History of Large Format Printing

History of Large Format Printing

April 20, 2020

Three years before the internet became public domain, in 1991, the very first digital large format printer was created. That printer design was purchased by a musician and artist named Graham Nash, better known from his part of the trio named Crosby, Stills and Nash. Nash Editions gradually developed and improved an archaic in technology and costly at $126,000, a machine that was able to print wide and large format digital fine art from digital proofs. The IRIS 3047 printer was conceived only to print short-lasting proofs. By 1996 the IRIS 3047 found itself competing with top-funded players the likes of Epson and Durst.

Today, the costs of large format printing to the consumer have drastically decreased while the efficiency and production have greatly increased. Companies located in the heart of the financial district in New York City, where so much large format printing is a necessity for presentations, events, and large documents, have become so very important for all of those various marketing, broadcasting and business presentation needs. Because of small businesses, such as Bestype Imaging, shop windows can advertise, trading firms can present to board members and holiday shoppers can visually see the best deals on 5th avenue.

Bestype Imaging continues to stay ahead of the curve with new technology, competing prices and timely delivery for all of Greater New York’s printing needs. As a leading supplier of printing solutions in NYC, Bestype Imaging can do it all. Just a few of our services include:

· Conventional Offset Printing

· Digital Printing

· Wide Format Printing

· UV Board Printing

· Color Copying

· Retouching

· Digital Asset Management

· Rush Printing

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, as our print advisors ensure that every print job – big or small – is flawless. From in-house design to trade show displays, Bestype Imaging can handle all your NYC printing service needs.

Bestype Imaging is located in Manhattan, New York, in the heart of the financial district. Address and hours of operations are listed below.

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