibrancy, and the aroma of food trucks and restaurants swirls as you pass. The windows are either beckoning you inside, inviting you to a premiere, or broadcasting a new sale. The storefront windows of NYC are prime real estate to catch a customer’s attention, state a business’ elegance, or simply say: We are here. When a business needs a new vinyl window sign or wall decal in
NYC, they call Bestype because we get how to be seen in NYC. 

In this fourth installment of our six-part series on banners, posters, and large format printing for NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll peel back the curtain on the many advantages of utilizing vinyl window sign printing and vinyl wall graphics in NYC. Situated in SoHo, Bestype understands how to share your vision and brighten your branded storefront. 


Having a well-known and respected vinyl window sign printing service in NYC means we get a lot of calls for storefronts. Like the iconic food trucks mentioned above, storefronts are a cornerstone of the NYC landscape and any store’s marketing plan. With so many businesses on one street, it’s important to make your physical presence a memorable invitation, or at least a clear announcement for your customers to find you — and remember you. 

Your storefront draws the attention of your potential customer. You can whisper or shout through your window display with your choice of color, design, and even font.

We have installed window advertisements for restaurants, corporations, cultural events, galleries — you name it. Window graphics can announce a product launch or a seasonal collection. When a store ditches the handwritten, taped up paper sign to elegantly display its hours for you on their window with custom lettering, that is vinyl printing communicating with your customers. It can be that simple. It can also be a dynamic and creative display of your logo or artwork that becomes a statement piece. 


Once a customer steps inside your shop or restaurant or office, what greets them? A custom wall graphic is one way to create a unique and memorable statement. Wall graphics can display your store logo, announce a seasonal promotion, or even introduce a design element that adds to the experience of your store or boutique. Vinyl wall graphics can be incredibly dynamic for a big event, or serve as a centerpiece to set the tone of the ambiance inside of a store. 

You’ll notice them being featured more and more often in corporate offices to create a branded lobby, waiting room, conference room, or workspace. Custom wall graphics can be a benefit for any size business. It is an economical investment in your messaging. Did you know you can even wrap vehicles with large format printing? The possibilities are endless. 


Vinyl is a versatile medium to work with. It is flexible and durable. Vinyl window sign printing, vinyl wall graphics, and custom wall graphics are all made using a vinyl material with an adhesive that attaches to the window or wall side. Professional installation is an easy and inexpensive way to amplify your branding and improve your customer experience. And because it’s so durable, you’ll be sure to get a long life from your investment. 

Cut vinyl looks good, too. We work with a variety of colors, shapes, and designs to make your vision pop and increase the foot traffic to your store. Large format printing refers to a printing process that produces graphics on a scale too large for most commercial printers, but not for Bestype. We use state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to create high-quality results — and we recently invested in upgraded technology to expand our in-house printing capacity and economy for our clients.

Vinyl window sign printing is quick and cost-effective. Some large format printing can take days to dry, but cut vinyl is ready immediately, and at Bestype, we are known for our speedy turnarounds with impeccable quality. So if you know an event planner with a last-minute need, or you have a restaurant opening and want to upgrade your storefront appearance before the big day — just call your friends at Bestype. We are here to help you, and our neighbors, thrive. 


Contact Bestype for a quote for large format printing for your NYC business. With Bestype’s versatility, we can carry your messaging from a window decal and sidewalk signs to seasonal flyers and more with flawless consistency. And with our extensive onsite printing capacity, we can act quickly and efficiently on the current large format printing needs you have while also giving you ideas on how to broaden your business branding in other ways to make the most of your investment. Bestype is NYC’s premier printing service company with in-house technology and skilled staff to help you be found in the bustling streets of NYC. If you are in our neighborhood — stop by and say hello.

Marketing in NYC? Try Wild Posting

Remember the last time you rerouted your step on an NYC street because the sidewalk was scaffolded for work? Perhaps you turned your head to see a slew of stacked or staggered posters advertising a show or a new product? That is the art and industry of wild posting. It is a grassroots style of marketing that has flourished for smaller events and businesses while also gathering the attention and budgeting of Fortune 500 companies, who are investing in wild post marketing throughout the streets of prominent cities like NYC. 

In this fifth article of our six-part series on banners, poster printing, and large format printing for NYC events and marketing strategies, we’ll take you behind the scenes of wild posting and show you how to enliven unlikely spaces in NYC with dynamic, local messaging. Bestype produces wild posters with in-house technology and homegrown New York flare for both the corner shop and franchise clients. 


Specifically, it is when there is a static poster printed and posted several times in one location to draw maximum attention. Sometimes, the wild posting style can heighten engagement or rely on the power of repeated imagery for impact. 

With the trend of optimizing outdoor spaces for entertainment and marketing, wild posting is booming even as it keeps its edge a bit outside the norms of marketing.

When you walk past the construction site and the poster-covered plywood — those are wild posters, holding the street aesthetic of graffiti culture. Wild posting often happens at night or on the weekends, pasting posters up simultaneously in multiple locations throughout a city, claiming spaces like barricades, fences, gates, and scaffolding for local displays of wild marketing. 


Some successful aspects of wild posting in NYC are a bold image and bare-bones advertisement to attract more interest, street credibility, and curiosity from your target audience.

Poster printing is at the heart of wild posting and at the core of Bestype’s printing services. We easily color-match your imaging and print your posters in-house on our digital printers. The punch of the image, its color, and its rhythm in repetition will draw the attention you are seeking. Our in-house experts can solve color choices for prominence while maintaining brand accuracy, or meet message tonality for an event or launch. You can also schedule weekly ordering if you are planning a more extensive campaign. 

Wild posters can come in many shapes and sizes; they are meant to match your tone and share your vibe with your target audience, so let your creativity help guide your decisions. We print wheatpaste posters, which are used in wild posting for easy application on cityscapes, transforming a street corner into an artful display. Since this style of poster printing aligns with a city’s culture, be sure to take note of areas that lend themselves to this brand of messaging. You can decide on how many locations to roll out for your guerilla marketing and when to schedule it for maximum impact; don’t forget to leverage it on your social media platform, bringing the art of your message to cities everywhere. Wild poster printing works in multiples for locations, applications, and opportunities.


Although it is gaining increasing attention, wild posting marketing is neither new nor mainstream. It dates back to middle Europe’s 15th-century announcements and proclamations. In the late 1890s, instructions were posted to prevent damage in the applications of posters — a nod toward its temporary nature. For our modern wild posting in NYC, you can expect your message to stay up for approximately 3 – 5 days before it is taken down. While it is not illegal, it is still considered guerilla-style marketing; some cities and neighborhoods have embraced it as part of their poster printing culture more than others. 

Wild posting is highly effective and economical. These posters can get the traffic of a magazine advertisement for a fraction of the cost — but location is everything, so be sure to map out highly trafficked areas of your demographic. The industries that tend to profit from wild posting marketing are many — from fashion, beauty, and food to pharmaceuticals, and even up-and-coming brands that know how to leverage frequency for their benefit. To gain maximum exposure, you will want to plan several blasts of wild posting throughout the timeline of your NYC marketing event, saturating your audience with anticipation and excitement.


At Bestype, with a consultation, we can answer your preliminary questions about wild posters and help you envision a poster printing plan. We bring art and industry together for NYC. Contact us for a quote on your next printing project. In our upcoming article, we’ll share how to leverage step and repeat banners for events in NYC to make your moment memorable.

Choose Step and Repeat Banners for Your NYC Events

In our last article, we explained the art of wild posting. This article will illuminate the relationship between art and marketing with step and repeat banners. Step and repeat banners provide an audiencebuilt momentum for your brand recognition and event promotion. This is one of the inspiring ways that the city’s heartbeat asks event planners and designers to elevate their messaging to the vibrancy synonymous with NYC. It is also where Bestype shines in its simultaneous investment in industry and community experience. 

In this final article of our six-part series on posters, banner printing, and large-format printing, we’ll focus on the value of step and repeat banners for memorable NYC events and marketing strategies. 


Step and repeat banners get their name from the use of logos as a pattern. These banners replace generic photo backdrops with a customized background that doubles as advertising with branded imagery. You see them as the photo-op backdrop to major events, catching the flash of the paparazzi camera lights and being hashtagged and shared across social media platforms and magazines. 

Since NYC is such an event-based city, step and repeat banners have widespread usage for occasions like premieres, openings, red carpet events, competitions, and more; custom step and repeat banners make for a sensible branding recognition investment.


 First, you need your branded imagery or logo to print on a banner. You want to create an eye-catching backdrop, and since the image will be repeated, whether staggered or patterned, you most likely want it to be simplified with bold colors that are on brand, ensuring they are easily seen and recognized. Some event planners choose banner printing with a larger customized backdrop and the branded imagery on top. While not specifically a step and repeat banner, this option achieves the same effect and is something easy to discuss in a Bestype consultation. 

Second, you will need to choose the material. For durability and longevity, you can print on matte vinyl. Step and repeat banners for NYC’s higher-end events are printed on fabric for zero glare from the camera lenses. They’re also generally free of embellishment, allowing the logo or backdrop to do its job. A less crowded look puts the spotlight where it’s needed: on your logo, and the audience posed in front of it. 

One more element to consider is sizing. This can be venue dependent, meaning some places have regulations on sizings, while others simply have space constraints. Often we choose an 8 x 8 to accommodate most people’s heights, but wider and alternatively sized options are available with Bestype’s hallmark versatility that meets every project’s vision with excellence. And, of course, repeat backdrop banners come with a stand. 


Today’s notable events are marked with a selfie and shared on social platforms. A step and repeat banner invites audience interaction while broadcasting your branded logo and event. This social sharing can increase your visibility in exponential tiers, generating a crowd-sourced marketing effect that makes investing in banner printing an easy choice. We mentioned earlier the best materials to help with camera glare. Still, we recommend you set up proper lighting to ensure your custom step and repeat banner pops at your event and later in the reviews and social shares. 

With lighting comes visibility, so think big – in the space, in the banner, in the room, and in the timing you give your audience to catch their moment of fame in front of your crafted banner! Make it easy and accessible for the attendees to take plenty of pictures or have their pictures taken by attending media. It is also helpful to station event staff to ensure ease of traffic flow.

With all of the action at the event (and in the word-of-mouth brand recognition you are creating), don’t forget to take proper care of the investment you’ve made in quality banner printing. If matte vinyl meets your needs, be sure the banner is rolled up and stored safely to ensure its vibrancy for future events. We will walk you through the caretaking if you choose a fabric banner. Whatever your chosen banner material, Bestype will also help you see the long-term potential for crafting a true NYC moment in your business.

Call Bestype for a consultation to be event ready. We can answer your preliminary questions on banner marketing for NYC events and draw up a quote for all your banner printing needs.